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Contest: A Cigar Smoker’s Plight

by Bryan Glynn, September 30, 2013
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ipw0007First congratulations to the last contest winner ‘ghostshadow’! Email me your contact info within a week for your prize!

Now on to the next contest, the topic of which was suggested by ‘Phil’…and he’s providing the prize of a box of Opus Xs! Wow what a guy…oh…wait…no, he just wanted me to use his idea…fine then.

This time I want to hear your “stories of when people treated you poorly for smoking cigars or hassled you about the hobby (e.g., telling you not to smoke in public, not allowing you in cigarette break room, etc.)”.

Comment below with your story, share using the buttons and mention which you did for an entry. All entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. Winner will be drawn in about a week. Good luck!

  • yosef5

    I remember one time when I was carrying a none lite cigar & this woman told me to put it out
    I showed her it was not lite & that made no difference
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  • jungjae510

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    I was in vegas a couple of months ago for a bachelor party and we went to a gentlemen’s club. I brought a 7-20-4 robusto and i was overhearing some guys behind me that the cigar smoke was annoying him so bad. He says this while having a cigarette in him hand and in a club where everyone is smoking cigarettes. I just kept enjoying my cigar with a big smile on my face.

  • phillyb

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    The general reaction I get when I smoke a cigar is the same every time. Somebody turns their nose up and tells me its disgusting. There is one particular event where the group was a generally accepting one but one of our friend’s daughters saw me smoking outdoors on the patio and said “Nobody educated and in their right mind EVER smoked a cigar.” The rest of the party just turned and stared at her like she had lobsters in her ears. Then they took turns listing famous cigar smokers!

  • Davomak

    I frequent a local casino. Not out of any desire to gamble but because it is one of the few establishments which allows cigars. A buddy and I were sitting in a mostly empty lounge smoking for roughly 15 minutes when a woman sat directly behind us. After a few minutes she started fake coughing at our smoke. Very annoying. She then gave us a nasty look and demanded we put out our cigars. Given that it was a smoking establishment which was mostly empty, and she sat near us after we started smoking, we refused. She proceeded to get a casino manager. We explained ourselves and the woman said her part. After listening, the manager apologized to us and invited the woman to move to another area of the lounge. It surely wasn’t the norm but its nice when somebody comes to the cigar lovers aid.

  • pdaug0511

    I am often asked the question “Why are you smoking a CIGAR???” My response every time is “Well…. I was wondering… why aren’t YOU smoking a cigar?” I am always ridiculed for smoking in public and people will cover their faces as they walk past a cigar lounge in a shopping center, but I don’t understand why.

    I don’t expect everyone to enjoy them. But, I don’t judge people for smoking whatever they wish to smoke.

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  • Pjhosler

    Well I don’t have a particular storie but I am a big man and I smoke cigars. Strangers at anytime or place find great pleasure in telling me either my cigar, or my size may kill me. And some even tell me of so and so in their life who has some disease or death. Gotta just love the humans.

  • lostonmonday

    When is was still legal to smoke in my state, I was at a bar, and unknowingly sat right under a sign that said “No Smoking Cigars”. I asked the group I was with if they minded if I light up the Macanudo I had on me. No complaints, but I did get a few snickers. The waitress came by several times, still no complaints. My brother lit up a Cohiba Pequeno, and just a few draws in, he got the boot! (I didn’t know why quite yet.) The waitress let me puff along, until one of my coworkers finally broke down, pointed to the sign, and said, “Look up dipsht.” After turning a beet red and feeling like I should stand in line for a Darwin Award, the waitress laughed and said, “Yeah, you can’t have those in here.” She later said her grandpa smoked Mac’s, and the smell was “heavenly”. Shared on Twitter

  • ABrooks80

    Hmm… this is tough because I am fairly new to this cigar smoking stuff, but I can relate to this subject. I have a co-worker that shares space with me four days a week and before I started smoking stogies I smoked cigarettes. Well he never complained then but since I’ve been smoking cigars he has begun to say things like roll down the window, please don’t do that anymore wait until your off. We do get along though so I will continue to try to convert him into a brother of the stogies.

    • ABrooks80

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  • samgiroux42

    I am a running and have a lot of friends who are runners and athletes and they tell me all the time about the health hazards of smoking and it is ruining my training…blah blah blah…still can smoke them in a run (no pun intended), plus many great athletes are cigar lovers (remember Michael Jordan?).

    • samgiroux42

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  • micktorres

    A few years ago I was walking down 5th. Ave. in NYC smoking a cigar and a woman walked up to me and sprayed Lysol on me.

  • Nickac3117

    I put this on Facebook
    I was at my dads house and it was last years Fourth of July. I brought a Rocky Patel Olde World Reseve. My friend was down from Michigan (we live in south Florida) and he’s a big cigar guy like me. My dads girlfriends Aunt and uncle were there and they’re old New Yorkers. When my friend and I step out of the screened in patio to sit by the pool and smoke the aunt says in a voice that I can only describe as Edith Bunker “you’re smoking!! You’re gonna get cancer!!!” She looks at her husband and says “he’s gonna get cancer”. The husband says “cigars are worse than cigarettes because the toxins sit in your mouth” (wth does that even mean?). Pretty much the whole bunch of them (there was about 15 people there) begin talking about cancer and how they know someone with cancer etc. my buddy and I ended up taking a cooler around the front of the house so we could enjoy in peace.

  • cigarraider

    A brother of the leaf stabs me in the back! Was at smoking lounge in Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta. Lit up a Don Lucas robusto from the D.R. with delicious plumes of smoke. Guy across the room was making fake coughing sounds and giving me the evil eye, all the while holding a cigarette! Et tu Brute?

  • kevinhen16

    I’m a medical student…need I say more? I’m always catching flack about my cigar smoking and how I should know better. Whether from my cohorts, or just other people in the area when I’m enjoying a cigar, I always am on the receiving end of at least a few expressions of disgust.

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  • broklynite

    I think my favorite story has to be from close to 20 years ago.

    When I was in 8th grade, I was in the school play, playing a Groucho Marx knockoff. Well, where would Groucho be without his cigar as a prop? Luckily for me, my father smoked Swisher Sweets, and was happy to donate one to the cause.

    When I brought it in during rehearsals, the chaos began. People (mostly my fellow students, but some staff too) started to freak out about cancer this and asthma that- the actors would die, their families would die, the audience would die, simply from being in the same room as the dreadful weed. I should note that, as per school regulations (and anyway, I didn’t smoke back then) the cigar would never have been lit, just held and gestured with.

    They tried to convince me to use a facsimile. I said I would, but I wasn’t going to make it (tight budgets and all that, we often had to provide a certain amount of our own props/costuming). Turned out that nobody else was willing to go through the effort to make a fake cigar either.

    A compromise was eventually reached. To protect everybody involved, the cigar would stay as a prop, but would remained sealed off from possibly contaminating the innocents by remaining in the cello wrap.

    And so I did four shows with the cigar, holding and gesturing this loudly crinkling thing which, due to the lights reflecting off of the cello, must have looked like anything *except* a cigar.

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  • Adriorn

    Check this out. I was at an outdoor Rush concert. You could smell the Mary Jane being smoked nearby. I lit up an Upmann and started smoking. After around 5 minutes I get tapped on the shoulder by a woman telling me I could not smoke there. Outside. In the open air. I smiled, said ‘Okay’, and continued smoking. She again tapped my like 2 minutes later and said she was getting security. 1, they never came. 2, she didn’t return, 3, I finished my Upmann.

    Damn these people.

    I’ll be using the Facebook button.

    • Philly5800

      Dude, this is classic. Liberals beg to legalize weed but HATE cigars and all other forms of smoking. Great story.

      • AL

        Ok, first, Rush is awesome.

        Fourth, liberals do not hate cigars, we love them. Big tobacco is another thing entirely.

        Third, this is the closest thing to a legit complaint here. Not a plight. But in the context of an already aromatic setting, the offense is minor.

        Second, I should be easier on passing judgement since the anecdotes were solicited… But still… Plight? A strong word to be applied to a privileged crowd.

        And first… Rush is awesome.

  • bayviewblend

    A few years ago I was strolling around Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis with my girlfriend while enjoying a Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur #2 Maduro. A man walking in our direction along the walking path was glaring at us as though he just recognized us from an episode of Americas Most Wanted. As he got closer, I could hear him angrily mumbling under his breath and the stares got more intense. Just after he passed us, the sounds of his over exagerated cough echoed and he shouted, “That stinks…You’re polluting MY air!” My girl and I both turned in acknowledgement and I explained, “Sir, I am enjoying my day and my cigar and we are outdoors at a lake where it is acceptable to smoke.” “I apologize if this offends you.” He started aggresively approaching us and shouting, “THESE ARE MY FEELINGS…THEY ARE MY FEELINGS.” I said, “Yes they sure are and your entitled to them.” We turned and quickly walked away, enjoying the rest of our day.

    Note: I can’t help but think his therapist had just told him the importance of expressing his feelings.

    Had he indulged in a good cigar…maybe he would have “felt” differently.

    I will use the facebook button.

  • quackaddict94

    My aunt frequently says “What the hell are you smoking for?” or “You don’t need to smoke” when I smoke at family gatherings. She groups me in with the majority of my family who smokes cigarettes daily. This is the same aunt who nicknamed me “Asshole” at the age of 12 though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • marty76

    i was in a bar with friend. we both got up to get a drink. when we returned our cigars had been broke in half. this all happened in the smoking lounge of the bar. shred on google plus.

  • Philly5800

    Since I’m the Phil who suggested this topic, I guess I’m obliagted to post. LOL.

    I’ve taken a lack of flack from jerks who dislike cigars, but perhaps the most interesting assualts are from cigarette smokers. You’d think they’d be more understanding. I’ve seen multiple designated smoking areas where signs read “No cigars.”

    Shared on FB.

    • Philly5800

      I gave out Romeo y Juliet “It’s a Boy” cigars to celebrate the birth of my son. They were encased in nice glass tubes. Half the people rejected them as if I was giving garlic to a vampire, offended that I would even attempt such a gesture. I told them they didn’t have to smoke them–for example, my brother NEVER smokes but still get the cigar as a nice memento. A female co-worker told me her husband smokes cigars but declined to give him the It’s a Boy smoke because she didn’t want it stinking up the house.

  • ptyler

    Living where I do it is pretty much impossible to smoke anywhere but in your own home. A little different twist on question is how my local cigar shop tried to get around the laws about smoking indoors. First he kept the door locked and used a buzzer system. The by-law officers would send an old lady up to the door to buzz and would hide in the bushes outside the shop. The second he would buzz the lady in, the by-law officer would spring from the bushes and push the door open. He then used his downstairs area as a smoking area and installed a buzzer system down there. If a by-law officer came into the store, the person would push a button under the counter that would buzz downstairs so the guys could sneak out the back door while the by-law officer inspected the store. It wasn’t long before two by-law officers showed up…one for the front of the store and one stationed outside the basement door…camera in hand.

    Facebook post

  • chief791

    I recently walked into a bar with an unlit Churchill in my mouth. A woman who was sitting at the bar (from the looks of her, way too long)Yelled out “NO Smoking”. I told her i wasn’t. That the cigar was not lit. This pissed her off even more. I made sure i kept that cigar in my mouth until she left.

    • chief791

      Posted on FB

  • BigDog

    One time i went to a local sport bar that allows people to smoke in the outside patio. here were people smoking cigarettes in another corner. Outside patio was full but not inside. I sat down by the bar and ask the waiter for a beer and an ashtray. Older couple sitting next two me saw me light the cigar i brought and older lady told me “are you smoking that thing next two us. Do know how dangerous that smoke is to us” and i reply “I do know and it is my problem but do you know there is seats inside” and old lady reply “Yes but i only smoke cigarettes”. Hypocrites.

  • steel3636

    Recently I made a stop at the giant coffee chain for a triple vanilla latte. I placed my order at the drive thru and pulled around for my “nectar” while puffing on my stogie. At the window the person opened the window just enough for her arm to come thru and accept payment then slammed it shut.She returned with my drink and then stated she couldn’t stand smoke and I should have more respect for nonsmokers, even though I was outside in my car.

  • pato1001

    I remember I was once in the V.I.P. area of one of my local L.A. hangouts and it was an outdoor event, so I decided in the comfort of my very own outdoor booth to lite up my cigar and enjoy a drink. Then after only about 5 minuets the lady in the booth next to me started bitching that she could smell the cigar and it was making her sick. The wind was totally blowing in the opposite direction so anyway she decides to get up come over to my booth and ask if I could sit on the other side of my very own booth that I paid for. Like 3 feet was going to make a difference. So I was polite and did so. It was hilarious because just as i did the move the wind seemed to change and it was blowing my smoke right into her booth and she could not say anything after that. O it was awesome!
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  • Just a normal afternoon of walking my dog and smoking an Opus X in a country park here in Seattle, and mind you this state just passed a law to legalize marijuana.

    So I am strolling around the lake enjoying the dog walk and the people out in the sun. I see an older lady maybe 60 walking towards me on the path, and as she gets a little closer I notice the scowl growing. My dog is really well behaved, more than I am actually. As she approaches me she says ” I could smell that cigar 100 yards away”, I responded with a very straight and solemn “My parole officer says they calm my nerves”. She grabbed her purse a little tighter and scurried away, and now I see her occasionally, and she always avoids even making eye contact.

  • AL

    At the risk of being labeled a troll (just chalk it up to being a grumpy bastard), you all just sound whiny. I smoke. I smoke at home. I don’t do it around my family, and certainly not anyone else’s. Smoke does invade their space and smoke is bad for you. In addition to this, it is a pleasure I afford myself, but not everyone has ten dollars to roll up and set on fire. I don’t eat in front of the homeless and wax poetic about the benefits of a job and all the tacos I can afford. Perhaps if cigar smokers were more respectful, more tolerant, better informed and just nicer as a community, this would not be a point of contention. I do not partake in any social media.

  • craig

    during my first week on my college campus I was dying to find a local cigar shop since my favorite way to pass time is spending hours in a humidor. I finally found a quality place that was about ten miles off campus and just happened to be in a mall of all places. I was walking out after three hours of pure please with a mix and match twenty for twenty percent of deal in my hand, when I recognize a group of girls that live on the hall below me. I went up to them and talked with them, and they asked what I had bought. So I told them what it was. they then proceeded to tell me how gross cigars were and how i’m killing my self and wasting money and how I should have spent the money on clothes. needless to say, but I haven’t had a conversation with them since.

    shared via google+

  • lazyboy

    Ohh this ones easy. Everyday the old lady says with an attitude and evil eye “ohh I guess your going outside now” and I’m like “hell yeah woman!!” Google+

  • jairoso

    Most of the grief I have received over the years has been simply for smoking period. For most people the frame of reference is cigarettes and cancer. We have been conditioned to believe that smoking is nothing more than a chemical addiction and not something one does in polite society. Many people are indeed addictive when it comes to smoking, but then again, many people are addictive with alcohol, coffee, prescription drugs, sugar, sex, and dieting all of which are allowed in public places, for the most part anyway. I believe most people see little difference in smoking cigars and maintain the belief they are no safer than cigarettes and few know that cigar smoke is chemically different to and less carcinogenic than cigarette smoke. Years ago I read a great article on the subject by Joe Jackson, he wrote something like “ work hard to avoid absolutely everything which current opinion holds to be bad for you, and do as much as possible of what current opinion holds to be good for you, and maybe you can attain perfection or invulnerability.”
    From my own perspective I believe this is an age thing; when I was younger I was very cautious and wary of the when and where I chose to enjoy a cigar. I did not what people to think I was some kind of dope fiend. However the older I get the less I give a damn. I try not to let my enjoyment of a good cigar intrude on others and I respect their beliefs and funny thing is that most of the folks I am around now seem to not care one way or the other. Thankfully it seems that the 20 and 30 something’s of today have a very different attitude toward cigars.

  • MorganGeo

    I’ve been hounded by a guy in my office who smoke cigarettes but swears cigars are worse for you. How is that? With cigarettes you are inhaling deliberately.

    Shared via FB

  • RamzaFreak20

    Mine was the first time I went golfing with my dad after starting smoking cigars. He is a part of a country club, and I we went to play a round the last time I was visiting. My dad has smoked cigatettes for the last 25 years, while I have never touched the death sticks. I introduced him to cigars, which he has picked up (trimmed him from 2.5 packs a day down to 1!! WOOT). We were smoking while playing, and one of the marshalls pulled up and started lecturing my dad about the influences of smoking blah blah blah… So I chimed in “‘Bob’, I was the one to get him started smoking cigars instead of cigarettes. There is nothing wrong with cigars.” He stares shocked for a couple seconds and then says, “Well, then your a GD idiot,” and he drove off.

    Thought I was doing my dad a favor…


  • bwehmann1

    I’ve been hassled many a time by people saying cigars are extremely dangerous for my health, and that I shouldn’t smoke them because they are going to give me cancer and its “gross” to smoke; things like that. I just don’t appreciate when people try and tell me what I should or shouldn’t do just because they are uninformed about the topic and are knocking it before they try it. I liked on Facebook.

  • wm2slc

    I was in a “Cigar Lounge” in a casino in Las Vegas. There were 2 couples in their as well and the men were smoking cigarettes. The lady came over to me and said they were eating and would I put out my cigar. When I mentioned there were 2 people at her table smoking cigarettes and she said that smell didn’t bother her, my cigar did. (I could see the guys at the table were embarrassed) I kindly said “No” and told her this was clearly marked as a “Cigar Lounge” they sell cigars here and their party could move to the other side of the establishment and eat without smoke. She then said, “but the people over there are not nearly as much fun and the cooler people were over here. I said. “Exactly, thank you for the compliment”

    Her husband bought me a drink and quickly ate and got her out of there.

    • wm2slc

      Oh, I posted on 3 FB pages.. tweeted and google.
      FB pages were mine, LasVegash and Vegas Awesome Ash Nights

  • Lalla

    I liked this on Facebook, and then had to think for a while to come up with a response. I’ve been smoking cigars for a little less than a year now, and haven’t had any overt experiences of rudeness. However, I do get frustrated with the fact that there are only a couple of places in my city that allow cigar smoking. I’m not in a small town. It’s a good sized-suburb with lots of restaurants and coffee shops, but there are literally only two I know of that I can smoke a cigar in.

  • MongoJay

    I know not everyone enjoys the smell of cigars and I try to be very conscious of this fact. Back when I started smoking cigars a veteran cigar smoker once told me that I should always make sure to smoke either by myself or in situations where no one would be bothered by it because how can one enjoy a cigar when it’s making someone else miserable?

    I live in the great state of New Jersey, about 20 minutes from some areas that were hit by Sandy pretty hard, including the town where I spent many of my formative years in, going to high school in my teens and hanging out in the shore clubs in my 20’s. As summer rolled in I heard that the town was back in business and I want to take a look. The last I saw of it was volunteering during the winter and I couldn’t imagine fixing the boardwalk that quickly.

    I drove out and took a Padron Aniversario 1964 Maduro in Principe with me. I thought that although my state has become more and more strict with smoking rules, God’s fresh air, and an out of the way bench in the smoking section would be enough not to be a bother to anyone.

    As I smoked my cigar and enjoyed the breeze and the scenery, I kept hearing coughing in the background. Slowly I began to realize that as people passed me at the smoking section they would suddenly break out into a fit of coughing, targeted in my direction. Not just one time either. Several passerbys looked at me smoking the cigar, which was far away enough not to be an issue to anyone, and then breaking out into a fit of coughing.

    I felt a twinge of guilt as I remembered what my friend once told me about being a polite smoker. Then I realized that it was probably a lot ruder and more disgusting to not cover your mouth when coughing that it was to have a Padron Aniversario.

  • Cherokee

    My twin brother and I were about 5 years old in the mid-1950’s. Our mother used to smoke Pall Mall cigarettes and would occasionally send us to the soda fountain shop next door with a note from her to buy the Pall Malls. All the ladies in the shop knew my mother and being the 1950’s, there was no problem with them selling us the cigarettes. Sometimes my mother would give us change to make the purchase and sometimes she would give us a dollar bill. On one of the days she gave us a dollar, we told the ladies that we needed a couple of cigars for our uncle. They obliged us and sold us two cigars with the cigarettes. I suppose they were White Owls or something like that, costing 5 or 10 cents. Being as young as we were, we decided the best place to hide and smoke the cigars would be under our bed!! As a side note; we lived in an old house with hardwood floors in the bedrooms. We found some matches, crawled under our bed and lit up, thinking that no one would ever suspect a thing. After about five minutes we saw our mother’s feet next to the bed and the next thing we knew there was a tidal wave of dirty water from her mop bucket soaking us and our smokes!! When my father came home from work we got our bottoms reddened pretty good. Just another example of people’s intolerance of the sweet aroma of a good cigar!

  • juarez454

    I don’t smoke cigars in public any more. I usually smoke on my back porch. my neighbor usually smokes weed on his porch, one day he had the nerve to tell me my smoke was bothering him. I just told him good luck with that.

  • buffalo_pat

    I shared on Facebook. My only experience with someone being really annoying about my cigar smoking was when I went to a local coffee shop to have coffee and a cigar. The shop had seating area outside for customers who do smoke. I chose a table on the outskirts of the area to be courteous. They have about ten tables outside and only three were occupied, including my table. About halfway through my cigar, a woman comes outside with two men she is having a meeting with. She sits them down at the table right next to mine, despite there being six other tables to choose from and spends the next 45 minutes glaring at me as I enjoyed my cigar. Gotta love it.

  • brianetz1

    In general I am shunned for smoking when i am at my son’s baseball games. The games are outdoors and rarely do i stand right net to someone when i smoke, but when i am anywhere near anyone they freak out like i am killing them with every single puff.

    i shared on twitter.

  • regninnep12

    So I turned 18 about 6 months ago. I started smoking a pipe but after watching the CigarObsession videos, I really wanted to try cigars. When I went to the cigar shop to purchase my first cigars, I was immediately hassled older men. They kept telling me that I was too young or they were telling me that I couldn’t handle real men cigars. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from buying and trying cigars. Now, everyone knows me at that cigar shop. The CigarObsession videos showed me that there is a lot involved in the cigar smoking hobby and experience. My dad actually started smoking cigars because he saw me doing it. Now he smokes cigars with me. Just like the CigarObsessions got me into the hobby, I got my dad into it. Im sure that ill have to deal with more people just like the ones in the shop for a long time. But I am proud to say that I will be smoking cigars for a long time no matter what anyone has to say about it.

    Mentioned on FaceBook

  • Cigarsanyjuan

    Just a few months back I was sitting on the “patio” of my college dorm with some buddies of mine that I roomed with. I had been trying to get them into cigars and teaching them all about them because they seemed interested. When a young woman comes along who I didn’t know but one of my friends knew as I was toasting my cigar with a long match. She made the silly remark that I felt cool because I was smoking a cigar. I’m comfortable with doing what pleases me so I wasn’t too offended but I felt I had to defend my friends on this one. I informed her that despite my young age I had been smoking cigars for years and that for me as well as my buddies it wasn’t about the image, it was about the pleasure. The pleasure of having this time alone with you friends (which she was interrupting) to socialize as people do. I went on to tell her a little about cigars and she felt embarrassed about the comment she had made. To the general public, cigars are about image and status, because they don’t know much about them. Cigars aren’t that expensive and they aren’t hard to find. They serve as a key to open doors of friendship and relaxation.

  • johncp1962

    Recently, I was over my stepdaughter’s house and was outside smoking a cigar. I was about 20 feet away from the house, but the front door was open (screen door only) to air out the house since the weather was nice. It seems that my smoke was wafting into the house and she complained. So I moved further away. A few days later, we were to have a family get-together at our place, but my stepdaughter said she wasn’t coming because I would be smoking cigars on our deck (this is MY house we’re talking about now!) and she just didn’t like the smoke. My wife turned to me and said, “after 20 years, you’ve finally figured out a way to keep my family away…”. We both had a good laugh over it.



    I remember going to the casino with my wife we were playing this machine for a wile and the people on the other side of the machine were talking way to loud about how cigars should not be aloud in the casino (that particular casino has smoking and non smoking sections) so i guess they called some one from management and had them tell me if i could please turn my cigar off i did not turned it off and told management that the side i was siting at was a smoking section if they were offended they should of not ben sitting in a smoking section they finally moved after 5 min but i was not the only one smoking a cigar that day i looked to my left and saw this old guy walking twords me with a cigar in his hand and told me he would have done the same thing cigar and cigarets are a tobacco product i don’t know why they teat them differently

  • I live in the People’s Republic of California. Every time I smoke my cigars or even my pipe, I get the stupid laughing sound or the jeers. I decided I don’t give a crap and do it anyway, well wherever I still can, I can’t even smoke in parks or at the beach anymore, not even pipes! Ridiculous.

  • 805guy

    I get hassled all the time by people saying cigars are just as addicting as cigarettes and then they go into all the risks cigars pose and yada yada yada.

    • 805guy

      Tweeted too!!!!

  • mfox93

    I was walking my dogs in the street when an old lady came out of nowhere and asked if I can put it out I was like no I’m outside then she called me an asshole.
    shared on Facebook

  • booger1964

    I have to smoke outside because I have an asthmatic daughter so I built a paver patio with a stone retaining wall, fire pit and Tiki torches all around. Total outdoor man-paradise. I like to sit out there to smoke my stogies, watch C.O. on the laptop and maybe have an adult beverage. On this particular evening it was way too warm for a fire so I was just sitting in the dark with my laptop as my only light. I was smoking the My Father Le Bijou 1922 and listening to your thoughts on it, as is my habit. I was wearing headphones as my next door neighbor was in her hot tub and I didn’t care to hear them or to have them hear me. Suddenly I had the feeling i was being watched, I looked up and she was looking over the fence between my property and her’s. I pulled off my headphones to see what was going on and was informed that my cigar smoke was ruining her evening. Her hot tub is 75″ away!! I guffawed, I couldn’t help myself. I replaced my headphones, went back to C.O. and enjoyed my smoke, at a little slower pace I might add.

    • booger1964

      oops, shared on FB

  • Will

    My mother is an NP who specializes in sleep apnea and smoking sensations. I was enjoying a midday smoke, when she felt the need to inform me of the studies and health risks involved with the hazards of smoking cigars…I defended the hobby by informing her that my opinion was that most studies in regards to cigars and the hazards of smoking are skewed toward the negative. What brands were tested? Do these people inhale? Did they already have health issues? Was the study lumped in with cigarettes? I let her know that I enjoy quality, natural, hand-made cigars that were probably never placed in any study. I think she agreed for a moment. I continued my smoke, with the company of my mom.

  • cjordanhouston

    This summer I was taking my young boys fishing. The older one toldbme to put out my cigar cause I was scaring away all the fish. As I was going to put it away, the tip of my cigar burned my line and down it went

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