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JM Tobacco Box Of Cigars And Shirt Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, February 12, 2014
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FpfprizepackA big thank you to JM Tobacco for sponsoring this giveaway! Up for grabs is a delicious box of their Dominican Churchills, plus a generously sized T-Shirt!

How to enter? Leave a comment below with what tobacco growing country you are most interested in visiting. Use the app below for contest entries! All entrants must be of legal smoking age in their state and have a US mailing address. The winner will be randomly drawn in one week! Good luck and thank you!

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  • Whitelightning


    • Docwill

      Nicaragua via the Dominican Republic

  • WyattJones


  • kprichardson7


  • JambisNightmare

    Dominican Republic


    Funny enough, the Dominican Republic.

  • Mike Dukes


  • Darkhlmt

    The Dominican Republic hands down.

  • kpoper

    Nicaragua, the Dominican

  • I’d love to go to Nicaragua, the place in general seems quite beautiful. On top of visiting some of my favorite cigar factories, It’d be super fun to check out the Flor de Cana distillery and get down on some of the local grinds, the food looks incredible!

  • Dominican Republic

  • 987


  • lefty177


  • adamsl40@aol.com

    i would love to visit nicaragua! it is the home to the best tobacco i have tastedin cigars. those who have visited have shared their photos and i think the country is beautiful!

  • kevinhen16

    Without a doubt, Nicaragua.

  • Hilton


  • willigeo02

    I think Nicaragua.

  • DmlCajun

    Nicaragua is in top of list.

  • Dale


  • Peter Janetatos

    Cuba would be awesome!

  • Peter Janetatos

    Nicaragua would be my second choice.

  • richieb71

    It’s a tough one, but I’m gonna go with Nicaragua, but I would like to visit all!

  • bravoteam0


  • s5592c

    Nicaragua, THANKS CO AND JM’S!!

  • OCRUZ1970

    Nicaragua, definitely Nicaragua.

  • cioker

    Dominican Republic, Cuba

  • USFPhil


  • Dominican Republic


    I want to do the DE tour in Nicaragua. I just saw pictures from a group that just went and it looked like an awesome time.

  • wm2slc

    Dominican. I’ve been to Cuba and Nicaragua.

  • brianetz1

    Never seen these before

  • Shovel

    Dom. Republic. Cuba too

  • sbakeritguy

    Nicaragua for sure! I’d love to do the Drew Estate Tour.

  • VanZant


  • yankeeman


  • dosto233

    Definitely Nicaragua for me as all. Some fantastic stuff coming out of there the last few years.

  • Rob.n.Denver


  • bdragon

    Definitely Cuba

  • geekfish


  • ptyler

    I think a trip with Dave to Nicaragua would be the one.

  • LV2HNT

    I would like to visit the Dominican and the Ashton factory.

  • Turn4Chatter

    Cuba, only because of the forbidden fruit aspect.

  • sdh3237

    Cuba so I can be sure I get a real Cuban cigar.

  • ryanmo45

    Home of the best cigars…nicaragua

  • kuskobk


  • padron80


  • lrogers

    I would have to say Cuba. If they get Americanized all the old school Cuban culture will be gone. I would like to experience the original old school Cuba.

  • acrich


  • towerluke

    Nicaragua for sure.

  • Dcrot1


  • USA2ndAmendment

    Nicaragua…I would really want to do the cigar safari with Drew Estate!

  • Swede214

    Dominican Republic

  • shawa


  • Markwz11

    The Honduras would be my choice.

  • douglas77

    Hmmm. Nicaragua it is!

  • americanpalemale

    Nicaragua, for sure!

  • ljbabyak


  • MikeSports

    Nicaragua is where I would like to go!

  • Greg Bellante

    I’ll be different Honduras!

  • Michael Cabot

    Nicaragua for sure!

  • Bill

    The country is really not that important to me,but the person I would like to see is Abe Florres from P.D.R. I think that is the Domenican Republic.But wherever he does his business is where I would like to go because of the quality of the cigar he makes and also the affordability,he just seems like a great person and a great business man. Bill

  • FTG2Voge

    The Dominican Republic would be nice. I haven’t been in the Caribbean since I left the Navy

  • fiatster


  • Matt

    Dominican Republic

  • rpharmrx


  • casey

    Indonesia. Not the best tobacco in the world, but a unique selection. beautiful place as well. rich culture.

  • JC


  • scottwilson@comcast.net


  • marty76


  • napaboss

    Its got to be Nicaragua I’d love to visit all the great cigar factories there.

  • leahcim7001


  • Timmc71

    I would love to visit them all but without a doubt it has to start with Nicaragua. Thank Cigar Obsession and JMs for the contest and good luck everyone.

  • yosef5


  • gamemaster55


  • Cigar2

    Nicaragua I guess.

  • Shadad777


  • brusky


  • Hate to follow the crowd here, but Nicaragua was my choice too. 🙂

  • Jjk68

    Nicaragua 🙂

  • rjrst13

    Estelli, Nicaragua

  • Dstoerrle

    Esteli, Nicaragua

  • turandot777

    Always Nicaragua

  • lostonmonday

    Hands down Nicaragua, specifically for a cigar safari. I haven’t had a JM’s for a long, long time, but I do remember I liked it.

  • scottnaas

    Gonna have to be Nicaragua

  • Nicaragua via Cuba

  • pato1001

    “Black Waters” Nicaragua!!!

  • PlatinumRespect

    Gotta be Nicaraguan. Come on, I’m a Drew Estate head, admittedly.

  • NeverTwoOld

    Cuba just beacause of the mystique. Might be a letdown but still…

  • jlg89


  • hn4cigar

    nicaragua would be first then the dominican republic.

  • PsycotikMind

    The DR

  • reconn7

    Nicaragua , so many great blends coming out from there!!!

  • Jared

    I would love to visit them all! However, I’ve already been to the DR, and would go back in a heartbeat. Esteli is the new kid on the block but making the big noise, I want to go see. Honduras is home to one of my favorite brands, Alec Bradley, so I’m all about there, too. Cuba has such rich history in both tobacco and, well, history, so when this silly embargo is over, I’m there. But, all in all, the Dominican Republic has the place in my heart, and I’d go back over and over. Yay.

  • quackaddict94

    Wherever the tours with Blanco go sounds fine to me.

  • chad1955

    While Nicaragua would be good, I’d also like to visit the growers in Costa Rica too!

  • Chaz

    Even though I believe that overall the best cigars don’t come from there anymore, I would still very much like to visit Cuba if I had to pick just one country.

  • TylerACigars

    Nicaragua hands down. Thanks for the contest!

  • Ellie

    Definitely Nicaragua. 🙂

  • MCoontz

    Nicaragua on the Blanco tour! Still looking for the #9 to try. Lets get it together and go.

  • Tracco

    Vuelta Abajo Region Cuba

  • above


  • Chacona12

    Would love to go visit BRAZIL or CAMEROON aka CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC!!

  • Nicaragua, But Cuba once I get my Dual Citizenship!

  • Bill

    I would love to visit where P.D.R. cigars come from,not so much for the country but because of Abe florres ,I know I spelled it wrong.But I really like his cigars and the price is great.

  • RamzaFreak20

    Estali and Jalapa, Nicaragua.

  • jusphil

    Nicaragua for sure!

  • VWCC2013

    I’ve always wanted to go visit Nicaragua. There are so many great cigar factories there such as Drew Estate, Joya De Nicaragua, Blanco Cigars’ Segovia factory, and so many more. Not to mention that there are many great tobacco growers in Nicaragua such as Nestor Plasencia, Jose “Pepin” Garcia, and the whole Garcia family. Nicaragua has such a rich culture and tradition of tobacco growing, particularly in Estile, Jalapa, and Condega. I hope to go on Drew Estate’s “Cigar Safari,” and/or David Blanco’s tour.

  • kmthiebaud


  • Koach77

    I did a water project in Honduras in 2010 and flew into Tegucigalpa and spent a week in Palmira, Honduras. Then visited Valle de Angeles before returning to USA. Would love to go back, but have never been to Dominican Republic so that would be first on the list.

  • Prof.Mike

    Nicaragua by far and away. I also enjoy Dominican, but if I had to choose between them it would have to be Nicaragua.

  • DanGumm

    I smoke these from time to time a pretty good budget stick, but I want to visit Nicaragua of course!

  • SteelerFan222


  • Parker


  • bwehmann1

    I went to the Dominican republic with my father for my 18th birthday five years ago. Amazing experience since we did a tobacco tour. Next I’d like to visit Nicaragua.

  • new2sticks

    Nicaragua would be my choice.

  • puffrey


  • irun26.2

    Dominican Republic

  • smoke dogg

    Nicaragua for me.

  • MikeL

    Honduras would be the first choice. However if I went there I could not smoke any cigars since their Gub-Mint outlawed public smoking. If I choose to smoke in spite of this ridiculous law I would be put in a Honduran prison and I would experience the Honduran version of “Midnight Express”. So I guess I will have to settle for Nicaragua.

  • bcurrie08

    Hands down Dominican! Beautiful food, sticks, land and ladies!

  • dwtate5

    Nicaragua and honduras

  • Buffalo Trace

    I’ll say BRAZIL. Beautiful girls there. 🙂

  • samgiroux42

    I would love to visit the Dominican Republic.

  • chief791

    Nicaragua and Honduras.

  • phillyb

    Probably Nicaragua.

  • Justin S.

    Nicaragua since every cigar I seem to enjoy originates there.

  • vegasron

    Nicaragua would be my choice. A majority of my cigar choices originate from there.

  • hocke68

    Definitely Nicaragua. Seems like all my favorite smokes have at least some Nicaraguan tobacco in them.

  • jazzman94@ymail.com


  • Garry Cawthorn


  • ljones217

    I’m definitely looking forward to visiting Nicaragua.

  • strick9

    Nicaragua, simply because I have seen the videos on youtube.

  • berry1

    Cuba would be my first choice 🙂

  • bdom15

    Nicaragua has always been my first choice, plus I’m headed to the Dominican this summer for my honeymoon

  • RockyTopRoller

    I understand that there are some growers having good success in Colombia. I would like to visit this country because of the similarity of the Colombian and Andalusian accents in the Spanish Language.

  • tkpark26

    Nicaragua. Their mountains look gorgeous.

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