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Custom Sampler Contest

by Bryan Glynn, March 10, 2014
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ipw0024Time to giveaway more free cigars! Up for grabs this week is a custom sampler of cigars from me, plus – a CigarObsession music CD ft. tracks from Oksana Kolesnikova!

All you have to do is comment below with where you would like to vacation this year if money were no object – then use the app to enter!

Entrants must be of legal smoking age in their state, US mailing addresses only. Good luck!
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  • Dale

    For me it would be the Galápagos Islands.

    • bigjeffcigar

      Disney world!

      • cigarman33322


  • brndngddy


  • Cigar2

    Don’t know????

    • Docwill

      I would go to Australia

  • ptyler

    Grand Cayman or Bryan’s couch!

  • Ellie

    Definitely Japan.

    • wdavidson

      I would pick Japan also.

  • Alaska.

  • Jason Isbaner


  • jpr61


  • Rick

    Hawaii would be a close second.

  • Timmc71

    Most certainly has to be hands down Nicaragua.

  • pittjitsu

    If I could choose any destination, it would be spain, then Cuba in no order.Cuba sounds like a great educational trip, plus endless supplies of great cigars!

  • mufdvr6976

    I would take the family to Disney world!!

    • mufdvr6976

      on a selfish note..it would of been the playboy mansion……but I couldn’t explain a week away from my wife!!!

  • strick9

    Any where over seas, but since my daughter likes Paris, that may be the first place to start.

  • ncapoccia14

    The wife and I are actually going to Punta Cana in May, which can’t get here soon enough. However, if money was no option, I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti of Fiji and stay in one of those over water bungalows!

    • ncapoccia14

      *object not option!

  • PlatinumRespect

    Turks & Caicos

  • richieb71

    Me and the wife have always wanted to go to Egypt.

  • pato1001

    If money were no object I would vacation in Tokyo, Japan! Specifically in Ropongi Hills, Kabukicho, Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku!

  • hn4cigar


  • datholen

    I have always wanted to visit the Virgin Islands.

  • EmberBolton

    Gonna have to say Italy.

  • pinot45


  • Whitelightning

    Necker Island


    Cost no object I’m booking a room for a week at the Four Seasons Hualalai resort on the Big Island. Now owned by Michael Dell of Dell computer fame it was recognized by Conde Nast Magazine as the best resort destination in the world. I have been lucky enough to stay there twice on the company dime and would love to go back again.

  • otrdriver6767

    Working as much as I do going down to the Keys would work for me. I don’t have time to travel.

  • chris

    Akishima, Japan

  • phillyb

    I would like to take a road trip across the US. And I mean one where the route zig-zags like crazy and I stop wherever I want.

  • Rex Stoops

    Hawaii for me, no doubt.

  • I’d go back to Europe (more so France and/or Italy) in a heart-beat. Something about the vibe there I can’t get enough of. Also it doesn’t hurt to have such amazing food, art, and culture out there.

  • dragyours2001

    I would go to Italy!

  • SeanTheEvans

    Easy Answer: Eygpt!

  • jungjae510

    Germany….rent a fast car and hit the autobahn

  • BillyC

    Belize looks nice about now!

  • Shovel

    The entire Caribbean. I want to be a beach bum. Rum & cigars!

  • wm2slc

    Bora Bora Beautiful spot!

  • eslifer

    I would take a golf trip with my buddies and play all the courses we could in the British Open rotation.

  • Garry Cawthorn

    I would like to go see Rome!!

  • yosef5


  • YoMud

    Amalfi Coast

  • psehunter

    Normandy, I’ve always wanted so see for myself were my grandfather was fighting along with his buddies.to see the graves and just take in the landscape they must have seen.and smoke a cigar and toast the greatest generation!

  • chad1955

    This year we’d like to go to Scotland and do the “Scotch Tour”, starting in Glasgow and driving out to Islay, stopping at the scotch distilleries along the way. This would be a September type trip, so who knows???

  • Tmurray311

    Ireland to get in touch with my roots.

  • Addictivo

    Hong Kong!

  • Camshaft83

    Definitely have to be Japan. My grandfather fought in Europe and then the Pacific in WWII. After the war he was stationed in Japan and met my grandmother. Would like to see where he was stationed and where my grandmother is from.

  • ampete1

    St. Kitts or Ireland.

  • dettigers6

    Toronto Canada a beautiful city with great food and of course Cuban cigars.

  • tshaw6189

    I would really like to go to Scotland

  • Jjk68


  • TheMadMaduro

    I would definitely go visit Germany. Cuban cigars and great beer, is always a great combination.

  • kmthiebaud

    Nicaragua, smoke cigars and experience the location and people who make some of my favorite cigars a reality.

  • ParadiseCove

    Vienna Austria

  • WishIHadAHumidor

    I would start off with 1week in Cuba, stock up on cigars, Mabe 2weeks. Then off to England,Ireland and Scotland 2weeks for all 3. Pit stop in Greece for 2weeks. Then round it out with 2weeks in south east Asia. Then back track and go to Sweden Norway Mabe Switzerland just one week there. Then back home to Florida. All done.

  • MichHerper

    As a reptile enthusiast, Australia would be my dream trip.

  • Dude Here

    It would have to be Australia. I’ve wanted to visit there since I was a kid and did a report on it. I missed my chance to visit while in the Army and if given the chance I’d go in a heartbeat!

  • brianetz1

    I would go to Greece

  • Robert

    Definately Scotland!

  • cioker

    Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu

  • Rich


  • Tim

    South American tobacco tour… Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua.

    • hudsonspt

      Hawaii for me.

  • kpoper

    Jackson Hole, WY been going there for 35 years… Can’t recommend it … Not very many people in Wyoming … So if driving … Drive around the state” not thru! Sittin’ on the front porch strain’ at the Grand Teton…. Makes for a great smoke!

  • bdragon

    I would like to relive my honeymoon in Costa Rica. That is the dream!

  • casey

    If money were truly no object. Id like to spend a week at the international space station.

  • WyattJones


  • araustin86

    If money were no option, hands down Tokyo. I love Japanese food and I’ve always been fascinated by the city ever since I was a kid. It always seemed like the city of the future.

    If not Tokyo, Barbados for sure, though I fear I’d go there and never come back.

  • kurngar

    If I could go anywhere, I think it would be Ireland then a stop over in Nicaragua

  • LunchBox87km

    Kyoto, Japan or Brazil would be my choices

  • Turn4Chatter



    I would like to go to Hawaii.

  • Jason

    I’d have to hit Cuba. The food, the cigars and beaches for the wife.

  • tjbear

    Lake Baikal

  • Koach77

    New Zealand

  • JC


  • Senor Perfecto

    Last fall I was lucky enough to be able to go to Morocco for several days. I took a camel safari into the Sahara for 2 nights. Since I flew there from Paris, I was able to take along a Cuban Cohiba Siglio IV. The first night, I walked out as far as I dared from camp, to where I couldn’t see anything but dunes and stars, and couldn’t hear anything at all (the single quietest moment of my life). I sat on a dune and smoked that Cohiba. It was sublime. Send me back there.

  • jannskee

    Tahiti to escape this long winter up in the Northwest….

  • Cody

    I would go to europe

  • Chaz

    Motorcycle tour of North, Central and South America. Along with money being no object, I would also need no job, family or time constraints. Pure fantasy!

  • cameronjm

    Bora Bora

  • willigeo02

    I’d take the family to Germany. Maybe transit around Europe for a bit.

  • kevinhen16

    I studied abroad in Germany during my Junior year in undergrad, and while I didn’t care much for Germany, I took a trip to Croatia. If money wasn’t an option, I’d love to go back there.

  • smoke dogg

    Bora Bora is the place i would be!!!!

  • fiatster


  • dwtate5

    back to the grand canyon and hike the bottom

  • sdh3237


  • VanZant


  • Peter Janetatos

    Disneyworld is always great!!!

  • MikeL


  • bravoteam0

    If money were no issue? I would vacation with my family to Disney World Orlando for a week.

  • Dylan


  • jefftis

    Pretending to rich, huh?
    I’d pack up the wife & a 40 count Herf-A-Dor & head to the Seychelles Islands!!! It’s far away, but from what I hear…it’s paradise.
    A close 2nd (for reasons) would be Estelí, Nicaragua.

  • jusphil

    Would love to visit Tahiti or Bora Bora

  • Randy E

    Definitely the Galápagos Islands of Equador.

  • Mandobro

    Around the World cruise.

  • cigardude76

    Bora Bora

  • sjol4c

    I’d love to go to Ireland.

    • tubamarc8891

      I’d go to Nicaragua and tour as many factories as I can!

  • Krzystofczyk

    I would like to vacation to Europe and visit my friend in France and play some music like we used to. Then just travel all over Europe and taste all the awesome foods.

  • phaedron

    I want to learn to surf, and I think the place where I want to learn is Panama.

  • douglas77

    Alaska… but my wife says Fiji. 😉

  • Jjk68


  • riche51


  • LV2HNT

    Love to go to Alaska or Maybe Florida and have a smoke you.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    Send my family any where they want to go, and I will have the house all to my self!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Robusto

    Disney World with family. Playa Del Sol would be my second choice.

  • towerluke

    Would love to take my wife to one of our favorite places, Riviera Maya.

  • bigjeffcigar

    Disney world!

  • lefty177

    I’d have to say Hawaii

  • PsycotikMind


  • highroller21711


  • CameronM

    I would do a cruise around Europe.

  • CubanosPuros305

    definitely cuba lol cmon

  • teammac17

    I’m looking forward to going to Disney World. It’s been a long cold winter up north.

  • Splits09

    New Zealand!

  • stogiemalt

    I would go to Alaska

  • wicket

    Baffin Island.

  • Justin

    I’d love to take my wife back to Sydney Australia, where she is from, stay for about a week, then spend another three weeks traveling the continent!

  • turandot777

    I’d love to go to Germany!

  • Daniels

    Barcelona, after a quick stop by Bryans for some BBQ and a cigar!

  • Todd

    North Korea, although I’ve already been there. But I’d like to return.

  • jhofman9

    Italy or the French Riveria

  • napaboss

    It would have to be the Dominican Republic
    Punta Cana very nice

  • JohnG

    I would like to visit the place of my parent’s birth – Sicily. Then the rest of the time would be spent throughout the rest of Italy.

  • Europe. Hands down, travel through all those countries for a couple weeks.

  • bdom15

    I love to go dive the Great Barrier Reef. That’s on the bucket list

  • 1kappasig

    Frégate Island Private, Seychelles

  • Gamechef

    Europe for 3 weeks, like to visit Hungary Austria.

  • texican8


  • chief791


  • scottwilson@comcast.net

    I would go to Nicaragua

  • Davomak

    Alaskan cruise.

  • Dstoerrle


  • USA2ndAmendment

    Roatan Island, Honduras

  • MorganGeo

    We will do our usual trip to the FL panhandle. Love the white sandy beaches.

  • Fatroach72


  • brusky


  • Jjk68


  • Cigaruss

    probably Australia. Now if I can only get there by not flying…….hey, maybe a cruise ship?

  • leahcim7001

    Bora Bora

  • VeritasRex

    I’d like to winter over at Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. That would be one hell of a vacation!

  • danmdevries

    I can’t really decide on a place, I’ve not vacationed much. Went to Florida for a weekend last year and Ozarks in ’04. I’d rather not go to any big tourist spot. If money’s no object, I’m sure there are private resorts somewhere tropical. That’s where I’d like to go. Somewhere warm, sunny, and private.

    Saw in a magazine last year there’s private tour/resort trips you can do in southeast asia and the pictures looked beautiful.

  • gumby_130


  • Parker


  • cbaldwin96

    Would definitely go back to England and see some family…it’s been many years

  • ljones217

    For me it’s definitely any island in Hawaii. I had such a great time the last time I was there although cigars there are relatively expensive compared to here in Knoxville.

  • skweekz

    Bermuda. Went once on a cruise and absolutely loved it! Thanks for the contest

  • jaytdang

    Bora Bora

  • Dcrot1


  • Rob.n.Denver

    Disney World

  • flowbee

    I would like to vacation in the Middle of the Mediterranean sea on an Island named Malta.

  • Uncle Ray

    South Korea!!

  • dagale

    Tahiti in the South Pacific

  • Bigdave

    The Azores in West Africa!

  • Bullet20

    Several years ago I was helping a medical mission team in Europe. I was just being a gother and was blessed with a extremely long lay over in Rome. I have always wanted to take my wife there, but it costs major $$ to travel internationally.

  • DougReynolds

    Probably take my kids somewhere exciting, Disney Land, Universal Studies, other theme parks and stay in a luxurious hotel. Spend all day watching the two people I love more than anything have the time of their lives, then locking them in with a room with anything they could ask for and retiring for a smoke on a balcony with a hot tub and a nice drink. Heh it’s fun to dream.

  • Japan for the Moto GP of Motegi, followed by some snowboarding in Niseko United.

  • f2000

    Scotland. Whisky tour.

    Unless the wife picks. Then I’m stuck in the South Pacific with no whisky.

  • joelala


  • bwehmann1

    I would love to take a brewery tour across Europe.

  • DrakeXD

    Park City, Utah for a much needed snow skiing vacation.

  • DavidKIT

    I would visit the Cayman Islands.

  • CigarStrawn

    I would go to Nassau and live a pirates life. 🙂

  • gsaltwater

    Take my 4 kids to Florida

  • jvonier

    Australia would be great to visit

  • geekfish

    If money were no object, I’d like to cruise around the carribean or Mediterranean for a couple weeks.

  • TylerACigars

    I would travel back to Venice with my wife. Thanks for the contest!

  • weimerad

    Bora Bora


    With money as no object, I would say Las Vegas or New Orleans. Someplace I can smoke, drink and just kick back. Another possibility would be a Micro Brew tour.

  • roland7707

    I want to go to the Cayman Islands.

  • J MARQ

    Dubai for sure. Rent a bugatti or a zonda while im there also… Especially for the new LCDH’s out there!

  • Jared

    No contest – back to the Dominican Republic, and I’m not sure if I care which beach, so long as there was beach, rum, cigars, and ice cold Presidente.

  • eugalde615

    I would do a tour of central America to the cigar centers….ending in Nicaragua!

  • tkpark26

    Galapagos Islands, Korea, Vietnam, Amsterdam, Brittany coast of France, Barcelona…

  • Mike Dukes


  • Boucher207


  • CommChief

    Germany, France, and Switzerland!

  • JeffyB

    I’d follow the route my grandfather took during WW2, starting in England with the training locations, then crossing the channel to Normandy, Paris, Mons, Cologne, Paderborn and to Dessau.

  • Tracco


  • SteelerFan222

    I would love to go back to Hawaii. The USS Arizona memorial was one of the beat experiences of my life.

  • Wayne


  • dennist

    Nicaragua to the drew estate factory

  • sbakeritguy

    Italy for sure if with the wife, however if I had a chance to go with some buddies, I would love to go to Nicaragua or Dominican Republic to tour a factory as well.

  • littlebeignet

    I would like to travel to Europe! I would have to visit Italy, Germany, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Maybe find some cubans…

  • Bill

    I would like to be able to go back home to New Jersey,just because I have not been there in a while and my family is getting old.

  • LouisZmich

    I would love to vacation to Arizona. Golf and cigars sounds really good right now, seeing as I live in Chicago.

  • glockmansteve

    I would love to go to Alaska or Nicaragua to visit the Padron factory

  • MikeSports

    Any place WARM after this brutal winter in NJ

  • Jjk68


  • Jjk68

    Montana would be cool

  • Madbricky

    Lake Como N. Italy with a tour guide and lake front rental staffed and also with party boat

  • B5popp

    European tour (Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, and Greece)

  • TriMarkC

    I’d love to take my wife & adults kids on a your of Europe, especially Italy!!

  • Bob Dog

    I would love to go to Ireland!

  • EzyE77

    To my favorite place on the planet. Key West.

  • d3sc3n7

    I’d head to Bahrain actually. That place is beautiful!

  • mcigar77

    i would love to tour all of europe.

  • jwbreeze

    I would love to go to London and see all of the castles there.

  • Connor McEvoy

    I would like to take a trip to England. Seems like a great place to be

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