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Sosa Underground Delphic Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 21, 2013
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Sosa Underground Delphic Cigar Review

Edit – Guys my comments were NOT about viewers it never ocurred to me it would be taken that way. I was ONLY referring to companies sending samples to reviewers! This 5.25×41 perfecto stick features a satin dark brown wrapper with an oily feel, medium veins, tight invisible seams, two toned ends with a closed foot and pigtail cap. First light reveals an unsmokeably tight draw and the sample is ditched for a 2nd. The next sample draws normally giving medium-full body flavors of an oily metallic leather, pepper and tingle through the long oily finish. The first third carries most of the same, with a big flavorful pepper and leather on the draw quickly shifting to a deep heavy earth and big black pepper blast without the zing or spice on the finish. The 1/2 way point comes at 20 minutes along with draw problems. Quite a bit of tar is present coming out the head in little balls giving a nasty bitter taste if you get it on your lips or tongue. The whole thing is going hot and squishy and flavors remain the same, when it gives off smoke. Putting it down at just 30 minutes the last bit went south continuing the poor performance. Thank you to Sosa Cigars for providing these samples for review.

  • AngSolo

    Did you by chance cut open the first cigar to see what was going on in there?

  • pittjitsu

    You would think that these company’s would send their best stuff in for review. Not just pick up anything the latest rookie roller made off his desk. This type of review comes off terribly,I know I wont ever buy anything from this company after watching and reading this review.

  • Boucher207

    BRYAN, ever thought about filming these reviews from a different angle or pov?

    • Why mess with perfection 🙂

      • Boucher207

        haha AGREED!

        • Boucher207

          I didnt send it multiple sticks for you to review, i hope they smoke ok for ya.

  • LigaPrivadaFan

    What’s going on Bryan? Two uneventful smoking experiences back to back?! That whole tar issue I have only experienced with punches. The seconded I taste tar the stick gets tossed, you are a better man then I for pushing through that review. Kinda freaked out by the whole dud thing. I didn’t send in doubles of the sticks I submitted for review! Gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope they smoke well. Hope the next review breaks the current trend!!

  • aec12

    Bryan,I was waiting for the bad cigar toss over the shoulder,What happened? good review anyways.

  • yosef5

    Sorry that this cigar is not good
    Thanks for this review

  • MarioBento

    I know you’re a busy man, but:
    Cut / Toast / Light vs Toast / Cut / Light
    Any comments, thoughts or concerns?
    Thank you!

  • Greg Bellante

    Sosa! Isn’t that Company run by Manuel Quesada?
    I am surprised he would put out such a poorly made cigar but then again he put out a real stinker with the Punisher cigar . So i am stumped as to why he is putting out such trash as he has always been known to put out quality cigars.

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