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Drew Estate Unico Serie L40 Lancero Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 24, 2014
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Drew Estate Unico Serie L40 Lancero Cigar Review

This 7×40 stick features a dark chocolate firmly packed slightly mottled wrapper with an oily slightly toothy feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and potent hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with thick chewy full bodied smoke producing flavors of a deep slightly bitter damp earth and bit of pepper through the finish. The first third starts with the same big bold flavors bringing up the zing and spice with the substantial deep earth. The bitterness went away quickly replaced by a sight creaminess 20 minutes in. The 2nd third burns very well and slowly, ending at the hour mark with no changes. Ending just above the band total time was 1:30 and it proved to be a very consistent smoke all the way down. Thank you very much to viewer Dan Curry for sending this in I greatly appreciate it!

  • hisunkc

    Good review as alway!
    Thank you.

  • yosef5

    Another good review and cigar
    Thanks again

  • Hey, Bryan!
    I’ve enjoyed a number of your reviews over the last few years. My wife worries about cancer, so really would prefer if I only smoked one cigar a week. So when I smoke I really like it to be a good one. So I’m trying to find a way to pick out few smokes for the next several weeks, but it’s hard as it seems most of the cigars you review you enjoy. Any suggestions for picking out a more narrowed selection, is there a way to tell which cigars are better than others in your reviews or even those you prefer over another? I know we all have different taste but I would sure appreciate some help trying to narrow down my selection. I thought about emailing you directly, but maybe some other subscribers on your site have some suggestions too? Thanks very much!

    • Personal taste is something I have always tried to leave out – so don’t read too much in to my reviews – I report what I get, I very rarely tell you if I personally like something or not. I have no idea what flavors are your fav, but what you can get from the reviews if how it burns and what flavors I got out of it at least. Try the Cigar Finder up top too.

    • littlebeignet

      What Bryan said is true. You may look for cigars that are highly rated. Yes, ratings are opinions, but they can be a good place to start. While the tastes can very widely amongst highly rated cigars things like burn and construction should be pretty consistent. Of course don’t be afraid to try something because it is less expensive, but don’t assume that more expensive means you will like it better. A few suggestions from me would be Undercrown or Liga Privada No. 9 by drew estate, anything by Padron, Partagas 1845, Tatuaje, Alec Bradley Prensado, My Father, Rocky Patel 1990 or 1992 just to name some of my favorites. Hope this helps some!

      • Thank you for that, very much appreciated! I’ve enjoyed most of those except the Liga Privada No. 9, I think I’ll try one!

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