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CO Live Broadcasts?

by Bryan Glynn, December 12, 2013
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I want to gauge interest in doing periodic live broadcasts, where I just enjoy a smoke and interact with you guys through live comment chat. I would need to do a test run to nail down production, but it certainly could be something to consider doing on a regular basis if there’s enough viewer demand. Let me know below what you think and if you have any suggestions for it! My initial thought is doing it on a weekday night, say 9pm EST to allow for most people to have a timeslot to participate. If there’s strong demand right now I could do the test tonight…

TEST broadcast going live tonight at 9pm EST. There will be a link posted right here when it’s on, you will just need to click it to see the video and join in via live comments on it’s page 🙂

CLICK HERE to watch and interact now!

That was fun! Not bad for an hour’s lead time 🙂 We had a peak of 80 people at once and a total of 374 people viewing! I’ll have more info about future sessions shortly…video inside…

  • FTG2Voge

    Sounds interesting. I don’t know how much I could participate since I work at night, but it would be fun for this newbie.

  • Big Man

    Sounds great, go for it.

  • joeld0710

    great idea

  • joeld0710

    I would be in tonite

  • Pittot

    If this became a regular event, you could post the cigar you will be smoking weeks in advance to give participants a chance to pick up the same brand to smoke at the same time. I would definitely be smoking in any event, not just watching.

    • I like that

      • damoonz63

        sort of like what the cigar dojo has already been doing the past couple months now.

        • damoonz63

          that a general reply to this thread

          • ParadiseCove

            Now your idea Bryan combined with Pittot’s is what I would call “going to the next level”. What could be better..smoking the same cigar as Bryan Glynn at the same time..wow! That would turbo charge anyone’s knowledge and appreciation of smoking a fine cigar!!

        • I just checkum out, I don’t frequent the site at all. No, not like that though. That’s more of a ‘show’ with guests and interviews and stuff. I just mean a casual session, maybe just answering questions, shooting the breeze stuff. Nothing produced.

  • mufdvr6976

    sounds good, pretty sure youll get a good following. with that being said I have you on my favorites, I get your updates through e-mail but when I go to faves and go to your site it keeps going back to dec 2nd and usually it goes to your newest post so…. is it my computer or yours mine is always messed up so it could be on my end.thanks

  • Whitelightning

    Let’s give it a run tonight…..

  • sbakeritguy

    Go for it. Even if you podcast it that would be great if I miss it to catch up.

  • Marc

    9:00 PM sounds good. where will it be? and/or what account will we be using to chat, ustream.tv/?

    • Through my usual YouTube channel

      • Marc

        I have not chated through You Tube yet. Let me go try …

      • Marc

        Bryan, I must be missing something. I’ve heard of and seen live YouTube before but, maybe you can help me. How will this work.

        • Same as watching any of my other vids – but it’s live. Any comments made to it I can interact with as they are made.

          • Marc

            Okay, that what I figured. sound good. I’ll look forward to it.

  • Salvo

    Sounds really awesome

  • marty76

    Sounds like a great idea

  • sagor

    I would be interested!

  • samgiroux42

    I am in!!!

    • LigaPrivadaFan

      Sounds like a good idea to bad I work nights. Maybe if it if the idea pans out you can do something on the weekend. Bryan are you CST in Florida?

      • Eastern. If it works out I will do a poll for days/times…

  • MorganGeo

    Hell yeah! This is great. Count another vote for yes. 😉

  • pfvogt

    count me in.

  • At the risk of sounding like a pathetic loser…
    I buy cigars that you review and smoke along while watching your review. Only problem is that you finish way before me. So this sounds like a great idea to me!

    • Bryce

      Haha! That’s funny. Well, I think most of us check for Bryan’s reviews on whatever we decide to pull from the humi…and all will agree he finishes up well beford we get through the first third lol

  • osmond9761

    Sounds sweet. Ill check it out for sure.

  • jablaze

    Awesome! Im def down, there are quite a few guys in the knife world that do this and it is fun, i think it will be even better with cigars…I can’t wait for it to go live tonight. I wish i knew what stick you were gonna smoke so I could get one or hopefully already have one in the humi. I hope my girl friend dont mind its to cold outside for me and the computer!


    I logged in near the end and wanted to participate, but it said comments were disabled and could not figure out how to interact.

    • jablaze

      Were you logged into YouTube?

  • jablaze

    Well that rocked!!!! I am Josh Paris on youtube…man i cant wait to do that again Bryan

  • Marc

    that was fun thanx Bryan. let us know when you want to do it again.

  • Bill

    ok,no problem

  • americanpalemale

    Thank Bryan, that was fun! Looking forward to the next live session.


  • Bill

    26 in utah,audio is good

  • Bill

    picture quality is great,how r u doing in the voting that u asked us to help u with

  • Bill

    just heard you say you won the ,by such a large margin the others quit,way to go,good luck with the rest of the way,you deserve it

  • didn’t watch much of the recorded stream, but if you didn’t already, definitely turn the volume off on the feed that you are watching so we don’t hear you twice 60 seconds apart!

    • Lol you must have only stayed a couple minutes we figured that out first thing 🙂

  • Bill

    make it easy for yourself,thats important but doing this at least once a month would be great

  • natethebrewer

    Love this, also love the idea of letting us know which cigar it would be ahead of time so we can join in.

    Have you thought about using an alternative streaming solution like uStream or Livestream? I know it introduces another ecosystem outside of YouTube, but I listen to some internet radio stations that do this and it allows there to be an interactive chat for users. The chat would cut down on some of the issues you saw with comments, and it would also allow viewers to interact with and answer each other’s simple questions in realtime. You can even have someone moderate the chat if necessary (if one of the regulars wants to help out with that).

    Obviously it has some downsides, like a flood of stuff coming in and you having to scroll up to see older questions, but it seems like you were having some of those issues anyways…

    • It wouldn’t be any different – I know how those work, I don’t watch cigar shows but I do have friends that put stuff out on them. The chat was working great for interaction, and anyone viewing sees everything realtime same as me so it is a live chat. It also allows moderation (I had it off) and a ton of other stuff I can play with in the future. Yes I will do a group cigar for next time 🙂

      • natethebrewer

        Oh it was a chat? I was watching from my iPhone using the YouTube app and everything was coming up as comments, but not auto refreshing. Will have to bust the laptop out for the next one to make things easier.

        • Yeah you can’t see it on the app, only the webpage for the video. We figured that out along with lots of other tech things – it was a good test! Yes it was a nice live chat 🙂

          • dainer

            I have the YouTube app on my phone but don’t use it, cause I think it stinks. But when watching vids on my phone I use my Internet browser and pull up the full site, maybe it will work that way? I prefer the layout of the full site on my phone, if I can, I will try it on your next feed

  • gumby_130

    Sorry I missed it. Great idea, I hope to catch it next time.

  • tjbear

    I like the idea of letting us know the cigar you’ll be smoking ahead of time so some of us could grab the same one.

    Another idea might be for you to give review notes while you are smoking it so some of the people who have commented they have a difficult idea distinguishing leather, wood, earth, etc might be able to relate it to what they are tasting while you are live.

    Your thoughts?

    • Yes, that would be the whole idea behind smoking a common cigar…

  • Koach77

    Watched the Pre-Recorded Live Stream. At the beginning I timed only a 21 second delay in the audio, but live, not sure.

    I think this is a great idea. Might be cool to be able to go to a lounge with your computer or a coffee house and smoke with you during a live taping.

    Merry Christmas Bryan!

  • dettigers6

    Sounds like a interesting idea.it worked for cigar dave.

  • chad1955

    Bryan, I missed the test run last night but am watching the video. Do you have any parameters for the discussion? For example, do you want to try to keep discussions on cigars or do you want to share more like a conversation, e.g. sharing information about personal lives, how you go to Tampa, where we live, what we do, etc.?

    Great idea and I’ll definitely watch for your next chat.


    • I’m not really thinking that ahead. You can watch and see how it went 🙂

  • rockjock

    Missed it live but liked the YouTube.

  • dantheman1451

    Bryan I watch all your you tube video’s on Cigar reviews and I find them helpful but I missed the live broadcast you did. when will you have another one? also I sent you a rather detailed email asking you a few questions and I have not heard back from you. I sent it about a week ago. I am new to Cigars and I have lots of questions I am hoping you can answer for me.

    Thanks and you have awesome video’s and a good website.

    please reply

    • I may not reply back right away, I’m extremely busy – but I don’t have anything waiting. I have gotten a few bounce backs recently, mostly full inboxes.

      That being said i have tons of info for new smokers on the left, go through all that. I’m happy to answer quick questions for people but don’t have time to go through a ton of common questions for everyone, that’s why I made the stuff on the site.

      I will announce future live sessions ahead of time.

      • dantheman1451

        Thanks Bryan

        this might be a hard question but because I am new to Cigar Smoking do you recommend going with a premium Cigar or just a plan Cigar that has all of the same flavors?

        Also Because I am in Canada can I be part of the next Live Session? and can I join into the GPC 1502 Sampler Contest?

        And the very last question do you know of any Cigar Companies online that will ship Cigars to Canada??

        You videos are amazing, I am visiting Florida soon is there any chance I can meet you for a few cigars and drinks?? (MY TREAT)

        • I suggest trying everything you can, you’ll be experimenting for years. Anyone can be part of the live sessions. My contests are US only. Sure hit me up when you come don and I’ll see how my schedule is. I do not have a running list of who ships where, you’ll have to ask each.

  • dantheman1451

    just a quick question may sound stupid but want to know in the winter time I keep my house at 70 degrees and in the summer time I use A/C can I store my Cigars in a cool place in my house where it always 70 degrees with out using a humidor or do I need to still use a humidor and can I get away with just using a cooler as in your video you mentioned about using coolers, let me know.

  • TedAGoodwin

    Didn’t watch the show live did catch the video on youtube really enjoyed it hope to catch it live if you decide to keep it going. New to CO.com. And cigar smoking just wanted to say your reviews and site are the best. Informative very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  • Gary

    Thursday nights after 9pm or Sunday after 5. Thanks for all that you do.

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