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Pinar Del Rio Liga Especial Reserva Superior Salomon Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 21, 2013
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Pinar Del Rio Liga Especial Reserva Superior Salomon Cigar Review

This 6×66 perfecto stick features a dark chocolate mottled firmly packed slightly oily and toothy wrapper with a satin feel, small veins, tight invisible seams, large decorative cap and a strong pepper and cedar aroma. First light reveals a very easy draw with light medium bodied smoke showing a soft earth, creamy texture, oily and peppery finish with a slight spice zing. The first third produces much the same results as the first light, with a soft silky smoke and easy draw. It did require a large touchup going through the largest sections although it never went out. Burn is slow and after the attention, was very good. The 1/2 way point comes around 35 minutes showing no flavor shifts. Ending out at 1:25 the final third finally came into it’s own bringing richer medium-full body flavors of a creamy chocolate, earth, wood and pepper mix, carrying the same through a longer finish. Burn did not improve until past the band, needing another large touchup just before, with an inch difference side to side. Thank you very much to Pinar Del Rio for sending this sample in for review!

  • newbiekid

    Another great review and happy holidays

  • Robert

    I’ve had bad luck with the soloman shaped cigars so this review backs up my experience. It’s tough to like any cigar that makes you smoke 2/3 of it, before you get to the good part.

    it’s great to have you reviewing again.

  • pato1001

    Hey Brian,
    I read somewhere that the little tip on the foot of the Solomon is supposed to be something that the Cuban’s thought of so that the cigar would be easier to light and would light faster and more even. Also that it would only take a single match instead of having to use multiple matches to toast the foot like on a regular parejo shaped cigar. What are your thoughts and what have you heard about this? I am always interested in other schools of thought on cigar culture.
    Thanks again for your great reviews.


    • Never heard of that, might be true might not. Doesn’t really matter to me, I like them with an easy draw from the start. Smoke um any way you wish 🙂

    • tjbear

      I believe the story goes back to Ernest Hemingway requesting a cigar be rolled that he could light with one hand while still being able to hold a gun in the other.

  • yosef5

    Thanks for another good review
    Happy Thanksgiving &Hannukah

  • socks

    Interesting cigar. The flavors don’t seem to be something I would like, I can’t knock it until I try it ….. Thanks for the review

  • YoMud

    I was one of the luck ones that won one of these from you some time ago and it is without question one of the most asked about cigars in my collection. Sounds like I may be best to keep it around for it’s looks…

  • bluesmanhop

    Hey Bryan, being a cigar noob I’m still learning and one problem I have had is even toasting and getting uneven burns. I found on Cigar Advisor where it talks about holding your cigar so the section that is running is on the bottom, ie heat rises and helps the other part even out. Seems to work for me to even it out, sometimes.
    Your thoughts?

    • A nice theory, like so many things you’ll see spouted about ‘how to smoke’. I pay zero attention to how I’m holding it.

  • BCigar

    Hey Bryan, First off, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your review videos! Not one is bad, and they always help me out before trying a new cigar. I was wondering if you could possibly do a review on the Ave Maria Charlemagne? It would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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