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Gimmick Rant

by Bryan Glynn, September 24, 2013
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IMG_4634I tell you what – as I plow through photographing more and more boxes in my career I see ALL kinds of stuff – what works well all around, what is geared towards the retailer, what towards the consumer, some do both and some no neither! Some go all out with a LOT of money in the box and little to the tobacco. Well this one has to be the MOST annoying to actually use. Requiring TOOLS just to open it, it works well neither for the retailer or consumer. I have two more to get open and I just want to throw them against a wall! How I wish I could change the industry in so many ways, to bring out more common sense and quality where it matters.

  • Ty

    LOL, great rant. I would have became so frustrated I would have thrown the whole box in the fireplace

    • bboyknight252

      LOLOL that probably would’ve been better the sticks would’ve gave off a good smell maybe haha =P

  • I really wish I knew what brainiac developed that box. Duhhhhhhhhh!

  • Walshy

    And on top of that the cigars are horrible… IMO!

    • jpculp57

      Have you smoked one of these? I’ve been through a box and have yet to find a bad one. I will say they are much better with 6-12 months age on them but they are very good cigars. Probably not in your Gurkha ballpark but very good none the less.

  • tainted

    So you were able to bypass the self-destruct timer? Cigar design some guy, box designed my McGuyver.

  • JackFerguson

    GREAT blog – and brave too! Love it!

  • yosef5

    I had a box no less from Gurkhas. & no one could figure out how to open it.
    Finally s friend who knew nothing about cigars opened it
    Thanks for sharing

  • Sirfubes

    That may be a dumb box but I loves those sticks and am never able to find those anywhere!

  • AngSolo

    They had better be some great cigars.

  • Texvet

    I hope the brand manager for this this manufacture see this and takes heed. Had I even considered this brand (not likely & and solely because of the gimmicky name). I most certainly would pass because of the packaging.

    I am with you – it is time for these companies to get over themselves and stop with all the unique marketing ploys. Start making more good affordable cigars. It’s no wonder these new sticks cost so much. They had to pay someone to come up with the packaging – pay to have this crap manufactured, because it is “so innovative”.

    Get me a tissue!!!

  • rockjock

    Oh, I don’t mind gimmicks like gears, but that was not thought out well.

  • Lol!!! I get the concept, which isn’t bad…but the execution..yikes! Also I hope the cigars are good enough to go through the trouble

  • abu1555

    You hit it right on the nail Bryan,lol

  • Well said Bryan! The pry bar/hammer visual was a hoot!

  • ascrivner

    I bought a box of the HHG Rapier and had of course the same issue, complete wrap rage trying to get it open, and I very nearly hurt myself at the same time doing it. That box went into the trash 30 seconds later, and now they rest in a tupperdor. It’s just complete disregard for the consumer.

  • FireRunner

    Sometimes brands try to be too different, but instead of making a positive change it ends up being a negative one. Unfortunate.

  • mpopple6

    Bryan, I love your rants! Almost as much as your reviews. You seem like a pretty calm easy going guy but I love it when you get heated…ha.

  • MaxDuo

    How dumb….

    ALso imagine the retailer opening this box… and suddenly they accidently damage it. Yeah that’ll look real great up on their shelf.

  • Nickac3117

    So how were the cigars??

  • jtuttle21

    That is ridiculous! I just saw them in the shop today here in upstate NY at $15 a stick you think they would at least put them in a decent box! Can not wait to see a review on one!

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