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Dec 9

GPC 1502 Sampler Contest 3 of 3

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 in World of CO

downloadFist, congratulations to last week’s winner user ‘skistner’, taking home the Felix Assouline sampler! Get me your contact info for your prize pack :)

Next, one more time around, thank you once again to Global Premium Cigars for sponsoring this week’s giveaway! Up for grabs is a sweet 9 cigar sampler pack including cigars from each of the 1502 line!

To enter all you need to do is tell me what you prefer to do while enjoying cigars, most of the time. Some people like to talk with friends, some like to read, surf, watch movies, meditate, chill out, drink, play pool, work outside, drive, etc. – what’s your pleasure? Share the post using the buttons below and comment with which you did for a chance to win! A random winner will be drawn in a week.

Entrants must be of legal smoking age in their respective state and have a US mailing address. Good luck :)

The contest is closed, congratulations user ‘rotherson’!

  • Joseph Szeremet

    My perfect cigar scenario is too read a book or watch a favorite movie whilst enjoying a cigar. I equally enjoy going on a late evening stroll while having a cigar. However I save my really good sticks for a book or movie.

    • regninnep12

      My favorite thing to do is watch basketball. Nothing is better than smoking a nice Churchill to last the whole game.

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  • PlatinumRespect

    I enjoy sharing a cigar with a close friend for a nice conversation. If I’m alone, I’ll enjoy a nice glass of Bourbon with my cigar in the backyard.

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  • gbcdeacon

    I like to just sit on the porch.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Most of the time I like sitting out back and listening to music while surfing the web…it’s a little “me” time. I shared this with facebook.

  • efigueroa

    When I smoke alone, I do it to relax, but I prefer to smoke with friends. Jokes, laughter, stories, and wisdom. Gotta love it!

  • StefanR

    The Wifey and I usually smoke together, and we like to just relax and chit chat about general stuff… Nothing heavy or important, just general this and that!

  • dantheman1451

    I am new to Cigar Smoking but when I do smoke a cigar I usually like to watch tv sitting in my recliner with the fire going as I live in Canada and winter gets cold. I also enjoy smoking a cigar with my dad although I wish I knew which Cigars where more better and which ones have a good taste to them

  • Shovel

    I enjoy relaxing with one sitting on my deck enjoying the weather. In winter I turn to enjoying one while on long drives in my vehicle. Shared via G+

  • Cigarsanyjuan

    When smoking a cigar, I like to make it a social event as often as I can. I try to get my buddies to join me and we may rendezvous somewhere in the neighborhood with our cigars and a couple beers. If I can’t get my friends together, my girlfriend often joins me out on the balcony and we smoke up late at night. It makes for a great time when you get to share the experience of smoking a good cigar with other people. I find myself talking about the latest cigar news with people and I learn things I didn’t already know.

  • fastride09

    I love to enjoy my cigars sitting out of my porch on a nice night listening to some music or surfing the internet. I also enjoy going to cigar international and smoking there. That is a great atmosphere

  • Fabbio

    Sit out back usually twilight hours when it’s peaceful with the cigar of the day and a single malt. For first time sticks I enjoy being alone with the wonderful Internet to keep me company.
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  • TheVillain

    I like to sit on the deck while mamma and the little one nap and enjoy a tasty stick. Just observing nature, catching up on the latest news, and maybe reading a book or so. That’s what I enjoy doing while partaking in an after dinner smoke.

  • lostonmonday

    I usually watch a bit of Netflix or toodle around in the garage. Warmer nights, I sit out on my deck and soak up an earful of nature.

  • jedmond91

    I like to converse with my big brother who introduced me to cigar smoking.

  • chease86

    i like to sit down with a nice book after a long day while i enjoy a slow puff on a nice cigar, really lets the stress of the day flow out