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Vector Viking Table Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 19, 2013
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Vector Viking Table Lighter Review

This hefty black textured table lighter features solid construction and several highly desirable features for a serious cigar smoker. Obviously not something to easily pocket, this is designed to light dozens of cigars between refills and stay put at your home or shop. The lid is solid metal with a polished mirror on the inside. Actuation is easy and it has just the slightest wobble when open. The ignition button is perfectly weighted and very comfortable and natural to push and hold with your thumb as you light a stick up. The outside texture offers additional grip over a polished metal design and has no sharp edges, fitting perfectly in the hand for extended use. The side offers the largest fuel window I have ever seen for status at a glance. On the bottom are two useful tools and the only problem I have with the unit. Offered is both a flip out punch and a short draw poker, although I doubt such a short poker has any practical use The problem is, the punch sits just below the surface of the lighter, making the unit wobble when say down on a table. Personally I would simply remove the hinge pin and forgo the tools, making it an exceptional 4 jet lighter overall. It’s offered in a variety of metal finishes from brushed to chrome and color options for $75. Thank you very much to Lightersdirect.com for sending this in for review!

  • kprichardson7

    As always, great review. I’ll bet their reason behind the mirror finish in the lid is so you can watch yourself lighting the foot of the cigar and get an even burn going.

  • Texvet

    Krinkle finish?
    +1 on the mirror to check for even light.


      Or to make sure you ain’t got no baccy in your teeth!

    • Yep this is the krinkle 🙂

  • newbiekid

    the website says the mirror is for checking the foot of the lighter for a good light and text engraving is $8.95

    • newbiekid

      checking the foot of the cigar for a good light, sorry about that

  • Robert

    Thanks for the review. I just bought a Jet Line Dt 101, which is a quad flame table top lighter as well. I like everything about the lighter except – no fuel window. That omission seems odd on a table lighter like this.

    These can be picked up on cbid for around $30 or CI for $40.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Thanks for the review, goos stuff!

  • socks

    Thanks for the review…..

  • ojohnson63

    Bryan, thanks for showing a real time toasting/lighting, (yes, I was the one asking). I do take longer than you when toasting so I must be overdoing it.

    I certainly like the fuel window on this lighter. Most fuel windows are so small as to be unusable, (especially for my 50 year old eyes).

    I also took a look at this lighter and saw information regarding engraving right below the lighters.

    Thanks for the review! Had I not just purchased the Prometheus I would be strongly inclined to buy this lighter instead. Who knows, one of these may still be in my future.

    • ojohnson63

      PS, can a person truly own too many lighters or cutters? I carry two lighters and a cutter in my car at all times, (two lighters because invariably one runs out of fuel). I have two very nice Xikar style cutters at home, (one that is custom made with tiger coral). I also have a Drew Estate cutter similar to the Cuban Crafters perfect cutter.

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