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La Barba Petite Lancero Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 5, 2013
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La Barba Petite Lancero Cigar Review

This 6×38 stick features a dark brown buttery firmly packed wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible backwards running seams, double cap and faint tobacco and cedar aroma. First light reveals a tight draw with good medium-full bodied smoke output showing an oily smooth sweet musty tobacco with a campfire like smokiness through the long finish. The first third keeps pouring on the flavor, going to a syrupy caramel, tobacco and earth all very smooth and rich continuing through the long finish with a zing and oil through the mouthfeel. Hitting the 1/2 way mark at 25 minutes flavors change very little just knocking the sweetness down a bit and the overall aftertaste going deeper and darker. Ending at 45 minutes the last third held the same body and flavor but brought in a huge strength rush going to full, more I can handle. It made me a little green and sweaty so watch out! Thank you to viewer John Steckman for sending this along for review I greatly appreciate it!

  • rockjock

    I know I shouldn’t, but I find it pretty funny when you hit the full strength part. Is there that much of a kick over a medium?

  • Raz Amzaleg

    If you think that the brand and the manufacture is good, why dont you help them with the website? Go and send them a mail and talk with them about upgrade the site man, you good at it!

    Great review man, and i think i will love this smoke, i love nicotine rush and full strengh and body.

    Thanks again for the reviews Bryan!


    Wow talk about a change in direction! After the first 3rd I was ready to buy a case of these sticks, but after you turned 3 shades of green my green will stay in my pocket.

  • phaedron

    A friend of mine has been pestering me to recommend to him a cigar with a “caramel-y” flavor. So I’ve sent away to New Havana Cigars for a 5-pack of these to let him try one (and I’ll try the rest!). And we’re ready for the Vitamin N kick!

  • Bryce

    Holy crap their website sucks…
    I hope this isn’t a “you had to be there story,” but just picture this happening in real time – I was with my cigar buddy, smoking a couple rocky’s and (as always) we jump on the CO to watch a few reviews. While the La Barba review is playing in the background, I’m searching the usual cigar sites for the price of these. I couldn’t find these online…anywhere. So finally I searched google and two websites pop up (In order) LaBarbacigars.com and cigarobsession.com
    I clicked on La Barba’s website and…wtf?!?! Do they only make 1 cigar but in 5 different sizes?..Ok ok, 4 sizes plus 1 maduro…….what?! It was very confusing. We couldn’t find any pricing or a link to buy anything anywhere. After perusing the site for a minute, my buddy and I, randomly and in almost perfect harmony, say “This website sucks!” The “jinx” was so spot on in inflection and tone and so perfectly random that it’s like we were compelled to pause for 2 seconds to process what happened. Then, out of no where, cutting through the awkward pause was a single sound bite from the review in the background…we hear “An absolutely terrible website…” We both busted out laughing…the timing was priceless! LOL and good times were had by all.

    • I don’t lie! Lol

    • phaedron

      I’m not disputing anyone’s assessment of the quality of the website, but when I plugged “la barba petit lancero” into the search engine, New Havana Cigars was at the top of the search return list (apparently the only retailer for these?!)

  • Bill

    CONGRATS< on your award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • btubesing

    Looks like they update their site pretty frequently. They already linked your review. I thought the intro video was ok, but agree the site needs some improvement…like where you could buy these cigars.

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