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Rodrigo Boutique Blend G6 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 14, 2014
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Rodrigo Boutique Blend G6 Cigar Review

This 6×60 stick features a dark brown oily satin finished wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams, a tight pack, triple cap and rich soapy cedar aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium-full bodied smoke output showing flavored of a dry gritty wood with a bit of bitterness and pepper joining in through the long finish. The first third changes to a gritty slightly creamy earth on the draw while the pepper builds through the finish. A touchup was required very early as one side of the wrapper did not want to stay lit. 35 minutes in at the 1/2 way point flavors have shifted to a sweet soft bread on the draw with the pepper dropping off the finish replaced by a light creamy textured earth but still a thick texture to the smoke. The band point comes at 1 hour shifting the draw flavors slightly adding back a touch of sweet cream and a bright nut. Ending at 1:20 the last bit stayed the same. Thank you very much to viewer David Rapp for providing me this for review!

  • JohnG

    Hi Bryan – thanks for the review. I have smoked several of the Rodrigo Boutique Blend G6 cigars and have found them to be an enjoyable smoke. The rest of the Rodrigo line is excellent also – the Habano Clasico and the La Fostaleza.

    • JohnG

      La Fortaleza, that is.

  • yosef5

    Thanks for this review
    Sounds like an enjoyable stick

  • tjbear

    Classic example of why I never purchase any cigar in excess of a 50 ring gauge. You spend more time correcting burn issues than you do enjoying the cigar. Give me a lonsdale or lancero anytime vs a broomstick full of filler!

  • lrogers

    Wonder why some cigars do that with the incorrect burn on one side? I have had several do the same thing. I use Heartfelt beads and or Boveda packs and have consistent humidity around 67 percent.

  • hisunkc

    I’m not so good at using english.
    But I have to say this.
    Thank you very much for your review.
    Your review is very helpful when I taste my cigar!

  • Eddygp

    What is your opinion on purging for Robusto cigars (as opposed to Lanceros, etc.)? Would it help to avoid those unfortunately frequent touch-ups?

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