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Accessories Contest

by Bryan Glynn, March 3, 2014
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IMG_4219Time to blow out some more swag! Up for grabs this week is a collection of goodies – a CigarObsession music CD ft. tracks from Oksana Kolesnikova, plus a Xikar sheath, plus a custom 4 slot cigar-box ashtray plus a new Draw Poker!

All you have to do is comment below with what the coolest cigar accessory you have seen is then use the app to enter!

This is open to any age, US mailing addresses only. Good luck!

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  • FTG2Voge

    One of the coolest things I have seen is a coffee cup with a cigar rest. Simple, but a well thoght out combination.

    • roland7707

      That would be cool. And absolutely genius!!

  • quackaddict94

    I’m still trying to get a nice table lighter. Those are the pretty neat.

  • madthomas

    Would love to win!

  • Best accessory has to be my travel Herf-a-Dors. I have two 15 count and one 5 and I don’t go to any gathering without one. Never know when I will meet up with a fellow cigar lover.

  • fwhiting

    I never win

  • cardude199

    I would love to win this……

  • Justin

    Coolest accessory I’ve seen was a lighter/cutter/bottle opener/cigar stand combo. It was just a Chinese POS, but still a neat idea.

  • RoyL

    I enjoyed the CO live with Emilio & Nomad Cigars. Look forward to the next….

  • turandot777

    it was a cigar holder/ ashtray on the go

  • WyattJones

    My Xikar Mammoth Ivory Fossil cutter.

  • PlatinumRespect

    I love my Xikar Element lighter!

  • aec12

    one of the coolest cigar accessories that I own is the Cuban crafters round Triple blade cigar cutter.it does not work great but it’s cool.

  • Krzystofczyk

    The Cuban Crafters perfect cutter is pretty dang cool.

  • Cigar2

    Why not..

  • scottwilson@comcast.net

    A nice table lighter

  • richieb71

    A fellow BOTL on another cigar forum, makes custom stogie stands! They are awesome

  • Timmc71

    Coolest accessory I’ve seen is a cigar clip for those of us that like to nub a good stick. Thanks for the contest CO and good luck everyone.

  • 1kappasig

    I still think the Cuban Crafters cutter you recommend is the best. Thanks for another great contest.

  • CigarStrawn

    The coolest (and most expensive) cigar accessory I’ve seen is the Dupont 2013 Phoenix Prestige lighter.

  • Texvet

    Smoking Jacket – This is best site ever!! Thank you Bryan, the world is a better place because of all the indisputable information you present. CO music CD, am I in heaven?

  • Bullet20

    My favorite right now is the perfect cutter. I had seen Brian use one on the videos and decided I would see what it was all about. I picked one up at my local B&M and i love it. It is just right, no guessing and no mistakes. Perfect!

  • rockjock

    The coolest would have to be the Tommy Bahama leather cigar bar carrier. They don’t make them anymore but nothing would be cooler to grab for an outing.

  • kpoper

    They are all cool! I would love. Anyone of them. Thanks

  • Geofiveo

    Great looking swag! Especially the ashtray. I have the Xikar sheath, its good quality as well.

  • kmthiebaud

    Love the cuban crafters cutter.Works like charm.

  • bravoteam0

    Coolest I have seen? Perfect cutter, nuff said.

  • Honestly, I think my favorite is simply the punch cutter in the bottom of my Xikar Element. Genius, and I use it more than my cutter.

  • sacul74

    Great combo.

  • araustin86

    I tend to favor simplicity and natural elements in my ‘cool’ so for my money the coolest I’ve seen is probably the Xikar Xi3 cutters with the exotic wood. Really gorgeous.

  • TT

    Nice set of swag. I hate to say but I could use a draw poker.

  • Jjk68

    For me I driver for a living so the coolest thing for me is the stinky cigar ash can, holds your cigar well and the ash will drop right in the can

  • wm2slc

    I would have to say the most useful accessory is a Stinky ashtray..

  • hudsonspt

    a cigar holder/ ashtray that sits on the arm of a chair.

  • hn4cigar

    Coolest accessory would be a cutter and lighter all built-in. I honestly haven’t seen anyone who does this that well yet.

  • EmberBolton

    The best I’ve owned has been my herf-a-dors. They really helped me take care of my smokes as I figured out how much I really enjoyed it and that I needed a humidor on the double.

  • Grove52

    I’ve always like the Perfect Cutter by Cuban Crafters and a guy at my local shop came up with something called the Cigar Clip. He now sells them at all the shops in my area. It’s a clip style holder to hold your nub for the guys who like to smoke every inch of their cigar. I’m like you though Bryan, I like my smoke cool but I still think it’s a cool accessory for people who do.

  • pato1001

    The coolest cigar accessory I’ve ever seen is anything Xikar puts out especially there Xi1 and Xi3 cutters!!!!

  • spice bomb

    Id have to say my different lighter collection!

  • Garry Cawthorn

    I like how the shuriken cigar cutter looks but not much on using it tho.

  • VanZant

    Prometheus Magma T 20th Anniversary Lighter!!

  • jusphil

    Best accessory I have seen lately has to be the big 3 gal stinky ashtray. Holds 8 cigars.

  • Jjk68

    I guess I’d have to say the perfect cutter buy Cuban crafter,

  • jwbreeze

    Your review of the travel ashtray with all of the cool devices, I know you said there were flaws, but it still looks like a pretty sick ashtray!

  • Rob.n.Denver

    A BernzOmatic butane torch from the hardware store use as a table lighter. Last a long time between refills.

  • Brent

    My 150 count humidor. Does a great job keeping those cigars in top smoking condition.

  • Jaylang

    i just love a good cutter

  • kprichardson7

    table lighter

  • LunchBox87km

    The perfect cutter is the coolest one I have used and loved it

  • Tmurray311

    The coolest cigar accessory I’ve seen was on pawn stars. It was an antique table lighter that originally ran off an asbestos wick and gasoline (uck) but was modified to suit the modern smoker keeping the antique look and feel.

  • Koach77

    The coolest is either my Perfect Cutter from Cuban Crafters, or my “smoking Jacket.” Since San Antonio has had a fairly colder winter than usual, I have used my University of Michigan Blue and Maze jacket. Go Big Blue!

  • jungjae510

    the coolest accessory is my wineador

  • wthurston

    Neat ashtray

  • VWCC2013

    The coolest accessory I’ve seen is this old time, rustic looking cigar cutter register thing. It’s basically what looks like a wooden old time cash register that you put the head of the cigar in one end, pull a wooden crank/lever, and it cuts the cap off the cigar. It’s really cool, and if I am not mistaken they have had it as long as the business has been around (which has been since 1912, well over 100 years)

  • PapaLad

    The weirdest accessory has to be the cigar poker. Why would anyone want to smoke a cigar that had to be stabbed all the way through it with a poker? Just sayin’…

  • Jjk68

    Tavel humidor by Xikar love it

  • dwtate5

    i like the ash tray you have pictured.

  • s5592c

    Seen some really nice table lighters and pipes over the years.

  • brndngddy

    Awesome stuff

  • brndngddy

    One of the coolest accesories I have seen is the cigar clip that clips onto a table or what ever and you can put your cigar on it if there isn’t an ashtray available. Great for if you are in a lawn chair.

  • favt3ss

    It’s hard to pick just one but the Black Label ‘Dictator’ Flat Flame Lighter is high on my list.

  • Rick

    Phoenix Black Limited Edition Ligne 2 Lighter for 16,500 from Lighters Direct.

  • Jjk68

    It’s all good

  • Jjk68

    Xikar element lighter

  • phaasenritter

    Herfador, I’ve spent many hours on the road and nothing is better for holding the “hurray 4 hours of traffic” cigars that keep me sane

  • towerluke

    Love my Alex Bradley tabletp burner.

  • Jjk68

    One of my favorite is a xikar xtx table lighter

  • Jjk68

    Cigar clamp you can put it almost anywhere

  • SeanTheEvans

    I saw this awesome table-cutter that had varying options (v-cut, punch, normal cut) for different RG too. Too bad it was way pricey.

  • tkpark26

    My Xikar travel humidor is pretty rad.

  • LV2HNT

    very nice.

  • Jjk68

    Congrats to the winner

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