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Adorini Black Slate Deluxe Cigar Humidor Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 30, 2014
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Untitled-1Adorini Black Slate Deluxe Cigar Humidor Review

This gorgeous medium sized desktop humidor features a solid slate veneer over Spanish cedar hardwood. The bottom is felt lined, the interior features a removable tray and a completely customizable configuration. You can place the tray at any level and it comes with multiple dividers with labels for keeping things just how you prefer. The hinges and bead filled humidifier are both 24k gold plated for a truly luxurious appearance. Fit and finish is simply flawless, with a perfect air seal. The lid features an integrated metal plate for use with magnetic accessories such as the included analog but calibratable hygrometer. Thank you very much to HumidorDiscount.com for sending this in for review!

  • That humidor is pretty nice, but seriously the new intro and new style of video shooting & editing is beautiful!!! Bravo Bryan, great work!!!

    • Thanks man – got to keep the bar high 🙂

      • You always do! Best to you and the Mrs., and the pup!



    I like this opener better when you got right into the review versus cutting away to see the opener and then back for the review.

    Nice job on the humi review. I think Adorini. Makes some beautiful humi’s with some great features, but their reviews of their own products blow. Nice to finally see a really detailed review with tons of pics and I wish every humi company gave us an actual count of cigars we are most likely to store.

  • LV2HNT

    It is no wonder that other reviewer’s ( wanna be’s) try to steal your work. When you produce the best that is out there. Your videos, photographs, and reviews are what sets the standard for all the others.

    Great job Bryan.

    • Thanks man! They can steal my photos, imitate my style, ripoff my catch phrases…I’ll still innovate 😉

  • MCoontz

    I agree with LV2, you’re stuff is top notch. I’m on your site daily and appreciate all you do. And I support those you recommend. Hope to join you guys on Saturday on the live cast. What a great box, I can’t believe it’s slate; very unique. Checked out their site, I really liked their box replica units. Keep up the great work Bryan.

  • leahcim7001

    I liked the new review format! Very professional. I hope these sites know how much traffic you bring there way. Ill bet quite a bit. Thanks for the reviews Bryan. Keep em coming!

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