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Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Sidewinder #1 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 4, 2014
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Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Sidewinder #1 Cigar Review

This 5×57 uniquely shaped stick features a dark chocolate mottled wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap, rock hard pack and a special press. The sides are sharply box pressed, the top and bottom oval and the tip is chiseled. I want to see how this compares to the 5×50 standard roll robusto I reviewed last year here. First light reveals a very restricted draw with minimal smoke output and mild soft tobacco flavors. The first third has a normal draw after cutting a bit more of the cap, producing more smoke but still very soft and mild. Flavors are a smooth oily sweet tobacco with a long finish of the same. 40 minutes in at the 1/2 way point flavors have changed, coming up to a medium body and taking on a sweet meatiness and dark coffee, with a bit of pepper lingering through the finish, all of which is very smooth. Finishing out at 1:10 where it got too warm for my taste, the only shift is the coffee coming through much more prominently especially through the finish. Thank you very much to Iconic Leaf for sending this in for review!

  • Krzystofczyk

    Really cool shape for the cigar probably not the most practical but visually it is unique to look at. Very nice review keep up the awesome work! Really appreciate what you are doing and hope to see many more solid review.

  • WishIHadAHumidor

    you squeeze the tip can the cap pops of lol
    At least the big one is like that.

  • WishIHadAHumidor

    Leaf and Grape: IPCPR2013 – Recluse Draconian Sidewinder, b .There is the link for how to open the tip. Again not sure if its the same for smaller version, but looks the same to me.

    • Oooh very interesting! I thought you meant a flap or something. That’s just squishing it, cracking it and pulling out the bits lol Luckily the punch did the same thing it just took more effort lol

      Thanks for the heads up

  • WishIHadAHumidor

    Review was dead on. I had one at the great smoke in West Palm . It was mild All the way till the very end. Not sure if I would buy one for me, mabe a friend just starting out.

  • Robert

    We need to get Cuban Crafters to make a Perfect Cutter XO!


    Wondering if you could punch it like a chisel tip or perhaps used a V cutter?

    • Texvet

      You were shown how to do it… You apparently didn’t watch the video : )

  • Tempoguy55

    I’ve used a punch on top and bottom of LFD Air Bender chisel tip and it worked great. You can go with one or the other to direct smoke to your tongue or the roof of your mouth. I preferred both in order to open up the draw.

  • TT

    Great review, Bryan. I’ve never smoked a chiseled shape before. If you had a robusto with the same blend do you think the different shape really alters the flavor much? Or is it just a novelty thing?

    • NeverTwoOld

      I believe he said in the video that he didn’t recall the Robusto being as mild and that he had to go back and check the review to be sure.

      • TT

        Oh, sorry, I thought he said it was a different blend. Maybe I’ll try one in the future; they look fun.

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