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CO Live Broadcasts?

by Bryan Glynn, December 12, 2013
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I want to gauge interest in doing periodic live broadcasts, where I just enjoy a smoke and interact with you guys through live comment chat. I would need to do a test run to nail down production, but it certainly could be something to consider doing on a regular basis if there’s enough viewer demand. Let me know below what you think and if you have any suggestions for it! My initial thought is doing it on a weekday night, say 9pm EST to allow for most people to have a timeslot to participate. If there’s strong demand right now I could do the test tonight…

TEST broadcast going live tonight at 9pm EST. There will be a link posted right here when it’s on, you will just need to click it to see the video and join in via live comments on it’s page 🙂

CLICK HERE to watch and interact now!

That was fun! Not bad for an hour’s lead time 🙂 We had a peak of 80 people at once and a total of 374 people viewing! I’ll have more info about future sessions shortly…video inside…

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