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Feb 3

Seriously! I Need Viewer Help!

Posted on Monday, February 3, 2014 in World of CO

I put out the open call for guests to be on the show and wasn’t kidding when I said I need your guy’s help! They only take the initiative to come if they know there’s strong demand. I’ve had a tiny bit of interest with a couple cool guests booked, but that’s IT so far! I really thought I would have a ton more interested by now. Like someone commented, they would be foolish not to take advantage of this.

All I need is for you to email, tweeet, comment, etc. the following to anyone or any company you would like to see featured:

” I would really love to see you on the CO Live show, this explains all about it, please get in touch with Bryan! “


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Bring on the comments

  1. scottnaas says:

    Maybe a rep from Thompson cigar! They may be a big company, but that might be an interesting chat. Just a thought.

  2. Mr. Guy says:

    Crazy! I’d never even knew of Cigars Direct until Juan sat with you. Now I’m ready to drop some serious dough once their new site is up. Would have bet people would be pushing through your door to have a spot… well, pushing through your fence. They might not feel as bad knocking down that raggedy looking fence ;) I don’t have much pull in the cigar world, but if companies really care about their customers I’ll do my best to send my favs your way!

  3. Camshaft83 says:

    Just emailed iconic leaf. Loved the interview at the ipcpr show.

  4. VWCC2013 says:

    I’ll send it to Rocky Patel on Facebook and Arturo Fuente.

  5. Holland says:

    What about Don Carlos Sr. and Jr. on one show!! I’ve read and heard that they are always happy to do shows and interviews. I’ll send them your info Bryan!!
    We need to keep this good stuff going!! I love watching these shows!! Keep up the good work Bryan!!

  6. Holland says:

    This was my message to the Arturo family!

    Dear Arturo family,

    I am a enthousiast cigar smoker and my favorite smoke is the Arturo Fuente 858. Cigarobsession is owned by Bryan Glynn out of Florida and he is a reviewer on Youtube. He does great cigar reviews. Recently he started doing live shows and I would love to see you guys talk about your beautiful cigars. In the link provided you will find all the information you need. Please help him and us cigar smokers. Thank you.

    ” I would really love to see you on the CO Live show, this explains all about it, please get in touch with bryan!

  7. Holland says:

    Just contacted Padron too!! I’m getting fired up LOL!!

  8. puffrey says:

    I posted on the EmilioCigars Facebook page to have Nate or Gary come on and do an episode with you since those guys love the avenue of social media.

    I am going to get on them again!

  9. Texvet says:

    I wonder if the “live” vs “remote” format is an issue for some outfits? Travel expenses are always a consideration. There are only so many close/convenient operations in your area. Just thinking out loud.

  10. MDSPHOTO says:

    Again, this blows my mind. With such a fragmented cottage industry you would think manufacturers would beat down your door for this opportunity? I know you heard from La Sirena, did Reinado get back to you?

    How about the owner of Corona Cigar, I would love to hear how he built his place in the market. Agree no Thompsons, EVER!

  11. casey says:

    I and a few of my friends have been watching your review vids on youtube. i recently subscribed to your youtube channel and a few days later signed up on i have tried to put a thumbs up on every video i have watched and found that when i look at the video again right after, my thums up has not been counted and it gives me the option to do so not sure why it wont count my thums up, but if this happens to others it may be the reason for a lack of response… excellent work on the site. your influence in the cigar world has only just scratched the surface. you and your site will be world renound in the future. thanks for all you do!

    • Bryan Glynn says:

      Thanks for the support! While the Google+ takeover of accounts certainly didn’t help make it easy to interact (even for us creators) it’s not holding any of this up :) Your problem is probably linked to not being signed in to Google+ or something…it’s a mess :(

  12. Holland says:


    I have got an email back from Liana Fuente (Arturo Fuente). She is out of the country until February 10th! After that she’ll contact me as soon as possible

  13. Zombieno1 says:

    “I would really love to see you on the CO Live show, this explains all about it, please get in touch with Bryan!

    You are not a manufacture but I think you two would make a great episode. He knew of you when I mentioned this a year ago. I was the young man that came up to you at Cigar Castle about 6 months ago. Give him a shout.

    Give it a go Bryan :)

  14. padron80 says:

    hey bryan lets do a show with hot chicks in bikini’s just make sure the ladies are smoking a minimum 70 ring that will put you on the map.

  15. nick_m85 says:

    Hi Bryan, I emailed Antonio Gomez from La Flor Dominicana today. From what the website says, he’s located in South Florida. Hopefully they’ll be interested in the live show. I’m a huge fan of their cigars, an seeing them live would be awesome.

  16. Bryan Glynn says:

    Thanks everyone for the help so far, it’s working, slowly! Check out the CO Live page, the schedule has a few new additions :)

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