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How Not To Get Reviews

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ryj_cigar_box_closedYa know, sometimes companies do things that just make me shake my head. They just don’t think things through IMO.

Right after I got the press release you see below, now I get this email about the cigars:

Dear Altadis USA friends,

We are once again very proud to introduce an outstanding cigar to the market.

We wanted this experience to be magical, that’s why first 15 bloggers who send me the link of their magical, innovative and creative R y J reviews at xxxxxxx@altadisusa.com will receive a box of the new R y J to share with fans and friends. The reviews will also be posted on Montecristo Social Club and on The Cigar Life Facebook.

Looking forward to receiving magical reviews and pictures.

Enjoy your cigars!

I have multiple issues with this. First and foremost it’s trying to buy reviews (presumably good ones). Unfortunately, I know it works. I have had many, many experiences of reviewing a cigar that was covered elsewhere with quite frankly a steaming pile of BS. There exists a large and ever present group of ‘cigar reviewers’ that are simply in it for the free cigars. Read/watch the industry sites long enough and you can tune in to spot it in seconds.

Companies that try gimmicks like this only perpetuate the poor/dishonest habits of some others. I completely understand the need for marketing and the need for companies to get new releases reviewed ASAP. But the ONLY way to do so honestly is through hands-off, uncompensated means.

Never mind the fact that ‘reviewing’ these samples right away will undoubtedly give a different experience than letting them acclimate never mind what they will be like on the shelf for the public to actually smoke.

If a company wants to send product for personal use or in a giveaway, etc. that’s all well and good of course! But it should ONLY be after a review goes up. There should NEVER be any sort of pressure or artificial enticement.

I am in no hurry whatsoever to review these now. They would have gone in to my normal rotation and probably would have been done in a month or so. If this rubs someone the wrong way and they now don’t even send me samples, so be it. But now you can all be aware of reviews you see in the near future of these and what went on.

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