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by Bryan Glynn, December 17, 2013
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Hey guys I have lots of info for you!

First, thank you VERY much for all the votes on my quest for another award as the Tampa A-List Best Wedding Photographer, I think we’ll have it in the bag! We are down to 5 days left for voting and they will be hiding the standings for the remaining 5 days, announcing the winner at the end. I predict a solid win by the current percentages, I have a 2:1 lead over 2nd place! I’ll be picking a random voter if indeed I do win, to receive a super sampler! I’ll message the winner directly in the A-List system so I make sure the right person gets it, it only shows first name and last initial.

Second, a viewer, Bryan Armstrong contacted me tonight to share a wonderful photo and story about a recent experience with Rocky Patel. He wanted to spread the word so here are his own words:

I just wanted to let you know about my recent experience with Rocky Patel Cigars. I smoked one of his cigars and it burned like crap. I cut it open and found a rather larger stick inside of it. I wrote Rocky and letter and his staff wrote back, explaining the handmade process and asked for my address. I gave my address. Today I received the care package. It had four cigars, a CD by Rocky, Against all Odds, and a Hand written note. As you can probably guess I am ecstatic over the care package, but what I find most impressive is the hand written note. To me it is by far worth more than the cigars. I have enclosed a picture. If you think it’s reasonable, could you please share this with your followers.
Thanks Bryan

Rocky Patel

Third, the site went through a transition today that most of you should not have noticed. We are on a better box now for faster performance and better security. Without going in to details, certain measures are now in place to better protect the system and prevent problems. There may have been a handful of comments this afternoon that were lost in the short time of data migration and DNS propagation. Please feel free to repost something you see was lost, it was not moderated or removed.

Lastly, the timeslot for live broadcasts will be Thursday evenings (once or twice a month) starting at 9pm EST. The first one will be on Jan 2nd. I will be smoking a 5 Vegas Classic Double Corona if anyone cares to join in to compare tasting notes. That’s certainly NOT a requirement though! Overall I plan on another general conversation/Q&A session, I really enjoyed it last time, and the couple hours absolutely flew by!

Someone made a great suggestion – if you are new, do watch/read the information videos/posts on the left of the site before joining the conversation and asking general or common questions. I am not able to answer those as it would be very repetitive and would take all the time up from the session. If you are in chat feel free to help out by answering anything like that you see for me, I will not be typing at all during the broadcast.

To watch the broadcast you can do so from ANY device. A link will be posted here on the site (new button on the left) and it will be scheduled on YouTube. To also participate in the live chat, you will need to do so from a desktop or laptop. Tablets and phones are not yet supported by the Google software, they are working on it.

That’s it for now, I hope to see a lot of usernames there!

  • Bryce

    That care package is awesome! Talk about customer care!

    Pumped for January 2nd!

  • sbakeritguy

    Rocky Patel is a class act! Can you please re-post a link to the site for the voting?

  • Ah, such a great post and to hear of all the positive news. Go get em’ Bryan, only 5 days left!!

  • yosef5

    Thanks for this info

  • Gary

    That’s great customer service. Looking forward to January 2.

  • TedAGoodwin

    Cigar shop doesnt have the 5 vegas classic. Any suggestions on a similar cigar or cigar shops in cincinnati oh area that would carry it

    • It’s an online stick that’s why I gave you the link to shop

      • chad1955

        These are also common on and

  • pato1001

    Hello there Brian. I was wondering what you thought of the CA number one cigar of 2013
    The Montecristo #2 Torpedo??? Have you smoked any? If so what are your thoughts on it being chosen as number one this year? I have smoked a few from this year and they are pretty damn good. Worthy of number one? I can’t really say if that makes totally sense or not. O well. Anyway I was just wondering what you thought about that choice. Thanks again for all the reviews keep up the good work.

  • dantheman1451


    you mentioned that there will be a new button on the left of the page??? currently I only see advertisements for other cigar company with the links to them? will I be able to join a session if I chick on the you tube video that you will have posted the night of the live broadcast?

    • If you don’t see the new CO Live button on the left don’t worry, your browser should catch up before the next session. Clear your cache if you want to see it right now.

  • LV2HNT

    I love good customer service. RP shows that the customer is important. Besides making some good sticks they are a class act.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Go Bryan in the voting. It would only let me vote once so my wife voted, my daughters voted and my Mom and Dad voted… wink wink….

  • nyccigarlover

    How do you get to the live session? I don’t see a link anywhere?

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