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Dec 13

Further Changes For The Next Lottery

Posted on Friday, December 13, 2013 in World of CO

I need to go through a few things including a change I didn’t want to HAVE to make but you guys have forced it. I, and many others are sick of seeing the same Gurkha sampler sticks dumped, so starting with lottery #18 unfortunately I have to make the first (and hopefully last) exclusion for entry. No more Gurkhas. That sucks, because there are some fantastic blends from them! But, as all the updates show way too many of you are taking advantage of the program so that has to end.

So starting with #18, no Gurkhas and only one entry per person. Vid after the jump…

Edit – thank you the thoughts of suggestions but none if this is up for debate or further change at this point.

  • chad1955

    Good for you. Keep the standards high. Dumping bad cigars just to get a shot at someone else’s better cigars is ridiculous. Quality counts and less just cheapens the contest unnecessarily. Hang tough, Bryan!

    • NChSCh


  • MongoJay

    Do cigars from the East India Trading Company count as well? I don’t see a lot of those entered.

    • Bryan Glynn

      They are not Gurkha so of course it doesn’t apply.

  • dosto233

    I agree with the sentiment of the changes, but the implementation is a real shame. Of course true variety is the goal, but there are plenty of Gurkhas that I think are exceptional (like the Master Select and the Legend) that predate Gurkhas cheap sampler/blend market saturation.

    • Bryan Glynn

      I agree but I have no choice. There’s no way I’m keeping some big running list of pass or fail. It stays simple and fun or I shut it down.

  • VWCC2013

    What Gurkha samplers are you referring to Bryan? I’ve never had any Gurkhas so I’m curious what the deal is with these samplers.

    • Bryan Glynn

      I’ll let others fill you in I’m tired of the subject no offense.

      • VWCC2013

        No offense taken, Bryan.

    • Jared

      The big guys – especially Cigars International/ – love to stock samplers with just piles and piles of Gurkhas, super Gurkha grab bags, special Gurkha build-your-own samplers, with an uncounted number of blends… all pulling in Gurkhas of all kinds for around $3 a stick. Some are decent, some (most) are radically overhyped because of super-inflated MSRP, but, because the fellas down in Pennsylvania are pushing them like mad, there are a LOT of them out there, they come in cheap samplers, and the lottery, every so often, gets just flooded with them. Like they said, variety is the goal here, not 150 Gurkhas, and it seems like, of all the brands out there, even ones pushed by CI, Famous Smoke, Thompson, etc., Gurkha seems to be the one that keeps flooding in, probably because these places sell them super-cheap and keep referring to them as “The Rolls Royce of cigars” for some reason. There are good ones, there are bad ones… but no one will argue that there are simply TOO MANY of them. And hence, the issue.

      • VWCC2013

        Thanks so much for clearing this subject up for me. Now I fully understand why Gurkhas are not allowed anymore.

        Thanks again!

  • Sirfubes

    That’s really sad. Gurkha is actually a great brand that people are hard on way to often. The Gurkha ghost is up there is my top ten cigars.

    • NChSCh

      While I do agree that Gurkha has some cigars that are great, I think that their reputation is absolutely justified.

  • rockjock

    Thank you for keeping standards. Sure, some are great, others should be next to the swisher sweets.

    • NChSCh


  • BArmstrongNY

    It might be a lot of work, but why not make a list of approved sticks for entry that changes as they come in. It would have to be automated by the contestant. Simply choose what you are sending in and click on the option. When the contestant makes a selection the stick is removed from the list.

    • Bryan Glynn

      See previous answer

  • Bigulp

    This is probably a worse solution but maybe set a minimum price at $5 per stick or something. Might discourage people from dumping dog rockets.

    • Jared

      Problem is, of course, that MSRP on Gurkha is overinflated, generally WAY higher than most of the sticks that are in the lottery. MSRP is not a useful gauge.

      • Bigulp

        Ah that is very true.

  • dosto233

    Bryan is already doing all of this as a courtesy, so anything more would simply be asking too much. Like he already said, ‘simple and fun.’

  • NChSCh

    I was a little disappointed in the lottery 17 update 1 when you didn’t say anything about rejecting obvious junk sticks. Now however, I feel like dancing. I also like how you said that if other brands flood the lottery they’ll be excluded too. Already excited to see lottery 18 update 1.

    I know it sucks that you had to go this far, but holy hell people were going crazy with that shit.

    Thanks Bryan

  • yankeeman

    It’s actually a great rule. Personally, I’ve tried a bunch of Gurkha’s and most of them are junk, IMO. If I received Gurkha’s in a sampler, I’d do the same thing and include them in the lottery. Not seeing them in the lineup anymore actually makes the lottery better.

  • ascrivner

    Damn it! Now how am I gonna find a bunch of suckers to take these awful cigars!

  • sjabari

    I’ve got an idea. Don’t ban Gurkhas. Just put them in a separate pile and with every lottery there’s also a lucky Gurkha winner from amongst the list of people that send them in.

  • phaedron

    Curses, foiled again. Well, I do still have all these Victor Sinclairs to dump… I kid, I kid! I’ve sent in Liga Privada Unicos in the last two lotteries. I’ve got a Dirty Rat with “Lottery 17″ written all over it…

    • NChSCh

      Lol, I actually bought a Victor Sinclair sampler when I first started buying online. Jesus, I smoked like 2 of 20 before trashing the rest.

      • LigaPrivadaFan

        I think some people take the name “Lottery” to literally! What I think Bryan was going for here is cigar smokers sending in a varitiy of cigars that they have smoked, enjoyed and wanted to share with other people. I think that’s the whole point of his site right? So when people go out and purchase the bare minimum, just to have a chance to win a varity of sticks and a sponsored humidor that sucks! I would imagin the majority of people who view this site, You Tube channel and participate in the lottery probably have a humidor and plenty of sticks to boot. I guess the point of this post is… Remember Bryan is just like us a guy who likes to chill and enjoy a stick, but he has gone a little bit further and put together a great forum with some awesome perks for his fellow smokers! So don’t take advantage of it and actually help make it more enjoyable and flourish! Happy holidays to all

  • phaedron

    Truth! Fact is, I’ve bought so many cigars based on Bryan’s reviews that I try to include those in my submissions. It’s gratifying when he’s doing the lottery updates where he picks up one of my submissions (like when I sent in a Cordoba and Morales Full Sail Maduro) and he says, “This is one of my favorites!” Yay!

    Now if I could only win…


    Thank God! I have never entered the lottery primarily because I did not want all those damn Gurkhas. Now if the rest of you can pull your heads out of your rectums and stop trying to dump your no name sticks here we might have lottery winnings people would truly like to win. Can’t wait to see how the next one pans out.

    • Kipp

      I agree, that’s one of the reasons I haven’t thrown in yet. Realistically I’m not going to win, and I’d be putting cigars in there that I think the person who wins would enjoy. I’m not going to throw in $20-$30 sticks but something someone just hasn’t had yet, or maybe not pulled the trigger on trying. And if they won it they’d try it and maybe find something they would want to pick up again or recommend to a friend.

      This shoulld be something amongst “friends” and not something where you just try to sneak in on some online raffle by what feels to others like cheating.

      • lostonmonday

        I think you nailed it on the head with, “This should be something amongst friends.” Too bad not all play by that moto and send in only what you’d send to a friend. I hit lotto #10, which had some fantastic sticks in it (thank you very much to you who sent those in), but there were some I would’ve tossed in the trash before giving to a buddy *cough, Arganese, cough* Even with a few bummers in the lot, it will always be a memorable experience long after the cigars are gone. So please keep the submissions classy so the lotto can go on.

  • BenFig33

    Good change Bryan. The sleezes know who they are. Those who submit quality sticks in good faith should have no issue with this as it will only serve to increase the variety and quality of the lottery.

  • Fabbio

    Can we not add 5 Vegas to the list? They fit the bill, buck sticks, used as sampler filler, most are terrible including ones tossed over big b’s shoulder, and they gotta be right up there as second most popular for entries.

    • NChSCh