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A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 26, 2014
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A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona Cigar Review

This 3.5×46 stick features a dark brown oily firmly packed wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and rich cedar aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with huge plumes of extremely rich thick potent full bodied blasts of deep oak and pepper with a long finish of the same. The first half burns just as well adding a big sweet leather to the mix while the finish gets smoother but no less intense. Finishing at 35 minutes where it got hot, the last half kept the same flavor profile but ramped up the strength to medium-full, right at my limit.

I am giving away a 5 pack tin of these, comment below with what cigars you would like to see produced in a short time saver size then use the app to enter! Open to US residents only, must be of legal smoking age in your state. Good luck!

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I posted some highlights of the ad shoot I did for them here: http://bgpictures.com/2014/02/25/cigar-product-advertisement-photography/

  • JohnG

    Thanks for the early morning review Bryan. Sounds like one to try.

  • Nice smoke! I would like to see Padron do this, it could be a 500 in their thousand series. Fingers crossed! Cheers!

  • pinot45

    This is an odd one. Perdomo makes a blend that’s exclusive to Famous Smoke Shop called “Cuban Parejo”. They are FANTASTIC sticks, but nothing smaller than a 50 ring gauge. I realize this wouldn’t be an issue for most of your viewers, but I prefer 46 and smaller gauges. Famous is a good company, but I find that they don’t offer much for those who prefer smaller diameter sticks.

    • pinot45

      The “widget” isn’t recognizing my entry. Tried several times. Just wanted Bryan to know that something may be up w/ it.

      • It’s working, there are entries – maybe your account is not right with it? I don’t have any control over that part.

        • pinot45

          I figured it out. When they asked for my name, I put in my name, not pinot45. Yeah…sometimes I’m that dumb… Thanks, Bryan.

  • Markwz11

    I would like to see the Diesel Unlimited in a small little Half Corona. I could use it, with today’s high of 9° here in Chicago-land.

  • nyccigarlover

    nice review!

  • jpr61

    Great review!! Will have to give these a try.

  • CigarStrawn

    I think Rocky Patel should make a time saver size in his Edge series.

  • Chacona12

    Nish Patel Bold would be my choice!

  • Cripple Capone

    Rocky Patel 92’s

  • phaedron

    I like a short morning smoke before work in the warmer months, and the flavor profile I most appreciate then is a coffee/chocolate/mocha profile. The cigar I’ve encountered thus far that most exhibited that profile was the Tatuaje Anarchy. I know– they’re long gone now (and the Apocalypse just wasn’t the same). But if I could magically get a box of Anarchy shorties, that would be it.

  • cigarnube

    I would like to see Perdomo do this with their limited edition 2008 line. Great smoke its just a really slow burner for me and the smaller size would probably be fantastic.

  • Rich

    One of my favorites is the Punch Rothschild Double Maduro. I’d like to see a Perdomo 20th Anniversary or Quesada Oktoberfest in the smaller size.

  • yosef5

    Quite a cigar and review

  • VeritasRex

    Looks excellent! I’ve learned to appreciate the smaller sizes and would love to try it.

  • bryan

    Great review as usual Bryan. Ill have to try one for the morning myself.

  • sdh3237

    Looks like a great smoke for those of us who live in the frigid north. I would like to see the Rocky Patel Edge in this size.

    • I assume SD stands for South Dakota? If so, I’m pretty sure we’re colder here in North Dakota! And for Bryan, great photos in the link above!

  • pato1001

    I think an Alec Bradly Tempest in a short time saver would be a great idea, Also the Gurkha Cellar reserve in a short time saver would be good too!!!!!!

  • kmthiebaud

    I’d like to see an Ashton VSG done in this size. Thanks, as always Bryan.

  • Mr. Guy

    I love when a cigar surprises you with big flavor, great reactions! Another wonderful review.

  • Koach77

    As a newby, I probably shouldn’t be surprised when I don’t recognize a brand or cigar. I will put this one on my list to try.

  • mufdvr6976

    nice review, like to see something a.j. fernandez!! thx bryan!!

  • strick9

    I’m still too new to cigars to know but am learning thanks to this site!

  • lrogers

    Rocky Patel decade

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I would like to see the Liga Privada T52 produced in a short smoke time cigar…I love that cigar.

  • above

    I would like to see this with the Rocky Patel Vintage line.

  • RamzaFreak20

    I’d like to see some quick La Aroma de Cuba sticks. I love em, but the shortest (I think) is a robusto.

  • FTG2Voge

    I’m looking forward to trying some.

  • jazzman94@ymail.com

    Nice review I do enjoy big flavors from cigar so this one sounds interesting. Great reviews all the time keep it going.

  • Mason

    Sounds like an absolutely fantastic smoke, and at this point I’d expect nothing less from PDR.

  • jtstooks

    Great Review. I would like to see another Drew Estate product besides the Papas Fritas.

  • kb9311

    Sounded and looked great, i really enjoy pinar del rio.


    The strength scares me a little, but the flavors sound like they are right up my alley.

  • Robert

    This sounds a lot better than the Nubs I’ve tried. I typically like longer cigars but anything in the My Father line would be cool as a nub.

  • tjbear

    I’d love to see an AF Anejo in this length!

  • cardude199

    I would like to try these

  • Mike

    You should try an Oba Oba! They are on Best Cigar Prices website!

  • chad1955

    I’d like to see the H. Upmann 1844 in a short robusto. Such a great blend. It would be good to have a shorter smoke option with it…

  • Mike

    Id like to see the Alec Bradley Prensado in a smaller size.

  • Parker

    Drew Estate Natural Dirt in a smaller size would be great for a mowing smoke

  • lefty177

    I would love to have an Oliva Melanio because right now in upstate PA I can’t stay outside for a normal smoking time until about late March

  • kpoper

    Haven’t tried a 1/2 corona size. From the review I think it would be nice to have something like the PDR

  • Chief Broadleaf

    Fingers Crossed! Sounds like a great addition to the “No time for a smoke” list

  • araustin86

    I’d like to see some small Oliva Serie V

  • smoke dogg

    Great review as always, would like too see padron do something like this.

  • nealm0615

    I would like to see something like this with the Romeo Y Julieta reserve cigars.

  • jhill13

    Would like to see a Pinar Del Rio Sellecion Reserva 2010 in a smaller size

  • Awesome! Definitely going to try these out, thanks again for the great review Bryan!

  • reconn7

    Would love to see the PDR AFR-75 in a smaller stick, now that would be a delicious short smoke!

  • Cody

    I would like to see the olive v in a smaller size

  • turandot777

    I’d like to see some Ave Marias like that

  • ercigar

    Ashton 898 would be great in a short stick.

  • Rob.n.Denver

    The A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona sounds great. Adding it to my wish list. Thanks for another great review!

  • mcigar77

    Liga undercrown and latelier

  • rpharmrx

    What about Willy Herrera doing this size?

  • Turn4Chatter


  • hisunkc

    Wow, I’m surprised that so many comments are here more than usual!

    Thanks for good review as always.

  • Swede214

    Good review, as always, La Tradicion Cubana. Thanks for the contest.

  • Dude Here

    I would love to see Genesis the Project in a short size like this. I’d probably smoke a few everyday!

  • Boucher207

    Anything Aston.

  • dman

    I would love to see a Rocky Vintage 1990 in a time saver

  • kellyj

    Love Pina Del Rio cigars!! Like to try the small corona!

    • kellyj


  • I’d like to see more of the CAO cigars in the petite sizes.

  • fwhiting

    Looking forward to trying this on lunch break!

  • cioker

    I like to see a Perdomo 20th anniversary

  • Guitarist93

    I’d love to see a small version of a Padron 1926 Maduro.
    It’s my favorite cigar, but they burn for a long time.
    It’s too cold here in Connecticut to sit outside for an hour and a half.
    I’d love one that lasts about 20-30 mins.

  • leahcim7001

    Great review. When I don’t have much time my go to cigar is the Arturo fuente hemmingway short story. Its a great 35-40 min. Creamy med stregnth cigar. As for making another line shorter, I enjoy my other cigars for their complexity and their smoke time. I’m not sure at this point I would want to shorten them. I like knowing that when I start a cigar I get a full hour or so of relaxation time.

  • Geofiveo

    I’ve got one of these in the humidor and was pleasantly surprised to see this review pop up. Can’t wait to try this smoke bomb. I am big fan of the Corona size, especially the Arturo Fuente Short Story.

  • yankeeman

    I’ve had this, it’s solid.
    I would like to see an Oliva produced in a time saver size, would be awesome for the Melanio.

  • scottnaas

    I would like to see an ashton 8-9-8 in a shorter time saving size.

  • tkpark26

    Everday smoke: Man o war Ruination

    Premium brands would be great too: Padron, Fuente, Ashton. Doesn’t seem likely though. They wouldn’t go for that kind of marketing strat.

  • mikegeneva

    This cigar sounds intriguing. I would like for Montecristo to produce a similar cigar.

  • PAG

    CAO La Traviata Maduro. They already produce the regulr La Traviata in a 4×38.

  • fiatster

    Sounds like a nice little stick for a short drive (keeping the window cracked open).

  • VanZant


  • Jedi54

    Rocky Patel Decade

  • PlatinumRespect

    Rocky Patel java

  • thecowman32

    I’ve been wanting to try this little guy for a while, just been put off by the price. But, now, maybe I’ll get lucky 🙂

  • Johnnycatt

    i would love to smoke a oliva master three blend in that size. would be a great lil snake.

    • Johnnycatt

      i meant smoke haha

  • eslifer

    Would love to see this in an Ashton or Montecristo

  • cardude199

    These are cool, would love to win! 🙂

  • jwbreeze

    Looking forward to trying these out!

    • jwbreeze

      I didn’t see we were supposed to leave a cigar to make in shorter size, I’d say anything Rocky Patel

  • Smithson

    I smoked this today and I did not pick up the pepper in and was wondering why.

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