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Cigar Obsession Boutique Of The Month 6 – Ezra Zion

by Bryan Glynn, March 1, 2014
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20130717ipcpr130713-EditEzra Zion has continued to impress me since my first try. They are showing considerable expertise in blending providing very rich complex flavor profiles combined with exceptional construction and burn – paramount to a great experience IMO! So far I have loved everything coming out of their brand and I certainly look forward to trying the rest over the years. If you are new to them do yourself a favor and check them out ASAP! They won’t be in every shop but you can certainly ask them where to find some in your area! Hit them up here and tell them you saw them on BOTM! Ezra Zion Cigar Company

Video inside…

  • WishIHadAHumidor

    lol Cant get any of these boutique cigars in the b&M near my home. Have to drive like 35 to 40 mins out to get them. Darn you Bryan, your costing me lots of gas money. Any way I have a question. Doesn’t pertain to the post but cant find an answer anywhere. For the second time I’ve got a cigar that smokes from the foot like crazy, and has an awful taste and smell that I can only describe as burnt oil or burnt rubber/plastic. Any Ideas? have you ever had one like that?.

    • You’re supposed to remove the footband! [drop mic walkaway]

      • lrogers

        LMAO!!! I’m gonna bust a stitch! I love the humor this sight brings daily!! HA! HA! HA!

        One more thing…is Don from Cigar Federation a part of the Ezra Zion team?

        • I have no idea

        • Jared

          Don is part of Ezra Zion, who used to run Cig Fed, but they stopped having time to run it, so they passed in on to a new group of mods. He’s still around, but not part of running it anymore, same with Kyle and Chris.

          • lrogers

            Thanks Jared!!

  • WishIHadAHumidor

    Ha Ha I was being super serious. There is no foot band or cellophane wrapper still on. I knew you were going to make that joke.

  • Awesome, I’ve heard nothing but good things about E.Z. Bryan, have you ever considered putting together a custom sampler of your favorite boutiques. I’d be up for buying one!

    Lookin forward to tomorrow’s show!

    • That would b retail sales. No way. Way too much legal and money involved.

  • JohnG

    I agree 100%. I have said it over and over again in the last year or more and I’ll say it again……Ezra Zion – WOW!! (especially the JAMAIS VU)

  • yosef5

    Another good boutique

  • Jared

    Yeah, these bad boys are hard as heck to find, but when you can find some, go for it. Check out Gary on the live show today… he runs House of Emilio distribution, and he LOVES to give stuff away!

  • Cajun

    Found a local retailer here in South Carolina who carries Ezra Zion. Had my first FHK Truth (7×44) today. Really enjoyed it. Great smoke! 🙂 🙂

  • reconn7

    I found some on cigarfederation.com, they aren’t cheap but I’m gonna have to pick up a 5 pack, although I’ve never ordered from that site before
    Bryan which line do you enjoy most?

    • I would say the Inception line

      • reconn7

        Inception it is! Thanks

      • PAG

        Do you mean Eminence, like you said in the video? I don’t see an Inception line on their web site.

        • No I forgot they changed the name to jamais vu

  • raja

    When can we expect the next BOTM?

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