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Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall No. 22 Deluxe Criollo Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 13, 2014
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Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall No. 22 Deluxe Criollo Robusto Cigar Review

This 4.75×46 stick features a golden tan wrapper with a soft satin pack and feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and rich wood & hay aroma. First light reveals a loose draw with plenty of rich medium bodied smoke showing flavors of a smooth oily sweet cream with a slight tobacco core and long finish of the same. The first third pours off the smoke and flavor bringing the body to medium-full showing a big sweet cream, leather and wood that lasts well until the next draw. Construction is perfect with a great burn. The 1/2 way point comes at 35 minutes adding a bit of strength and toning down the leather and cream to just a tobacco earth and wood with a bit of black pepper on the tail end of the finish. Ending at an hour, the last bit showed no further transitions until it got hot with an inch remaining. Thank you very much to viewer Scott for sending this in for review!

  • Dale

    They might need a couple of more bands just so they can put the entire name on them.

  • rpharmrx

    Great review, as always-“Batten-down the hatches!”, Bryan!

  • yosef5

    Another very good review
    Thanks so much

  • Buffalo Trace

    I am gonna have to get 1 of these just to test my taste buds. Cause Im like that old dude at Thompson Cigars that “dont know about no nuts or caramel or any of that, the tobacco either taste pleasant or it doesnt.” I love chocolate & nuts and often together, like Turtles & Bun candy, but Im just not getting these & other described taste’s in cigars.!

    • It’s okay, MOST people don’t get those sorts of intricate sensations. If you do, you are either pretty lucky or have had a LOT of experience refining your senses.

  • geekfish

    Thanks for reviewing. I enjoy these in the robusto and Toro. Love that cream and leather combo.

  • leahcim7001

    Sounds like a good one to try out!

  • Christopher

    Love the humor in this review. Laughs and great information…only on CO!

  • MCoontz

    Funny review, thanks Bryan. Bought a cigar today that is loosely wrapped in another tobacco leaf. After I try it myself I may have to send one in for review. Thanks and keep it up. Going to be in Tampa at the beginning of March, any good cigar lounges in that area you could recommend?

    Thank you,

  • MCoontz

    oops, notify me of new posts!

  • MCoontz

    wow, perfect thanks Bryan! I’ll try and check them out. May try and take a few extra days after the convention to get over to the coast. Water is freezing here in Seattle in the Pacific…well Puget Sound.

    thanks again,

  • Godzilla

    Great review. I think I have seen every review on the site. You mentioned this cigar having very pronounced cream flavors. What are some of your other cream flavor favorites?

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