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Cigar Obsession Boutique Of The Month 3 – Blanco

by Bryan Glynn, December 1, 2013
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20120525blanco0019-EditCigarObsession Boutique Of The Month 3 – Blanco

This is a special monthly feature where I will spotlight some of my favorite boutiques! This month the honor goes to Blanco Cigars! It’s always cool for me living in the #2 cigar capitol city in the world, Tampa. While Miami is #1, we still have a huge number of local manufacturers and stores to take advantage of. Blanco relocated down from Chicago a few years ago enriching Clearwater with another quality offering. Like other mom & pop shops they are a small, dedicated family-only business that have shown consistent growth over the years in both sales and most importantly quality. Not one to create endless blends on a whim, they have always catered to those with more of an old-school classic taste. When they release a new stick it has been only after years of testing, aging and feedback. While you don’t see many new offerings what you do see is often a sales leader. Like some others in my wheelhouse I was introduced to Blanco due to my photography business, doing my first shoot for them years ago. It took me quite a while to sample most of their line and like most others what I found was some I didn’t care for, some I liked and some I loved! My personal favorite happens to be the Nine Lancero, and I have given away dozens from my personal stash so others can try them. So far just about everyone has loved them – please testify if that means you! Coincidentally (no one knows about these features ahead of time) I see Dave Blanco has recently put out a Lancero 5 pack so obviously I would highly recommend anyone start there to sample them 🙂 Their latest line is the Liga Familia line offering more traditional ‘Cuban’ flavors and I can attest to the smooth and rich flavors coming out of that blend. I’m not a Cuban expert by any means so I can’t say what exact flavors they were going after but the blend hits with some of the most pleasing examples I have experienced so far. So definitely at least check them out, and if you & I share similar tastes I know you’ll love the Nine Lancero 🙂

  • ptyler

    Having met Dave, he is a great guy and having sampled a couple of his blends (including the Nine), they are well worth seeking and trying.

  • Jason Isbaner

    I’ve had the nine and it is awesome! Can’t wait to try more!

  • lrogers

    Got the Blanco Nine Lancero from Bryan a few months ago. WoW! What a cigar! I was blown away with the flavors. Great Cigar!

  • tjbear

    I really wanted to try the Blanco9 Lancero 5 pack, but I refuse to pay $15.00 to ship 5 cigars. That’s ridiculous and I let him know that.

    • DavidKIT

      I 100% agree. I went right to the site after watching the video with the intention of picking up a 5 pack (which is what I did after watching the Bucanero video)…but not with that rediculous price.

      • DavidKIT

        Just Found them much more reasonable at CI.

    • Feedback is good! When prices are out of line companies need to know it!

  • john

    I was going to purchase some Blanco’s several months back and stopped when I saw their shipping rates. Their website states that the shipping rates will vary based on location so I tried my business address and still the shipping was $15.00. Then I entered Blanco’s own zip code (33760) and the shipping was STILL $15.00. The calculator simply added the Florida sales tax.
    Maybe Blanco’s webmaster (hint, hint Bryan) could convince them to run a special coupon code, say something like C.O.FREE that would allow free shipping?
    Just a thought…


    • I don’t tend to meddle in how other business run their stuff…I did give him my suggestions when I built it, but beyond that it’s up to a company to make their own decisions.

  • john

    As it should be!

  • jwbreeze

    Does anyone know if they’re boxes are actually good humidors? I know they sell them as desktop humis but was just wondering if they were any good. Cuz they’re ten bucks right now and I don’t know if I can pass that up!

  • Han Solo

    Just a tip, you can snag Blanco Cigars online at Cigar.com or CI, their shipping is like $6, so if you want to avoid the $15 try this route.

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