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Nish Patel Xen Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 15, 2013
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Nish Patel Xen Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a oval box pressed dark tan wrapper with some imperfections, stretch marks, small veins, tight seams, triple cap and an oily wood aroma. First light reveals a slightly snug draw with good smoke output showing mild-medium bodied flavor of a bitter wood with a very short clean finish. The first third completely shifts going to a very creamy sweet cinnamon with a subtle redhot tingle going through the short finish. The 2nd third cruises by in 35 minutes going to a medium-full body, dropping the sweetness replacing it with a soft tobacco and earth that lasts through the now longer finish. Ending at 50 minutes, the last third burned well but hot, showing no more transitions. Thank you to viewer Stefan Reese for providing this sample for review!

  • rockjock

    Sounds like a decent one to try, but what really came to mind on this video was if you could put together a list if cigar/flavor combinations. I know you are working on a searchable database but that would turn up every cigar that had, say, chocolate as part of the taste. What I am saying point out a cigar that chocolate is unmistakable.

    Lastly, kill that background music or tone it way down. I contemplated not saying anything, but someone else already posted that on the youtube channel.

  • LOL Yeah I goofed on the music for sure, I had to go back and see what you guys were taking about – I sure used the wrong clip!

    • EzyE77

      I thought the music was fine. I was to busy going “It tastes like it smells” to notice the first time. Second time liked the music.

  • lbuzzer

    I got a couple of these sticks (and some Toros) in a sampler from SI. They are box worthy in my book. Very tasty. I’m going to pickup a couple of the Bold by Nish when they come out a see how they match up.

  • 805guy

    Music is like a bad acid trip lol

  • lostonmonday

    It’s good to see you found a lighter that fits your hands. 😉
    I’ve had a couple of these and have been super impressed, box worthy IMHO like lbuzzer said.

  • yosef5

    Does not sound kije my,kind if sticj
    But rhanks for this review

  • Fabbio

    Been wondering about these for a while. Haven’t seen them at any b&ms.

  • JoeMeatJr

    I love the music

  • lbuzzer

    JR just put these on special $4.44 / stick. http://t.co/tbckdFtLu3

  • Mike

    I have tried this cigar, I was very disappointed I love most of the Rockys I have tried. But this one was a bad FOR ME it burned way to fast and way to hot. But I want to let you know that I love the site and watch a lot of your reviews. You are a main person for me to try a new cigar just by your reviews…Keep up the great work!!

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