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Jan 27

Prometheus Triple T Chrome Lighter Contest

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2014 in World of CO

20130927ptt0005-editPrometheus Triple T Chrome Lighter Contest

This is hands own my favorite lighter at the moment and for the past several months. It offers me the best of both words with a powerful torch yet a soft enough tail on the flame for gentle easy lighting. Burn time is insane with it lasting a couple boxes of cigars per charge for me. You’ve seen it in dozens of videos, now’s your chance to own one for free (see my review here)! And a big thank you to for sponsoring the giveaway! Entrants must have a US mailing address. Comment below with who you would most like to have a cigar with, living or dead – then use the app to enter. Good luck!

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  • bryan122

    I think I’d have a pretty good time with Bill Clinton. Thanks for the contest Bry!

  • Steveab

    Many possibilities crossed my mind but one can’t go wrong with good friends and perhaps Bill Clinton an interesting perspective.

  • siakingsport

    Looks like a great lighter

  • sacamano

    Fantastic looking lighter. I’d want to smoke with:
    Winston Churchill
    Mark Twain
    Chuck Berry
    Tom Sellek
    Johnny Carson

  • nick_m85

    The only person that comes to mind is my grandfather. Who recently passed away this pass Sunday 1/26/14 at the age of 84. He always enjoyed a good cigar with some whiskey or scotch.

  • Jerren

    I would love to enjoy a cigar with Jerome Howard, Better known as Curly from the 3 stooges. I also think it would be awesome to smoke one with Bill Cosby.

  • brusky

    Jesus of course.

  • swimmer36

    I’d most like to have a cigar with my brother Scott in Va. It’s not often that we get together but when we do, we always mark the occasion with a nice beverage and fine cigar.

  • Josh

    I’d most like to have a cigar with my good friend who has been overseas for work the past 3 years.

  • weimerad

    Definitely Arnold. Also Michael Jordan on the golf course

  • Jeff Hamlin

    George Peppard from the A-Team.

  • guarnacciad

    Sean Connery would be interesting.

  • ercigar

    My group of friends/roommates from college. We’re spread all over, but if we’re together and cigars are involved, we’re usually doing something awesome.

  • john

    BOND… James Bond.

  • CRem

    Tiger Woods while playing some holes on a nice Country Club!

  • Cigar2

    Can’t remember if I left a comment? So here it is.

  • rhtomlinson

    Sir Churchill would be my obvious choice. My outside the box answer would be me in 40 years….that would be an interesting exchange.

  • Cody

    I would love to have a cigar with you because you are more like me and would be nice to chat with you

  • fat cobra

    Arturo Fuente Sr. The Legend!