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Feb 19

How To Taste The Most Flavors In A Cigar

Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 in Informational

ipw0061Following up to the poll I did last week where many of you gave me your feedback answering to one of four questions about how you experience flavors in a cigar, here are my best tips and tricks for getting the most flavors possible out of a cigar. The results were a little surprising to me, with 9% of respondents saying they taste zero flavors in a cigar. If I can help just one person start to open their world by experiencing at least some flavors, well then mission accomplished. This is expanding a bit on the tips I gave in my How To Smoke A Cigar video (which incidentally turned in to the most popular video on the subject in the WORLD) which was geared towards everyone especially new smokers. This is for those that have been smoking for a while to help them change the experience for the better. As always, everything is just my opinion, but based on a LOT of experience. Enjoy!

  • RickyRem

    Breathing through my nose while drawing has been the biggest help for me. Thanks for the advice.

  • Preset21

    Thanks for this discussion topic Bryan. I fall into your third group really. Only the obvious. I find this personally frustrating because I really would like to be able to grab so many of the other flavors other people can identify in their sticks.

    When I first started smoking cigars regularly it was like that too. I was also a regular tobacco/snuf/cigarette user. I figured it may have had an effect on my low ability to pull out more than the obvious flavors. However, I came off of nicotine almost two years ago and just recently have had a couple of cigars. I had hoped with the long stint of not chewing that I would better be able to pull out some more flavors. But it hasn’t happened. It’s just the way my pallet is.

    As Bryan mentioned in the video, some people just have a pallet that can identify the flavors better. I associate this as the “perfect pallet”.

    My daughter has “perfect pitch”. That means she is tuned to be able very easily create and hear audio. Usually this is related to music. Like the “perfect pitch”, I think the “perfect pallet” is a gift to some people. Like Julia Child and Christopher Kimball (America’s Test Kitchen, whose pallets are especially well tuned to flavors. Julia Childs would never eat spicy food for concern of burning her pallet.

    With all that said, I totally understand that some people have a very good ability to extract unique flavors from the cigars. I trust what they have to share. I know that my flavor experience will not be like theirs, but it does help me try to sense a broader spectrum of cigar flavors.