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The Judge By J Fuego Blind Justice Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 6, 2014
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The Judge By J Fuego Blind Justice Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a very dark brown splotchy mottled wrapper with a firm even pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, sloppy triple cap and rich oily hay aroma. First light reveals great smoke output and a perfect draw with mild-medium body flavors of a slight leather and cream followed by a long mellow finish of tobacco and pepper. The first third has the leather coming and going swapping with an oily earth, while the finish ramps up. 30 minutes in by the half way point construction is flawless, body is up to medium and the flavor profile is unchanged so far. Ending at 55 minutes the last third dropped the leather just going to a deep peppery earth with the same through the finish. Thank you to Famous Smoke for sending this sample in for review!

  • Emanuel M

    What Great news !! Im not to familiar with Drew estate in general, other then just knowing about the brand. This will be I think A fantastic way to get introduced to them. Cant wait to see your take on the trip and how you present it. Good luck. Oh and nice review seems like a cigar I might like .

  • Robert

    Have fun Brian. I haven’t had great luck with Drew Estate except for the Undercrown.

  • Texvet

    Finally, a real blogger goes on the Safari. I am sure those 16-18 hours days will reveal a side of DE not yet sent by those that have proceeded you.

  • PAG

    Just out of interest I looked into it. The cost is $650 + airfare, and they’re sold out for 2014.

    • jwbreeze

      That doesn’t seem too bad actually

  • MongoJay

    Good luck. Seems like every review site is going there at once. Maybe a joint video review when you get back. . .

    • Texvet

      It’s called Pandering : )

  • leahcim7001

    Good luck on your trip! Cant wait to see your review. I have been wanting to take this trip ever since I found out about it. I’m not a huge DE fan but it seams like they do the safari well.

  • deuce26

    Excited about the forum. I’m a big fan. Although I don’t find myself participating in the comments or contests yet, I watch almost all of your reviews. Fan from afar I guess you can say. I really like the style of your review and your attention to detail versus what I’ve found from a majority of “others” who only offer endless meaningless dialogue on whether a cigar is enjoyable or not enjoyable to them absent any intelligible and/or articulated reasoning whatsoever. I mean how am I supposed to know if the cigar is something I might like based on my taste preferences without knowing what the cigar actually tastes like? Sorry, ranting. Anyway, glad to be part of the forum and have the opportunity to participate more and learn more from both you and your followers. Keep up the good work.

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