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Guy Stuff How To Do A Brake Job

by Bryan Glynn, January 15, 2014
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Untitled-1This was originally going to be a tidbit video on my HLO channel but a couple people suggested it would be a good fit for Guy Stuff, so why not! I know, you don’t have to say it – 48 min for a brake job vid?! Well it’s not just the quick 10 step how to vid like most out there. I speed some parts up but take you through the basics, show you some common problems, explain why you want to do certain things, explain how it all works and try to give a little education along the way 🙂 This vid will cover the vast majority of vehicles on the road, so you don’t need to be working on a 2012 Kia Soul like mine. There’s absolutely nothing special about this car, it’s a simple single piston disc brake model and I give it a little upgrade. The car originally came from Ohio so it had a bit of a rust problem on some of the stock parts, and I show you how to deal with those too. Every guy needs to know how to do basic car repair!

EDIT: To everyone with an opinion on everything – consider there is info you are not aware of before posting. For example the torque wrench you see me use is simply an old unit I keep around for use as a breaker bar/lug wrench. Not all cars come with one – such as the Soul and my previous MINIs, you have to provide your own.

  • Marc

    That was fun! now I want to do mine.
    Did you work in a shop or a back yard?
    can’t believe you used Japanese open end on that bracket bolt. I’d bet you were trying to snap it.
    Those rotors will probably go before those pads.

    I use non metallic myself. I’ll go through 3 sets of pads before replacing a rotor. no turning rotors.
    But no tailgating, no hurry, no performance. I’m cheep.

    Those are built to perform well.

    I like to compress before removal. and depress before switching sides to stop overflow.

    and there’s this really cool thing called a MVT – Hand Impact Tool?
    You hit it with a hammer.

    Thanks for posting this. it was great!

    • It was in my garage

      • Marc

        It sounded like you used to work as a mechanic.

  • Robert

    Air tools may not be needed but I use them – cause they’re cool and make a lot of noise. 😉

  • Seco

    This is truly guy stuff you have shown your are just a guy. I really enjoyed this video.

    • …except when I see a spider. Then I’m a girl! lol

      • newbiekid

        i dont do spiders either or flying stinging things

  • kpoper

    Bryan, nice job. Proving once again regulars guys can do it without the high tech toys…

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