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Padilla Cazadores Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 23, 2014
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Padilla Cazadores Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a dark chocolate wrapper with a firm pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap, dry slightly toothy feel and a fruity tobacco aroma. First light reveals a great draw with bold full bodied flavors of a sweet deep tobacco with a black pepper flavor joining in through the long finish. The first third burns ok but very quickly, adding a touch of cream to the draw and bringing the pepper up on the finish. The 2nd third comes and goes just as fast, holding the same flavors. Ending the last third with an inch or so remaining at 55 minutes where it got hot, flavors went very plain to a straight dry tobacco while a medium strength came in making me a little dizzy. Thank you very much to viewer John Byrd for sending this in for review!

  • lrogers

    Sorry dude……

  • Tuxedoman

    Speaking of fakes, I’ll tell you a story of one of my encounters. Less than a year ago I saw an add on Kijiji website for a box of Cuban – Cohiba Piramides Extra for a ridiculously low price. I knew it was too good to be true, but since it was a local seller to my area (Toronto Canada), I just had to see for myself. I arranged a meeting with the seller and brought along my own, verified authentic, box of Cohiba Piramides Extras for comparison. I have to tell you if I didn’t bring that real box of cigars, I would have been dooped for sure! The fakes were so well done I couldn’t believe it! The fake cigars looked incredibly good compared to the real box that I held beside it. The color, shape, box, seals, certificates, right down to the band was perfect! The only way I could tell that they were fake was the smell of the real was different than the fake, and the fake box had slightly different hinges and clasp. I had previously read that the bands would be the giveaway, but even after closely comparing the real bands with that of the fake I found no difference. The smell of the real cigars was barnyard and the smell of the fakes was sweet coco and equally pleasant. The seller did not deny that his cigars were fake; he just tried to sell them to me for an even cheaper price that originally listed. Of course I did not buy them. The moral of my story is that some of these counterfeiters are very good at what they do, and can quite easily fool even the most discerning smoker, so buyers beware!
    Bryan I have to say that I love what you do and I am one of your biggest fans. What a great website/resource you have! Thanks for doing it.

    • Spot on! The ones I do review have all been from totally normal channels – not 3rd party sales or shady overseas sites. Just loyal viewers that smoke them as any ol regular cigar in their country 🙂

  • otrdriver6767

    I just cant sit out on the porch and light up unless I am in the mood. For me it is about being alone with no wind. At least 50 degrees ( not happening in Maine ) and in a calm state of mind to enjoy the cigar. Am I the only one missing out due to a strong way of thinking ? Bryan, do you just sit down and say here we go or is there a lot of mental prep involved ?

    • Oh yeah I totally have to be in the mood. Sometimes I’ll go to start a review and by the time I’ve done the photography or started the writing I just have to stop and come back later. Same for my studio shoots editing and web work. There’s no point trying to force enjoyment or creativity.

    • shall44mag

      you are not the only one that feels this way,I too have to be in the right mood to smoke as well…

  • Robert

    So the Illuminati are after you for disparaging the sanctity of the Cuban Cigar. Frankly, I’m amazed Cubans (cigars) have the following they do. Oh well, that’s what you get for keeping it real.

  • yosef5

    thanks for this review and the info on fakes

  • Bill

    Thank you for all you do for young smokers.You have helped me more than anyone.

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