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Rocky Patel Renaissance Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 14, 2013
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Rocky Patel Renaissance Toro Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick features a dark chocolate very oily slick smooth wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, firm even pack, double cap and a sweet chocolate and earth aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with copious amounts of rich medium-full bodied smoke showing flavors of a dark smooth earth with a fairly short clean finish of the same. The first third quickly brings in a rich black coffee to the mix, elongating the finish and adding a touch of pepper near the end. 30 minutes in 1/2 way through just more of the same. Construction is flawless with near full bodied flavor and no strength. One minor gripe was the glob of excess glue that tore the wrapper under the band but did not effect smoking. Ending at the hour mark it proved to be very consistent all the way down with great constructions! Thank you very much to viewer Jeff Oda for providing me with this sample to review!

  • Philly5800

    Great review, dude. I noticed cigars manufactured by My Father, which are my favorite, all have way too much glue on the oversized bands and often tear off the wrapper. This is true even on the San Cristobal sticks, which are made by the Garcias for Ashton. Very annoying. I love the cool looking bands, but they need to chill with the glue.

  • chefrich

    I feel your pain. Just had surgery last week and its going to be a couple more weeks before I can continue any more of my hobbies. Thanks for the great videos!!!

  • talisker22

    Thanks for the review Bryan. The band looked awesome but if there’s glue and ripped the wrapper,, well then what’s the point of having a fancy band.

  • yosef5

    Thanks as always for this reciew

  • newbiekid

    i only watch on cigarobsesion.com, not youtube.thanks bryan for all the reviews and thanks for stockpiling us some vids to watch while your gone and enjoy your trip and be careful brother

  • Guy

    Dear Bryan,
    Thanks for the nice review , as always !!!!!

  • Robert

    The whole Social Media tie in on comment sites, is a real turn off to me. For instance, I have to have a Facebook account to comment on ESPN. Then, even though I select “No” on the post to my Facebook page – there they are.

    End of rant.

    This cigar seems a lot like an Olde World Reserve, which is a stick I really like.

    Also, its great to have you back Bryan.

  • Duleigh

    I feel your pain brother, I’ve been on a medical hold for weeks now. After a warm up with a PDR or two I plan to officially break my fast with a Rocky Patel Edge “A” this weekend. I’ll do the trip to WPB next week 🙂

  • MongoJay

    Speaking of bands, any winner for the “what do you look for in a cigar band” contest?

    Have you lost weight? You look a little slimmer from the old reviews that were running while you were sick. It’s good to have you back and I am excited about the reviews to come. Any previews?

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