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Bernie Parent Cigars BSB No1 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 20, 2013
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Bernie Parent Cigars BSB No1 Cigar Review

This 4.5×54 box pressed stick features a outer band decorated as goalie pads, covering a very dark brown mottled wrapper with a slight oil sheen, butter soft feel, spongy pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and rich oily hay aroma. First light reveals a huge stem at the head which ruins the cap and shoulder, breaching 180 deg around with the cut. This was my only sample so I had to go with it. It was leaking but was smoking fairly normally regardless. Flavors were a sweet, oily creamy butter and tobacco with a silky smooth finish and plentiful smoke output and a medium body. The first third burns very poorly through no fault of the cut, that’s actually holding on well. It required a huge touchup to correct but was still putting off good flavors. Everything was similar to this point with just a tiny pepper and earth coming in through the finish. By the 1/2 way point at 25 minutes flavors remain the same, burn is still off but it’s smoking just fine. Ending at 45 minutes where it got too warm, the whole thing proved to be consistent in blend. Thank you very much to viewer Kevin Walsh for sending this sample in!

  • LigaPrivadaFan

    Haha epic chuck over the shoulder! I have had to do that with a few poorly constructed CAO La Traviatas before. So did you get one of your Padron 1964’s after that bustout stick?

    • You must have missed the live session the next day 😉

  • yosef5

    Sounds like a interesting
    Thanks for the review

  • Satch

    Win some, lose some.

    See if can get hold of another one. It was probably a dud.

  • byar

    I keep a little jar of pectin for repairs, but this one, with the burn problems seems beyond repair.

  • capital75757

    Thanks for the review, sorry it was not a winner.

    Speaking of reviewing weak cigars, would you consider testing random Thompson house cigars again? This would be for comical relief, naturally, but it would be highly entertaining!

    • #1, Eff Thompson.; #2 I have no time for anything but good cigars, intentionally 🙂

      • capital75757

        Ha-ha, good points 🙂

  • Salamander

    Just wondering why I haven’t seen a video review on the Asylum line of cigars.
    What a great stick.

    • No reason, there are tons of things I haven’t gotten to yet

  • Walshy

    Hey Bryan,
    Wow! Sorry about that bro. I’ve loved that cigar Everytime I’ve had it. Actually surprised me. As did this review. I don’t what happened there. I only send you sticks that I’ve had good experiences and actually like. So again I apologize for wasting your time and the viewers time. The toss over your shoulder never gets old though!! Thanks Bryan.

  • Mike

    Another solid review from the master of YouTube cigar reviews. Thank you sir. 👏
    Now I know I’ll get scolded for this…but it wouldn’t be justified. I just got a box of these from a supplier who’s name rhymes with shmoltz…deal alert!(will that be censored?)… just finishing one up. Paired with a classy can of Coors light (16 oz can, twist off ). I know…another faux pas. Oh well…I digress. This is one fine little cigar. Bordering on that full body with a kick of nicotine to the dome. Very nice flavours. It started to burn a bit off, so I corrected it with some spitty pinky. That did the trick. Perfect draw. Tight ash. I like.

    Hey Bdawg check out the Curivari Gloria Leon Gran Dominio Tremendos. Nice little stick. The finish on that cigar is longer than its name.

    Peace out from Cali.

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