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(The $250) London Cut Black Tie Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 10, 2013
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London Cut Black Tie Cigar Review

This 6×50 24k gold wrapped cigar features a real gold foil wrapper with minimal showing veins, no seams, a firm dense pack with an inch of dark brown firm toothy wrapper showing at the head. First light reveals a good draw with medium bodied smoke showing a slightly bitter very dry tobacco flavor and a fairly long clean finish. The first third immediately drops the bitterness which may have been from toasting the gold. Flavors intensify to a medium-full keeping the core of a dry smooth tobacco with a unique metallic zingy earth finish. I have no idea if that’s from the gold or not but it’s distinct and not unpleasant. Interestingly and to it’s claim to fame, the ash is holding on very solid completely wrapped in the gold. It’s shrinking around the ash core as it burns, leaving a shiny solid tube, looking like just a smaller cigar behind. Hitting the 1/2 way point at 25 minutes the 2nd third keeps the same great construction adding an intermittent sweet plum to the draw. The foot smoke if inhaled at all during a draw, has a chemical paint-like aroma. Ending at the hour mark, the burn progressively slowing, the last third dropped the plum as the gold wrapper part ended at the band. The ash did hold well in to the 2nd third and then broke again right past the band where it was normal ash. Thank you very much to Cigars Direct for providing this for review! They have a handful left if you would like one and are selling them at the box-single price of just $200 rather than the full single price, for a $50 savings. Full boxes, gift sets and more can be bought direct from London Cut for $250 to $4000.

  • wrong video 😛

    • FTG2Voge

      Yes, and it makes me sad. 🙁

  • Fixed

  • HappyTaro

    Thanks for the review. At least I can kinda get an idea what to expect, if I come across it (if I’m lucky).

  • yosef5

    It is a gimmick
    Thanks for this review

  • learian

    ::Falls off of his chair after hearing the price::

    9:36….. the story of my life lo

    Awesome review Brian, Thanks!!!

  • WOW, super interesting to say the least. Thanks for another great review!

  • chad1955

    Interesting product and good review but I can say with all assurance, it ain’t for me. $250 (or $200 even) for a single cigar is ludicrous. Cool looking but given what I can get for the same money with other sticks, uh uh, not for me. If I was in a game in Vegas with people smoking these I’d probably do really well against them since they are likely more concerned with their narcissism than there game that I’d probably clean up…. 🙂

  • MongoJay

    I really, REALLY, want to believe that “clink” sound at 9:36 when the ash fell off was from the gold hitting the ground.

  • eric.hanson

    Hmmm, I could buy one of these for $200 or for about the same price buy a box of Padron 1964s, what a hard decision to make. Thanks for the review and info through Bryan, it was interesting.

  • Shovel

    what a neat review. 🙂

  • Ivan Romanowski

    Have to get one now!! Hope I can find it lol..

  • Greg Bellante

    This is a cigar for Arnold,Stallone and Nicolson . They are the only ones who could afford it. I mean $250 for this stick? A box of 1964 Padron Anniversary Series would be much better.

  • damoonz63

    daniel marshal also makes a gold foil stick. DM2. 250$ each on that one too. be neat to have one. dont think i could ever bring myself to smoke it though. lol. great review, bryan!…as always

  • Guy

    Dear Bryan,
    Yes, I’ve heard that Daniel Marshal came out with the same thing, really Is a gimmick,I don’t see the interest In It.

  • YoMud

    Way to take one for the team Bryan…

  • Thanks for the Great Review Bryan!

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