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Vector Minitro Torch Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 23, 2013
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Vector Minitro Torch Lighter Review

This is a combination table torch lighter, soft flame and welding tool (supposedly) that is similar to others with it’s industrial design but with some big differences. Comparing it to others I have reviewed in the past it has the similarities of haveing a HUGE resevoir, good for dozens of cigar lightings, a detachable stand and flame lock so you don’t need to constantly hold the ignition button. It has the fairly unique feature of sporting both a high pressure torch and a natural soft flame. Unfortunately to use the soft flame requires a very inconvenient hand hold, with a spring loaded lever press required to activate it. The unit functions very well, staying cool in the hand over extended lighting sessions and fires up every time. The only other annoyance is the requirement to press the safety every time the unit is lit. Most other units have a toggle safety that does not automatically reset. Thank you to Lighters Direct for sending this along for review!

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