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Contest: Felix Assouline Sampler Pack

by Bryan Glynn, October 7, 2013
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4-Cigar Sampler PackFirst, congratulations to ‘Nickac3117’ winner of the last contest! Get me your contact info for your prize!

Now on to this one…this time we have a sponsored contest by Felix Assouline Cigars – giving away a 4 pack sampler of their line! To enter all you need to do is comment below with what you need to see in a manufacturer’s website – what’s important to you when you visit them? Then share the post using the buttons below and comment with which you did for an entry.

All entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. The winner will be drawn in about a week. Good luck!

  • ncapoccia14

    I like to see a website that is well designed and easy to navigate. I also like picture of their line(s). If they have those two things then I’m pretty easy to please.

    • ncapoccia14

      shared on twitter.

  • thilker14

    I like to see a good selection. Pictures… Descriptions of flavors… Easy to use.

  • ptyler

    I like to read if there is an interesting story behind the company or cigar brand. I want all a company’s brands included along with correct info on sizes and a photo of each. Less concerned about blends and flavours.Also should be easy to find how to follow them or sign up for any electronic communication.

  • Toolride

    Simple- It doesn’t need to be FLASH-y.

    K.I.S.S. method… Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Show the “goods”- Show the products.

    Gim’me Gim’me- Tell me how I can get the goods.

    Social Media- Make a facebook or twitter. Have a way so people can feel “connected” to what is going on.


    REGULAR UPDATES/REPAIRS – No one likes outdated information. Broken links are a deal breaker too.

  • RamzaFreak20

    Clear, categorized products with pictures. I’m not a fan of when the vendor describes their product; it feels like they just use buzz words to sell anything (CI does this a LOT). Once you click on a product, clearly show price, pack sizes, cigar sizing, and customer reviews. I hate when sites don’t clearly list whether they sell a box/5 pack/ 10 pack/sampler in the product info link.


  • yosef5

    A very simple & easy to navigate web site along with pictures & background of their cigar making process
    I liked on fb

  • sparkmark

    I like to know what the different components of the cigar are: wrapper, filler binder etc. Also any information regarding country(s) or tobacco origin, aging, sizes,and who blended the cigar.

  • sparkmark

    I liked on facebook

  • marty76

    my biggest complaint is not updated the site each time a new product is released. the first place i go to find info on a new stick is the manufacturers site. also updating retailers regularly. shared on google plus

  • chad1955

    Navigation to brands with ease of access to all size and price information. Low on the flowery talk, more on the facts of the stick. We know everything sold is amazing…so stick to accurate descriptions and put in average burn times so that we can get an idea of how long a stick might last (helps in planning and organizing usage). Access to a “wish list” for future purchases is helpful and an efficient check out is critical, i.e. good payment options, stored contact/address info., secure payment storage. Lastly, short videos on brands to highlight the actual cigar with closeups and angles of view so that you can see the attributes.

    • chad1955

      Shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ today.

  • ParadiseCove

    It’s a big plus if they give a complete list of the type of tobacco used in construction..

  • VWCC2013

    I look for ease of use of the website; easy to navigate, easy to find information, and overall easy to use. For example this website is one of the more straight forward and user-friendly websites out there. I also look for good information about their cigars and the company, and company/personal history usually. I’m a very big history nerd/buff, so any amount of company or personal history provided is great for me and it gives more of a sense that the company takes pride in their product and what they had to do to get to where they are. I find it frustrating if I want to find more information about a particular cigar, brand, and/or company, and they either don’t have a website, the website says “Under Maintenance” for several years, or there isn’t hardly any information on the website about their products and the company. It doesn’t particularly matter to me if a company has a Facebook or Twitter page, but if they do, and it is used fairly often, it is kind of like an extra bonus to be able to get updates and more everyday stuff from the company.

    • VWCC2013

      Forgot to put that I shared this on Facebook.

  • fatfish601

    Cigars look taste however none of distributors show your cigars and do not sell on line. Put prices on website and offer to sell
    shared facebook

  • Kalven

    I don’t really expect them to offer cigars – as they tend to want to keep distributers/retailers happy. I do like good info videos, good links to retailers and a well designed site

  • Shovel

    shared G+. Website needs little clutter, ez navigation for frustration free user experience

  • jaycray

    Cigar sites need a bio/story, great pictures of facilities and production. Think of an incredible gatefold in your favorite album. The website should be updated regularly. Let the consumer know the reason and passion behind the product.
    -liked on facebook

  • jaycray

    meant “shared” on facebook…

  • geekfish

    I like simple sites. No music or flash if possible.

    I like to hear about the company: history, story, size. Good photography makes a site.

    I like to see the brands easily shown with pictures and sizes along with key facts like types of tobacco used where.

    Nice to have are descriptions of flavors or links to reviews (with permission of course). Also nice to have are something like a blog or video area with ongoing content. Like a conversation with the makers.

    If the manufacturer has lots of yearly or special releases, it is nice to have information on that.

  • Will

    I like to see a clear and easy navigation bar to choose cigars, brands, samplers, accessories, humidors, & SALES. A great representation of specials/deals is also a good addition to a site. Sponsors and links are great to have. Above all, I love to see the great mouth watering pics of cigars offered. Maybe a mission statement or customer service detail. Customer service is always a great thing.

  • kurngar

    Clear and easy navigation, also a list of available lines and where to get them. Possibly some strength indication not body, I want to know if this cigar is going to knock me on my ass or not, I am lightweight like Bryan. What Drew Estates is currently doing on youtube is very interesting as well, perhaps something along that line as well.

  • byar

    I like to see pictures of the complete line, descriptions of wrapper, binder, and filler, and, if they are not available from the maker, a list of retailers. facebook

  • Randerson

    Quality photos with brief description of filler/binder/wrapper, and size/vitola offered in each blend. Intuitive navigation, locate a retailer near you feature, and most importantly, proper site maintenance. nothing shows attention to detail like having a most recent update 2 years prior!


  • Pilotdude3407

    I love high quality pictures as well as tasting notes. I am not as good figuring out the notes as I should be and I do like a little help with what should be noticed, even if everyone’s palate is different.

    In addition, I want to know the story behind it. Why they made it, who made it, and who would enjoy them.

    • Pilotdude3407

      shared on twitter

  • ABrooks80

    I like to see great photos accurate descriptions of their line not what they wished it was. And how about some news about the company updates on what’s what in their company and who’s who maybe some farms and inside track of personnel.


  • kevinhen16

    I mainly want objective info (size,country of origin, etc.), especially where I can find them. Reviews and flavor profiles are nice, but I don’t usually put too much stock into a manufacturer’s description. As long as the site has those few things, I don’t care much about the rest.

    Shared on Facebook

  • TimB

    An actual comparison of a cigar with others in their line (size to others). And stop with the fancy code on the site that doesn’t work with every browser. Twitter.

  • bholston

    Easy to navigate with no flash at all. I should not have to fumble my way around a site to find what I want. I also expect to see information about the sticks the company makes and where they are sold. Shared on Facebook

  • skippy597

    Details! and lots of them. When I go onto a manufacturer’s website nothing is more off putting than having an incomplete home page with few photos and very little description. When I see this it makes me wonder about the company since they cannot even complete a decent website. A good website should have a very welcoming homepage with a short slide show of their products along with a brief description of the company. Also important is very clear navigation buttons for products, history, retailers, etc. On the products page all current products needs to be listed along with pictures and the wrapper options also the variety of sizes offered, with this there should be some detail of the type of wrapper, binder and filler. Share on facebook.

  • jungjae510

    liked on fb.

    I dont need anything but a fast loading page.

  • bryan122


    I want to see great photos and descriptions of the cigars, your inspiration for making the cigar and being in the business. Get me excited!! Show you’re passionate!! I’ll be more likely to make a purchase if you do.

  • ghoudy

    I think a MANUFACTURE’S WEBSITE should contain excellent photographs and descriptions of all blends and vitolas they produce. Descriptions should minimally include size, shape, origin and type of tobacco for filler, binder and wrapper. Tasting notes would be great too.

    Liked on FB.

  • pauldcote

    I just simply want to know where to buy…not a big b&m fan I do all my buying online. Through you reviews I end trying a lot of different smokes. Just had the cordoba and morales maduro totpedo and it was amazing like you said but without you telling me to go to charmed life I wouldnt have known where to buy. They do not have a good site in that regard.

  • Cigarsanyjuan

    First Impression:
    When I get on a manufacturer’s website I like to enter the website and get my age verified quickly, without scrolling or having to go and find my birthday. It’s an unnecessary thing and it’s a pet-peeve of mine. When I get on to the home page I’d like to see the latest news for the company. This includes what new cigars have been released or will soon be released, what new features have come up on the website, what events the company may be sponsoring, etc.

    Cigar Info:
    When I look at their cigars they should have all of them, not just a few. They should have all the cigars specs such as ring gauge, strength, body, color, availability. An honest description of the cigar would really make any manufacturer stand out because these are hard to find now-a-days. A picture of the actual cigars as well.

    I love interactive features on cigar websites that tell the story of the company but that flows so it almost seems like you’re reading a good book.

  • Fabbio

    Most important info on where to get them. Makes life easier then trolling the internet hoping to get a hit. In addition proper info on available sizes and actual descriptions of the cigar not the “mellow” or “smooth” that some places list as the only real description. A good balance of pics and info would be the final piece as most have more of on not the the other making it a big guess game. At that rate I would rather just roll. The dice on cigar bid or something and save the time. Google ++

  • Davomak

    The two important things in a cigar manufacturers website to me are ease of use and location of retailers. Skip all of the tasting tips. Let me figure that out for myself.

  • Walshy

    I would like to see an easy to traverse website, pictures of each of their blends. A description of each blend consisting of each size and what the blend is. Ex. Nicaraguan filler with such and such wrapper and binder. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest site, just with good and informative content. Google +.

  • rpharmrx

    Good to see Felix Assouline has his web page up- lots of pictures, cigar vitolas available, history and retailers- probably being from California I’ll never see them here! Nevertheless, web pages must give all the important info needed to discern from the competition what is special with their product. Wrapper, binder and filler is essential in my book!

  • Emtfire62

    Easy navigation, clear pictures & reviews, and where can you buy, by location..

    Fb & twitter

  • abu1555

    Well here I go… Just send my thoughts of what I like to see on companies website to Facebook instead of here. What a Dinosaur I am…

  • Texvet

    I like to see – Company history, product pictures w/ blend, size information and MSRP. I also like to see some sort of incentive. For example: Free shipping after the 3rd order.

    Lastly, I have no idea about the logistics, but online ordering of their products should be a high priority. There are a lot of new brands with limited distribution and as a result, I will likely never have a chance to them a try.

  • mpopple6

    I like to see a search feature relating to the “flavors” of the cigar, along with strength and body. I also like to see actual reviews/5 star system.

  • chief791

    Shared on FB. I need a website to show and explain all products. Give me a little background on the brand. It has to be easy to navigate and also tell me where the cigars are available.

  • pato1001

    I need to know where I can buy the products both online and if they are carried in any of my local brick and mortar shops!
    Facebooked and Tweeted.

  • sdh3237

    For me ease of navigation is imperative in any web site. As for content I like the people aspect of cigar making. Stories about the blenders, growers and such are interesting to me. Tweeted

  • jnazari

    I would like to see a website that shows strength, all sizes with pictures, dates of production, country of origin for tabacco, wrappers, fillers, etc. etc. and where it was actually made. I want them to also show the wrapper and what the different kinds are, instead of lumping them all together.


    I want the best of both worlds. I want a website that is clean and simple to navigate, but has a lot of depth about their products. I was just on a tool site that has a lot of flash graphics that are so annoying and then when I could get to the product I was looking for it gave me no information on size, weight or compatibility with my existing unit. If you are not going to provide deep content at least provide external links to more information. I think this is extremely important for a lot of the boutique cigar houses. We are not going to know a lot about your brand so spend some time telling us about it in your site. Many of these small shops have no idea how social media works, they are on Twitter or FB or the cigar boards to drive us to their messaging and we get to a static page or a coming soon page. Trust me I will not go back to those sites that waste my time. And I like swag, the offerings on most cigar sites is very limited and crazy expensive. Hey, I’m going to where your t-shirt and advertise your brand for free, don’t me charge $50 for it. The smartest thing I ever saw was bike shop handing out free t-shirts during Daytona Bike Week. Talk about good will and buzz, there was a huge line around their display the entire week.

    Rant ended!

  • animenick65

    I would like to see food pairings for their various lines of cigars. I think this is a very understated art.

  • Chaz

    Liked. I like to see all of the lines laid out in an easy to understand way that gives me all the vital stats in a clean format. I find the history stuff interesting, but that, to me, is secondary to the cigars themselves.

  • booger1964

    I like to know what a stick is made up of so I can better decide what I want to track down next. Pictures and where to buys are also great. Ease of use and good links to reviews are both nice, but I really want an up to date site. I hate to go to a manufacturer’s site and half the stuff they make is not on the site. Tweeted

  • pdaug0511

    For me, I like seeing classiness and originality all in one. I like knowing the history of the company and I like to know why they feel so strongly about their brand.

    It is annoying to me when manufacturers try to claim that their product is the best just because they say it is. I like knowing what went on behind the scenes and perhaps even pictures or videos or more information about the love and care that goes into the tobacco I will hopefully be smoking.

    shared on facebook

  • 805guy

    I like to see a wide variety of manufacturers as well as options of quantity such as singles, 5 or ten packs, as well as box quantity.


  • USA2ndAmendment

    I like to see a website that has really good pictures of the product, of each of the sizes, not just one in general. Also a really good description of what to expect, the blend, ect. I know the look doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the cigar, but if the marketing and promotional look/items on the website are not appealing at first sight, then it turns me away. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression. I shared of facebook.

  • skalls

    I want to seebthe following:

    pictures of the box
    available sizes
    pictures of each size
    what strength the cigars are
    recommended pairings if available (beer, scotch, and so on)

  • quackaddict94

    For me I like to see a lot of variety shown on the site. By that I mean I like to see all of the options be it size, strength, and type (Torpedo, etc.)
    If the cigar has been rated by a magazine such as Aficionado, then I don’t mind seeing that rating. In general if the site is easy to navigate, has a search bar, and gives a good, non salesman description of the cigars then I am good to go.

  • abu1555

    I like to see more information about the companies, the people involved in creating the blends photos of the cigars, that their site is user friendly, information of where to get them, did I mention information? This for what the web was created, granted is a great sales tool but if the information is weak so will be the sales.

  • guarnacciad

    I would like to see information on the flavor profiles of the cigars and a bio on how the company originated. I shared this on facebook. I also like a list of what retailers have the cigars available.

  • Boucher207

    All i really need to see in a website is the cigar line up and the price, im a big fan of just buying one and trying it.

    Shared on Facebook.

  • Large high resolution photos, ease of navigation, clear concise descriptions of product.

  • DavidKIT

    The only things I look for in a website are a full description and photo of their lines (sizes included) along with a list of online retailers that carry your line (if you’re a boutique not commonly available). Make it easy for me to find and buy your cigar!!
    Liked on FB.

  • Bullet20

    One would desire a website to be easy to navigate. There should be clear and concise product information and description along with pricing. And company information should be available as well. Lastly up to date information such as vendors would really be helpful for the consumer to. I hate going to a website that is not up to date.

    Thanks! Shared link on facebook

  • regninnep12

    the first thing that I need is high quality pictures. I like the Davidoff website because of the very good accessibility and pictures. All the cigars should be organized in a way that is easy to search. A single price and a box price is also very important. A way to share by social networking is very important as well.

    Shared on facebook

  • ssrobbi

    As someone who works on web design daily, I could write a page on how much I dislike many websites, not just cigar ones, but here’s my things:

    -Keep it simple, you don’t need complex graphics everywhere, they can be distracting
    -Don’t be afraid of white space. Dear god why do cigar manufacturers need to fill every part of their web page with random pictures and advertising crap.
    -Update the website, if you haven’t gone on it every day, you don’t know when something has gone wrong
    -Give information about the cigars, all of the specs, where to buy it, pictures, an “about us” section, contact section, etc.

    shared on g+

  • lostonmonday

    Like others have said, keep it simple. No menu bars the size of a #2 pencil lead, no popups, so crazy loud sounds that go “Mwuh-ha-ha-ha” clearly letting your boss know your checking out cigar sites at work again. Please add lots of info and sharp pics (I like to see a little tooth on my cigars), where to buy, and realistic strength and flavor characteristics. I also like to learn something when I go to cigar sites, like the hammer story behind Padron. Maybe add some background info on the business, or on how some of the blends were decided. My post sounds like a broken record of everybody else’s post, but really that’s what I’d like to see. Tweeted.

  • sandman331

    nice website loads quick its clear has nice picks no trash thanks for a clean site

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I like to see a easy to navigate site, that is loaded with info about the cigars, growing regions, and company philosophy. A good site shows a companies enthusiasm about there products, which make me enthusiastic to try there cigars. Tweeted

  • juarez454

    Easy to navigate is most important. but I am a new smoker so something that shows you the flavors to expect and cigars that are similar would be awesome.

  • shermanator20

    What I would like to see in a website is a clean crisp layout on the home page with easy to navigate pages. If they are selling something I would like to see a picture a clear price and description, maybe a place for user reviews so i can get an idea of what people thought. The most important thing is a place to post questions or have a customer support area so if I don’t under stand something or need clarification on something I can get help.

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