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Prometheus Magma T Triple Torch Table Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 30, 2013
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Prometheus Magma T Triple Torch Table Lighter Review

This is a stunning, solid metal chrome polished large table lighter, designed to last for dozens of cigars while still remaining pocketable. The top is on a tension spring loaded support flipping easily and staying put when open. It has triple torch burners that combine flames for an inch of precision flame and a couple more of a much softer region, perfect for both fast lights or slow toasting depending on your needs. The side features a large fuel window revealing how much of it’s huge internal storage is left to be utilized. On the bottom you find the standard fill port and metal adjustment knob that requires a small screw driver or the like. Flipping down from the foot is a dual punch lid, offering both a small standard size and 2x size cutter for the 60+ ring gauge cigars. It is extremely comfortable in the hand not only to hold but to use for extended periods. Because it’s designed as a ‘table lighter’ you won’t find the super stiff actuator button as on smaller units, rather a very easy to grip and squeeze lever. All the edges are beveled and soft, with no sharp or pinch points anywhere. It also stays very cool in the hand even after a solid minute of flame. Thank you very much to Lighters Direct for sending this in for review! Check them out if you are interested in one, it’s available for $80-$90 depending on the finish and they have quite a few to select from.

  • Jason Isbaner

    This lighter seems awesome! Any word on what kind of warranty it comes with?

    • I think I said lifetime in the vid and that’s what I had assumed but looking it up, it’s a 2 year: http://www.prometheuskkp.com/lighter_warranty/lighter_warranty.htm

      • nyccigarlover

        Hey Bryan, I was wondering if you had any experience with the Rocky Patel Diplomat torch lighter? It was given to me yesterday at a local cigar shop to light my cigar, and I was really impressed. It was very ergonomic and it had that soft flame tail at the tip of the 5 flame apex like you said the prometheus has. When I did a little more research, I saw that it also has a punch built in. and has a lifetime warranty http://www.amazon.com/Rocky-Patel-Lighter-Diplomat-Lighters/dp/B005DT0B70
        If you haven’t used it before, I’m really curious to see what you think about it compared to your Magma T.

  • rockjock

    That’s a whole bunch of bic lighters. I like it though. It is nice to have something with a little class and heft around.

  • pipeking

    i thought it was going to be over $200!!! I have been looking at the Prometheus lighter cutter matching combo and that was well over 100. the Prometheus stuff is beautiful, IMO the best looking out there!
    BRIAN, have u used the xikar table top lighter? if so how do the compare.

    • Yes I have one of my buddies has had it for years. It functions well, but is missing the extra features and feels much more clunky in comparison.

  • Philly5800

    Bryan, for lighters with no fuel window, how long do you recommend holding the butane can while filling it? Some instructions say 5 seconds and some say 20+ seconds.

    • I can’t see going past 5 would give any benefit, all you are doing is equalizing pressure and it happens very fast. It’s not like you are flowing a liquid.

  • jairoso

    Great review. I also toast and hate a hot lighter.

  • eric.hanson

    This looks like an amazing lighter, if I didn’t already have a great triple torch lighter with a life time warranty I’d consider buying one of these.

  • rpharmrx

    I was blown away with your review and ordered one immediately-received it today, and it is a beautiful piece, no doubt, unfortunately it won’t spark! I am sending it in for repair- I write this (S**T happens) only to let you know the time it will take to resolve the issue.. Sorry- I will keep you informed..

    • Ug I hate DOA products! I just had one last week with a hard drive! Who did you buy it through? It should be as simple as an email and them sending a replacement, no repair needed?

      • rpharmrx

        I bought it thru Lighters Direct, but the warranty info states you don’t send it back to the retailer for repair-you think I should contact Lighters Direct?

        • Of course you can always use a retailers policy before a warranty when something is new!

    • rpharmrx

      Received a replacement lighter this week.. works great! Keep toasting!

  • ojohnson63

    Based upon your review I also ordered one of these lighters. I have the 20th Anniversary Edition in white. I just received it today and can confirm that it does work, (no DOA for me). So far all I’ve done is filled it up, tested that it lights and adjusted the flame. I’m looking forward to using it and seeing how long it lasts between refills.

    I’ve been using a Rocky Patel Quad Jet South Beach lighter and really like it. I do have two complaints about the RP lighter. It runs out of fuel far too quickly for a lighter as big as it is. My second, minor, complaint is that it uses a thumb lighting mechanism as opposed to the squeeze mechanism like the Prometheus. Like the Prometheus the RP directs all 4 jets toward a central location giving great control. If it had a bigger reservoir I wouldn’t have considered buying the Prometheus as it has served me well.

    • ojohnson63

      Now that I’ve been using this lighter for a couple of weeks I wanted to updated my comments.

      One thing I’ve noticed is that I can set the flame of this lighter to be a lot softer than I can my Rocky Patel. The RP is either full jet or it sputters. The Prometheus can be set to have a nice soft flame very similar to a regular lighter. This flame does give me much better control and uses less fuel.

      I’ve also noticed that I’m not getting anywhere near as much use between refills as Bryan has experienced. I generally toast my cigar until the entire foot will remain a nice glowing red color and try not to have to puff on the cigar to get it to light. I’d be very interested to see a real time toasting and lighting from Bryan so I can compare.

      Would I buy this lighter again? In a heartbeat. This thing is a very nice lighter and has a lot of control. If you’ve been looking for a tabletop lighter I’d suggest giving one of these a try.

  • LV2HNT

    I have loved that lighter since I saw you use it.. Would love to have one.

  • Fatroach72

    Beautiful looking lighter,great review.

  • And I’m in, just placed my order through lighters direct.

  • Mats von Wowern

    Ordered! Thanks!

  • Dr Wintergerst

    My sons and I love your site. One of my boys saw your review of the Prometheus table lighter and told me it was on his wish list. I decided to buy all four sons and myself one, (you can never have enough, guns or lighters). We are zero for five after the first couple of lights. Used only the best butane, the lighters are full, they spark but don’t ignite. Unfortunately, it went over thirty days by the time I had gifted them and found out mine wasn’t the only one that was defective; my sons didn’t want to tell me they had problems with theirs. I managed to talk to someone at Prometheus and they are giving me a break on returning five for the cost of one. I’ll keep you posted on the replacements or repairs. (These were three $125 Gold commemorative, one black commemorative and one plain silver varieties.) Just thought you’d want to know.

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