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Cigar Obsession Boutique Of The Month 5 – Cremo

by Bryan Glynn, February 1, 2014
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CapaCliente-6x52BOXWEBCigarObsession Boutique Of The Month 5 – Cremo

This is a special monthly feature where I will spotlight some of my favorite boutiques! This month the honor goes to Cremo Cigars! Lilo Santiago, Owner of Cremo Cigars is really powering up the brand with a drive and passion that’s frankly NEEDED to succeed in the tough world of Cigar Manufacturing. IMO he’s hitting homeruns with consistency and quality, never mind the fact his blends really sit well with my personal tastes! This is another small guy brand who needs bigger and better things to happen to them this year, so I hope I can not only ignite that but introduce many of you to the brand! I have given a good number out in samplers and they sponsored a contest or two in the past but I know you won’t find them at most local shops yet. Do yourself a favor and hit them up when you can for a tasty treat 🙂

  • yosef5

    Another good boutique

  • chad1955

    I really like to try new cigars/blends and have enjoyed all of the boutique suggestions you’ve given so far. So…I just ordered a Toro Sampler from Cremo to give them a try. I’m looking forward to receiving them and seeing how I like them. I appreciate the boutique suggestions as they offer a different experience from always buying cigars on the main sites and the main brands…

  • cigarnut

    Like this site a lot, and the Boutique series is very interesting. Keep it rolling!

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