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Nov 4

Cult Cigars Sampler Contest!

Posted on Monday, November 4, 2013 in World of CO

img_2818_medThis time around we have a beautiful Cult Cigars Sampler including the new Profile up for grabs :) I have reviewed a couple from their line already including one vitola of the Profile so definitely check those out to learn more about how they smoke. To enter all you need to do is tell me about what appeals to you most about a cigar’s band. What have you run across that works well or what doesn’t? Comment below with your answer, share with the buttons and tell me which you did. A random winner will be picked in about a week to enjoy the fine smokes! All entrants must be of legal smoking age in their state and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • gumby_130

    If a band is something other than paper, it catches my eye. Other than that a band that clearly let me know what I’m smoking.

  • 987

    Gold embossed bands are the most appealing to me. I am interested in the bands that burn with the cigar, haven’t tried one yet.


  • jungjae510


    I like a band that is easy to take off and doesnt break the wrapper.

  • Craig

    I like a band that is pleasing to the eye. One that compliments the wrapper and doesn’t take away the beauty of the cigar itself. And of course as nearly everyone else has said, a band that comes off easily and doesn’t damage the wrapper. Liked on Facebook.

  • dwtate5

    Bryan what colors or designs do like?

  • phillyb

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    To me the band is really secondary to how the cigar itself looks. That being said the more a company pays attention to how its band catches the eye the more likely you are to pay attention. The standout features for me are that it has to be at least a little textured, like raised lettering or patters, and the brand and country of origin have to be CLEARLY legible. Color doesn’t really matter to me so long as they don’t clash horrifically. It so happens that my favorite band is also from my favorite cigar to date, a Santiago. Its a cheap stick at four bucks but the gold on black band is simple and very nicely done.

  • IBey

    Let me start by saying I am in no way linking the quality of the band directly to quality of stick. While it can sometimes be deceptive to the quality of experience the stick ultimately results in, the band none the less adds to the overall experience itself. Not only am I interested in the smoke itself, the visual presentation of the stick is a major part of this overall experience. Since this is about the band and not the smoke itself, I’ll try to limit my feedback to that. When it comes to bands, these are the things that I pay attention to…

    – Logo design: Most reputable tabacaleras who tend to put much effort into creating a quality stick, will make sure that their logo design also reflects the personality of the company. Those companies whose objective it is to be a mainstay in the industry, not only present a logo design that distinguishes their brand, but also compliments and conveys the attributes with which they want their brand to be associated. Think LGC, MF, Cohiba, AB, etc.

    – Series design: In addition to logo design, does the series design help distinguish this project in the brands product line? Think RP Vintage vs Renaissance or the various Man O’War and Oliva projects. Does the series design reflect attributes of the expected experience.

    – Color pallet, texture, and finish: Pretty simple. How does the overall presentation and finish of the band compliment the actual stick. The wrapper on the stick can be considered the suit, while the band(s) can be considered the accessories. If the stick has a nice sheen to it, does the band compliment it with a high gloss finish or a flat finish. If the wrapper is a nice dark maduro or habano, does the band bring in subtle or sharp contrasts which can hint to expectations of subtle or sharp changes in the smoking experience. Think CAO M2X maduro or Camacho 3x maduro.

    All in all, the band is a major part of the visual presentation which drives our expectations. Those brands who have done their homework well know that we rely on all of senses (how’s it feel in our fingers, how it smell, how’s it look overall) when deciding if we’re going to take a chance on their project.

    • IBey

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  • krisausm

    I like a strong-medium sized-band with a lot of detail. An example of a band I don’t like is the Rocky Patel Connecticut. I just find it to simple, and it really doesn’t show me what the cigar is all about.
    The best example of a band that oI like would be from Gurkha. Their bands have so much detail in them. they have the raised lettering/details, the shiny metallic looks, and the badassness look they give.

    Hopefully you can see this picture I took 😀

    • krisausm

      I guess the photo didn’t come out -_-

      • krisausm

        OH! And I shared this on Google+