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New Smoker Contest

by Bryan Glynn, September 23, 2013
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jay_cobsessionFirst, congratulations to Jay, winner of last week’s photo contest! Get me your mailing info and your sampler will go right out!

Now on to the next! This time I want you to think about how best to describe your love of cigar smoking with a non-smoker. Think about someone who has never even entertained the notion of enjoying one, and might even have a negative connotation in their mind. What would you say to them if they ask you ‘why do you smoke cigars?’

Comment and share using the buttons below for an entry. A random winner will be drawn next week for a custom sampler plus a lighter! Entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • Marc

    Well done you all. Congratulations Jay!

    • Thanks Marc, and kudos to all of the other participants, all of the photos definitely made me want to smoke! And of course a huge thank you to Bryan for all of the great reviews and for having such fun and great contests!

  • milesganz

    Well for me most first time, or non-smokers ask me if I’m addicted to cigars like people are to cigarettes and to that I tell them cigars are an event not a habit (read that somewhere but not exactly sure where) I tend to describe to them the relaxation and then very briefly describe maybe some basic flavors of the cigar I’m having. Liked on Facebook!

    • Don

      I’m going to have to steal that one. “Cigars are an event, not a habit”.

  • birdman94

    Well I’m a new smoker (tobacco pipe and cigars) my self starting only about 2 months ago and i got to say you cant knock t till you try it, and if you don’t like the first one you try there are so many more out there to try. It is a relaxing thing to do and you will get enjoyment out of it especially if you are smoking with friends. So give it a shot there is nothing to loose.

  • Toolride

    I firstly start by saying that it is a way I relax. Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting on my front porch and lighting up a good cigar, listening to the wind blow through the trees and wind chimes, and just enjoy the moment. Yeah, cheesy… I know. I’ve also had made re-connections with a few people over a good cigar. I enjoy going to the B/M shop and meeting new people as well. I can also say that it helped build connections in the professional field when a person I put in to teach at a college saw my lighter and the conversation was kicked up about our favorite sticks and events going on in our local area for cigar smokers.

    • Toolride

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  • Jaylang

    which jay? lol

    • Ahhh that would be the one that entered the contest – aka not you 😉

      • Jaylang

        sorry, getting over a cold or something, saw my name and got confused lol.

  • The Butcher

    With having anxiety issues. Stress from working a lot and life’s daily struggles I have found a way to relax and enjoy life for a little bit with a cigar. I have also met some of the coolest people of all ages in local cigar shops. No matter the age I always have something in common with the next guy. Each different cigar is a new experience from the start to the finish. Life is to short to not experience one of life little pleasures.

  • pato1001

    I usually tell them first off that you don’t inhale like cigarettes. Most newbie’s don’t know that. Then I describe the most common flavors that you find in most cigars and I also tell them what I personally prefer in a flavor profile. I let them know that it’s similar to what a wine or whiskey aficionado look for in there chosen relaxation hobbies. Last but not least I answer the inevitable health question with my favorite answer, I tell them that cigar smoking is a great way to relax and unwind and we all know the real killer is stress. They all seem to agree with the whole stress being the real culprit of health issues.
    I liked on facebook and tweeted.

  • I suddenly started smoking cigars 2 weeks ago at the age of 52. I WAS asked by a non smoker, “Why are you suddenly smoking cigars?” My reply was that I accidentally stumbled upon a cigar review on YouTube by this guy with Tiki Torches in his back yard. He made it seem so appealing in the 6 minutes that I watched him, that I felt as though I was missing out on one of life’s most enjoyable experiences! I ordered a sampler from Cigars International and have been blissfully puffing away in front of my own Tiki Torches.

  • jamesdonno

    If you enjoy good food and drink, you will enjoy a good cigar. It’s an indulgence that should be taken often. An opportunity to relax for an hour and completely focus your attention on just being.

  • **Not to be added in this contest, but I would love to contribute**

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    When people ask me why I smoke Cigars, first I tell them it reminds me of my Grandmother. If that piques their interest, I proceed in telling the story of how my grandmother used to work in the tobacco fields in the Philippines where she worked and rolled cigars to help put food on the table. Then I tell them about how I enjoy cigars because of it’s craft, and how it forces me to sit and enjoy the journey of this single cigar; how 30+ hands have touched the tobacco that I’m smoking, how it has been raised on foreign soil and aged to be as perfect as it can be, shared cargo and airtime just for me to enjoy it here in my backyard. Cigars allow me to imagine, and daydream, and of course, relax.

    Other times I tell them, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer and a cigar while I BBQ.

  • Don

    I always tell people that cigar smoking is different and an easier way to relax and socialize. Personally, although I am 24, I always associate cigar smoking with Prohibition and the 20’s, 30’s and 40s. I always think of how times were simpler and more elegant. Cigar smoking to me allows me to unwind and go back to the time when listening to jazz or blues.

    By the way, I noticed last week’s Photo Contest, so I tried my own for the hell of it. Just boredom.


    • Marc

      That’s a nice photo !
      Did you really take it ?

      • Don

        The cigar is not mine, but I created the overlay deco pattern and the lighting effects. The cigar was a stock. I’m great at graphic design, not so much at photography 100%

        • Marc

          Right on, I was gonna say; you must be making a small fortune. It’s all over the place.

  • Twitter shared!

    When asked why I partake in cigars, I usually explain that it’s like any other hobby. I tried it out one day and was hooked. I think what draws me to it the most is the process of creating so many complex cigars out of a few different leafs on the plant. What keeps me smoking them is finding out what kind of flavors I can experience with each blend.

    It’s very much like craft beer for me, there are 4 major components that create a huge diversity of flavors and blends. It’s appealing because you can experience so much with simple ingredients, it’s all depended on how long it’s been hopped, or in the case of cigars, how long they have been fermented and aged, or blended.

    The artwork of the bands is also interesting, it’s fun to keep the band, kind of like collecting stamps.

    Also the comrade of the cigar community keeps me interested, people are always willing to talk and share experiences, sticks, and just have fun. It’s fun to be a part of a small group of tightly knit individuals. There are people from all walks of life in the Cigar community. You never know who you’ll run into.

    Like me, I’m a photographer, YoYo demonstrator / enthusiast. You would probably never have thought to see someone like that, but again, YoYoing is much like cigars because it’s a small group of individuals who share a passion for something that appeals to them.

    All in all there are many reasons, but that’s usually what keeps me close to it.

  • quackaddict94

    Society today is fast paced. Everyone is always trying to do as much as they can, as quickly as they can. Cigar smoking gives you the chance to slow down and take time to think. While enjoying a cigar, you can be introspective on any issue and unwind, all while enjoying a great smoke. Or you can do the opposite and smoke with friends or with strangers at a cigar lounge, which creates a special type of social bond. As for the “Addictive” notion, Bryan’s explanation of craving a cigar like someone can crave taco bell is always my go to explanation.

    • quackaddict94

      Posted on Twitter by the way.

  • Walshy

    I tell the the non smokers that it’s an hour out of my day that’s just for me. I will also describe how you never know what flavors you are going to get out of it and the enjoyment when you get the one or 2 flavors that you absolutely love. That’s the best part of cigar smoking for me. The other is the collecting process. Trying to find those hard to get sticks, when you finally do it’s an achievement as far as I’m concerned. I would also tell them because I’ve been asked this numerous times that no I am not “addicted” to cigars. But I am addicted to that hour or 2 of relaxation and enjoyment of having that time to myself or with other cigar smokers. As someone said in an earlier post. ” Don’t knock it until you try it”. Thanks for having another great contest Bryan. Liked on Facebook

  • tispangler

    Good comments all … Why smoke cigars ? Same reason you drink fine wine, great bourbon or great beer. A GOOD cigars has all the characteristics of these ‘treats’ – taste, experience, communion of connoisseurs. It is the reason God gave us tobacco, because He loves us and Satan tries to corrupt with chewing tobacco and cigarettes, because he wants us dead !

  • puffrey

    I remind them that cigars are nothing more than aged natural tobacco. 1st time smokers Ive encountered are blown away by how someone can sit down for an 1+ hours and smoke something. I tell them that the opportunity to relax, kick up my feet, have a glass of Gentlemen Jack and listen to music or piddle on some work while smoking a decent stick that offers some good flavors on the pallete is quite calming.

  • samgiroux42

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    I explain my hobby to people as a way that I can take some time out for me and enjoy something that has a full depth of flavors and complexities. A cigar is a work of art and I appreciate that just like I would a nice scotch or fine dining. I try to keep some cigars handy when I go out to a gathering and try to give people a nice mild smoke to start out on…nobody starts drinking with a 30 yr Balvenie, right? Then as they start to appreciate it more and more we can work our way up to more complex and full flavor cigars.

  • Traken

    It’s the experience. I equate it the same as someone who enjoys wines, whiskeys, or even craft beers. The complexity and variety of flavors is what makes it enjoyable. It’s not about getting buzzed with any of the above; it’s about relaxing and taking in all the various nuances each item presents, at least for myself.

  • David Sanderson

    I my self am a relatively new smoker, but I would explain to a newer person that its not as bad a cigarettes because that is what most people think. Then I’d tell them how relaxing it is, its a great way to enjoy the out doors, its VERY social and extremely enjoyable. Even when i smoke a bad cigar its enjoyable because of who i’m with. I’d tell them that one of my favorite things about it is the journey of trying new flavors and strengths. I compare it to coffee, different blends and strengths.

  • wm2slc

    I would tell them it a relaxing equalizer. I smoke to get an hour or two of relaxation. When I’m in a cigar lounge I smoke with people from every walk of life. MDs, sanitation workers, dancers, film stars/directors/producers, blue collar, white collar, no collar.. It does not matter, when it all comes down to it, we are all relaxing and are all equal and we are all LOTL!
    Then I ask them to come join me and relax!

    • I can digg that! I like how a b/sotl is a certain kind if person that knows how to embrace a moment to relax and enjoy.

  • I would share with them that cigar smoking is relaxing and meditative. It’s not just smoking, it’s an experience. Each cigar allows you to enjoy a multitude of flavors and you can enjoy them with friends or by yourself.

  • jungjae510

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    I tell my non-cigar smoking friends that smoking a cigar is a great way to unwind outside.

  • Brent C.

    “For me, a cigar is about the experience.” Is the answer I usually give to someone asking me for a quick reason why I smoke, but if they’re interested, I’m always happy to elaborate on why I like them so much.

    The flavors of tobacco, because of all of the differences in where they come from and what they’re put into, are subtle and nuanced. They vary naturally from the soft sweetness of vanilla to the spiciness of black pepper, a variety that is staggering in magnitude but fascinating in possibility.

    There is a great care put into making cigars that rivals more traditional art, and just as in painting or sculpting, the end goal is creating sensation for the consumer of art. And whether that be the simple pleasure of having an inexpensive felt painting to provide a backdrop for poker night, or a Rembrandt to be a subject of serious analysis and appreciation, There’s real work and attention to detail put into premium cigars that appeals to me.

  • kevinhen16

    I always liken it to wine, beer, or coffee tasting. That usually sinks it in for most people that smoking a cigar is just a relaxing and enjoyable experience rather than a “habit” or “addiction.” I emphasize that how nice it is to just sit around chatting or doing nothing while enjoying the intricate flavors in a smoke.

    Shared on Facebook

  • Pilotdude3407

    As stated before, I always have to say its about the experience. What I have found is that there are people who really open their mind to the sights, sounds, colors, and smells around them, and there are those who don’t.

    Cigar smoking is just like food lovers (and I don’t mean love a cheeseburger type lover), wine lovers, spirit lovers, and music lovers. People start to break down what they are experiencing, whether it is the smells/tastes within your food, or the individual instruments/levels of music. To be able to drink a glass of wine (or bourbon…my favorite), or smoke a great cigar and say, this is more than dirty smoke. It has actual taste to it. There is sweetness, bitterness, spicyness to what I am experiencing. It is the most amazing sensations in the world and truly open your mind up.

    Unfortunately, some people either can’t or won’t allow themselves to get to that point and unless you get someone who is willing to sit down with you and learn or take the time and experience it on their own, you will never understand what you are missing out on. As others have said, don’t knock it until you try it.

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  • Grapes

    Smoking a cigar is as much about the flavors and tobacco as it is the process/rituals for me. it is unique in that there is a certain solitude one can achieve, even when surrounded by others, while enjoying a good stick. At the same time it is extremely social and there is a great community built around the hobby.

  • FeelingBoosted

    Business School College Freshman. It’s a good way to celebrate getting half way through the week. It’s relaxing to go to the lake, smoke, and just observe everything around you. Whether it be alone or with friends, it’s a pretty damn good way to spend a couple hours.

  • VWCC2013

    When a non-smoker asks me about my love for cigar smoking I always describe it like this: Imagine something you love to do that takes up your time, you can relax, and lose yourself for a bit, and get away from all the stress and hussle and bussle of the world. That’s what cigar smoking is to me. I can grab a cigar in toro or Churchill and have about 1-2 hours of pure relaxation and enjoyment. Everyone can choose what they want to be their gateway to relaxation and enjoyment. Some might choose music others might choose reading, but me I choose a nice cigar. Not to mention cigars go well with other relaxing activities such as reading or listening to music. Cigars go great with just about everything in regards to making one feel relaxed and at home.

  • David

    Cigar smoking is like meditation. It’s relaxing, soothing, makes you dedicate your time and attention to something other than your daily grind. It entices all of your senses and allows you to experience something new with each different stick. It’s not about the habit, it’s about the ritual! (just my humble opinion)

  • kellyj

    For me, Smoking cigars is decadent..and a passion. It is an unwinding time…a time to reflect and think about my family, my career (im a professional firefighter) and just plain relax. I enjoy them at the station along with at home.
    Cigar smoking is a pleasure, its all about the flavor, the time and technique concerning how they are made..and frankly, its a great lifestyle. I only smoke one cigar a day. I choose to enjoy quality of quantity. It may not be for everyone..but cigar smoking for me, is gentlemanly. And, I simply enjoy it.
    regards, Shawn

  • sdh3237

    I smoke cigars to relax. When I’m smoking a cigar the world slows down and I can think and reflect on whatever is on my mind. When you light a cigar you are setting aside time to think.

  • buffalo_pat

    I smoke cigars for two main reasons. First, I work a stressful job talking with people all day, every day, and this is my way of unwinding. I get home at 1am and sit in the garage enjoying a cigar to relax. Second, I enjoy trying the different varieties and developing my palette for the different nuances in flavor. I worked for a coffee company where I first learned this skilled, moved on to wines, scotch, and now cigars. I love the experience of trying a new cigar.

  • NChSCh

    I’ve explained why I smoke cigars to non smokers by simply telling them that there is a depth of flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. As an example I’ll tell them about sticks that are heavy on sweet cedar and earth with a buttery mouth feel that leave a peppery tingle on your tongue. Chocolate and pepper is another good example. I tell them that a good cigar is enough to take you away with it and leave you wondering why in the hell you didn’t start smoking them sooner.

    And if they sound interested I’ll give them a stick or two.

  • marty76

    i always say that cigars are like gourmet food. there is such a wide variety of flavors, like gourmet food, there is definatley something evrybody will like. therebfore you have to be patient and find your comfort zone. in addition, i always tell people cigar smoking is the ultimate stress relieving HOBBY.

  • Sweet! Why do I smoke? It is all about flavors and blowing smoke. Similar to sitting around a camp fire but the experience touches all the senses. No nicotine, or very little. Plus, you don’t inhale…

  • Texvet

    I typically share the relaxation aspect of cigar smoking. I also point out all of the different flavor and shapes. I also explain about the time, energy and effort that goes into making a cigar, and how it all adds to the enjoyment.

    If that doesn’t get them interested – I blow a big puff in their face and send them on their way.

  • ssrobbi

    Imagine after a stressful day, having the opportunity to sit down, and not do anything, or think about anything specific. The relaxation of having a good hour to enjoy the subtle flavors of a cigar, and no work to interfere is great.

    G+ shared

  • mfox93

    Shared on Facebook.
    I have a friend that doesn’t like cigars he the person that says oh your gonna get cancer by smoking that, sure that’s a possibility, but I tell him I smoke them to get a great flavor and enjoyment out of, I don’t smoke them for a nicotine rush.

  • puro

    Hello all,

    Started smoking cigars a few months ago (I am a non-aromatic pipe smoker). Very glad that I did. A new world of flavors opened up to me and I always check out Bryan’s reviews before buying any stick. To coin a phrase “I greatly appreciate it brother”.


  • Dennis

    Hand made cigars, why not
    Cigars are hand made gems, no two are ever exactly the same, they can be used to relax at the end of a work week as I use them, for a celebration of an event, or just a good reason to take some personal time to collect your thoughts, and if used correctly they are very enjoyable. There have been many reports for years on the health problems and benefits of smoking cigars both equal in scope and direction. Like everything to much of anything can be dangerous. Cigars can be a way to reconnect with people that you have not seen in a while or provide a format for the people you like to talk to, in my case this would be my deer hunting buddies as I usually have not seen them in a while. A cigar can display many different flavors or character in one cigar or maybe only one flavor or profile throughout one cigar. In my opinion they are very good to have either before or after a good meal, or as a night cap to celebrate a good day or work week. They are an artful construction of aged tobaccos meant for enjoyment and celebration with pleasant aromas. If you enjoy such flavors as Chocolate, Mocha, Coffee, Espresso, Nuts, Aromatic woods(Oak/Cedar), Anise, or even leather or earthy flavors then there is a cigar for you, as these flavors can be found in many different cigars. If you have never experienced a cigar you should at least try one, but before you do find someone with some knowledge on cigars and have them explain or direct you to a cigar that might suite your palate best, or go to you tube and subscribe to the CigarObession channel as I have done and figure out what you may enjoy from watching reviews of different cigars. The reviews are always packed full of information about the cigar, with very useful flavor, body and strength information for you to start to develop your own palate.

  • Philly5800

    1. Flavor. It’s hard to believe you taste so many food flavors in something that is simply tobacco. It never ceases to amaze me how the blending of one crop can produce so many dynamic tastes. You have to respect that. Think about it, it’s zero calories, too!

    2. Relaxation. Unlike the cigarette smoker who has to race outside in poor weather to nervously suck in their nicotine as fast as possible, the cigar demands that the smoker commit anywhere from 45 mins. to 2 hours to a form of deep meditation and focus on nothing more than pleasure. Instead of a reality show and mindless eating, I spend 2 hours each night smoking a fine cigar and examining the events of the day in my mind.

    3. Art. Although the tobacco crop is a commodity, the cigar is a work of art. I never smoke one without imagining the whole process that brought it to me. The hundreds of hands that crafted the beauty. How many things to we use and enjoy nowawdays that are handmade? It’s ironic: on the one hand, I marvel at the fact that something handmade can be produced so consistently, but on the other hand I notice slight differences from stick to stick of the same brand and line and it makes me feel lucky that each cigar is an experience that can never really be replicated. Every smoke is a once in a lifetime pleasure.

    Facebook shared.

  • Craig

    The main reason I smoke cigar’s is for the few moments of relaxation they bring. Where no matter what happened that day, I can decompress and enjoy whatever mysterious flavors that nights cigar may bring. That’s my nightly ritual. But it is also nice to hit the local B&M and enjoy a cigar and some laughs with my BOTL and SOTL. It’s really something that has to be experienced to understand. That my potential new cigar smoker is where you come in! Shared on Facebook.

  • z0mbie10

    I actually deal with this situation in that my girlfriend hates that I smoke cigars but she knows I enjoy them especially after a stressful week. She wouldn’t be caught dead smoking one but I have to say it may be growing on her as shes started to ask me if she could smell the cigar before I light it. I think it comes down to wanting to be apart of something. I got into smoking cigars because my friends smoked them on a nice day and so I tried it and enjoyed myself. In the end a non smoker will always hate it but at one point we were all non smokers.

  • mzito

    I am new to Cigars and have been partaking for about 3 months. My close friend, who is a non smoker often asks why i got into it. “Its hard to put my finger on it but there is something about the look, feel and emotion of smoking a good cigar. Sometimes feels like when i blow out smoke, the stress of day just dissipates into thin air and everything is going to be okay. Why don’t you just join in the experience.”

  • eric.hanson

    Shared with google,
    With my non-cigar friends I usually tell them that there’s really not an experience like smoking a cigar. I explain how even though cigars give flavors similar to foods (i.e. pepper, nuts, ect), that the way you experience those flavors is very unique. Further, since I always smoke outside I also explain how a cigar is a great way for me to sit back look up at the beautiful sky, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature. I also explain how much cigars help me to relax. Then I usually explain how cigars are fun to collect and take care of, I usually draw parallels to how some people take care of plants. Finally I explain how cigars are such a great thing for me personally because they are a great thing to socialize over and grow deeper in relationships, or to be by myself and have some needed introvert time.

  • datholen

    As a new smoker one of the things about a cigar that I am attracted to is the aroma and I hear very little discussion about the aroma of a cigar when evaluating. Yes, the taste experience is important but aroma is a large part of the impression I receive when enjoying a cigar.

  • lazyboy

    It’s my escape. It’s my “me” time. My time to relax and just be. Some people choose to get high to escape some choose to drink. I choose to relax with a good smoke. Plus it’s a little glimpse into the “good life” we all dream about

    • lazyboy

      Forgot. Google+

    • james ritter

      Exactly thats what I told my local cigarshop owner I like the fact I can unwind an not feel buzzed or drinking. I can have a cigar while driving and not be nervous lol

  • juarez454

    The first time I smoked a cigar was when I was 18. we would start a bond fire and light up a macanudo cigar. Nine years later I decide to start collecting different, and guess what I did, that I have not done in years. I started a bond fire, got with my friends and smoked a cigar. if some one was asked my “why?”, I would say if you can find a friend to share a cigar with, then that time smoking would be the best part of both of your day. you would make a bond and memory that will last a life time. and if you can only smoke by your self then forget everyone else you needed time by your self.
    p.s. my wife smokes with me now, our relationship is so much better. we talk for an hour to an hour and a half 🙂

    • Cigarsanyjuan

      My girlfriend smokes with me as well. It gives us time to have great conversations and work out any issues.

    • EzyE77

      If you can not talk to your wife for an hour or two with out a cigar then you married the wrong person. Thanks for a incoherent post. By the way, its a bon fire.

      • juarez454

        Thanks for the spell check I was in a hurry when I posted and made the rookie mistake of not reading what I was writing. I can talk to my wife just fine its just that I am always busy talking to your wife I can never find time anymore. keep smoking your so nice!

  • Cigarsanyjuan

    I have two loves in my life, those being cigars and poetry. With all the stuff I have going on including school, work, and family life, I have these two loves keeping me sane. Some people love to fish, others enjoy painting. Cigars give me time for myself to think and enjoy time off from the world around me. Sometimes, I include my friends when smoking a cigar and share knowledge with them about cigars. Cigars have been a gateway for healthy socialization for many years. A lot of people have the notion that cigars are just like cigarettes in taste and damage to the body. This factually incorrect and one could do their own research to find information stating otherwise. The quality of cigar tobacco is way beyond what you would find in any cigarette. This makes the flavors coming out of a good cigar quite enjoyable for those who learn to appreciate them. The craftsmanship going into making a cigar makes it an art in itself. For those who have never had one, there is no harm in trying just one. As a poet for many years I can appreciate the art.

    • EzyE77

      O.K. first yes cigars are not as bad as cigarettes. They are still bad for you. Nicotine is there to addict you. Cigars will cause mouth cancer. These are facts.

  • james ritter

    I have talked to people who don’t smoke at all and tried to have them understand that there really is an enjoyment to it and it’s well not what many think. There’s alot behind the cigar from the care of growing and rolling skill to how far the owners go for the families that work there! How complicated the flavor profiles how each is different. Bryan I find it difficult to actualy explain it to people . On the outside looking in it’s hard to imagine that a cigar can change it’s flavors or stay consistent. I tell them I love looking up at the stars at the end of everyday and how it can slow down a busy day because u have to make time for it you can’t rush it! I love that!!! Also for me it brought me closer to my brother for which we havnt hung out in years and now we make time to enjoy a cigar once a week 🙂

  • gvarsity

    For me it can be a focused meditation. It lets me operate from a different part of my brain whether I am smoking alone or socializing with others. It also is an active process no different than dining or enjoying wine or whiskey or music. Although I can I don’t generally passively smoke a cigar any more.

  • Tuck29S

    I smoke cigars and appreciate generations of families committed to the art of blending tobaccos to achieve balance and complexity. I continue to be amazed at the levels if flavors that can be presented to the palette. Join me, the first one is on me…

  • Tuck29S

    I smoke cigars and appreciate generations of families committed to the art of blending tobaccos to achieve balance and complexity. I continue to be amazed at the levels of flavors that can be presented to the palette. Join me, the first one is on me…

  • DrDetroit1984

    I smoke cigars because it’s a way to relax and smell the tobacco-scented roses.

  • EzyE77

    Here is the bad news for all saying they feel relaxation. That is simply the effect of nicotine. I know “but I don’t inhale” nicotine absorbs through the mouth. For non smokers I try to explain the flavors I get from a good cigar. Most of my friends who smoke cigars don’t understand the flavors when I mention them. I don’t get some Bryan gets. I just say its something I enjoy.

    • james ritter

      Hmm well if I’m not mistaking if a cigar has been fermented well and aged well it tends to loose it’s nicotine.

      • EzyE77

        It lowers it but it does not go away. Nicotine is always present in tobacco, same with the carcinogens that cause cancer. I love cigars but am not blind to the health risks involved. I do not lie to myself and say it is healthy to do.

  • CrizBoss

    To me a cigar is just crafted to be smoked. The blends if the sticks and the tastes of how each has it own flavor. And the scents that are left to smell are just phenomenal.

  • Dennis

    Random Number drawing pick:



  • ampete1

    I like to tell people that ask why I smoke cigars that it is something I like to do to slow down and unwind. The process of smoking a cigar I find relaxing and enjoyable. I also like to tell them that cigars can taste very different from brand to brand and it is fun to try different sticks to see the differences.

  • say aah

    First off, I’m a pediatrician, so a lot of folks wonder why a doctor would smoke cigars. I start by telling them that I have never smoked a cigarette (never, really!). I tell people that when I smoke a cigar, it’s really a time to relax… For 45 minutes (more or less), I get to just sit back on my deck, perhaps have a drink, listen to some music and visit with my wife (who has recently taken up having a cigar with me every now and then). I don’t have a ton of time through the day (or even in the evenings) to take this time for myself, so my time on the deck is just for relaxation – my dog likes it too (he comes out and runs around while “dad” is taking some time out). The “P.S.” to all of this is I often find out that many people are really open to coming over and trying that first cigar with me… Just to enjoy the experience!

  • kb9311

    Shared on Facebook! I tell New or non smokers that in cigars as in everything moderation is the way to go! I mainly am obsessed with the hobby of collecting cigars and trading with friends. I smoke cigars to celebrate something special and to relax after a long day with a nice bourbon or rum. But always with self control. Thanks for the contest !

  • ABrooks80

    I will begin by saying I just read all of these and glad I did if I could give a explanation to someone there would be a little something from everyone that has commented. There’s really not much more to say except after I’ve shared a little of everyone’s testimony I would set the person down with an iPad or in the computer chair go to this website have them watch the great videos that Bryan shares then take them into my favorite Tobacconists walk-in Humidor and give them that experience. After that I’m sure we would head over to the Havana Garage here in Omaha and enjoy their first stick and favorite drink then talk humidors.

    P.S. And I would point them to Cigar Obsession for their instructions on lighting seasoning cutting & Etc.

    • EzyE77

      Damn if it wasn’t random, you win. Best entry I have read.

  • Chaz

    I would say that the unique culinary qualities of cigars rival and exceed those of wine and fine whisky. Also, cigars force us to slow down and just simply relax and savor life. It’s almost like a form of meditation for me.

    liked on facebook.

  • CigarStrawn

    Shared on Facebook. I would tell them I love cigars so much because each one has it’s own story. Each individual leaf passed through hundreds of hands, paired with other leaves grown from other parts of the world, traveled hundreds-if not thousands-of miles,just to be placed in your humidor. Cigars bring the world together, if you think about it.

  • pdaug0511

    Actually, I get this question a lot. I am in college, and I would definitely say that the majority of college students do not know what it means to enjoy the cigar. If, perhaps, they do enjoy smoking a fine cigar here and there, I find that they don’t understand what a cigar really is, and how much preparation, thought, and care went into creating the cigar.

    I usually explain to people that cigars are a great way for me to just think about things, and appreciate the moment. The aromas are sometimes too unique and enjoyable to try to describe to non-cigar smokers. I will explain to them that hundreds of pairs of hands had actually touched the cigar in some way before it got to me, and what I am smoking is really a piece of art. I then try to explain to them what comprises a cigar and the different process the tobacco goes through before becoming smokable. Overall, I express my love for them to newbies.

    Shared on FB

  • 805guy

    I like to tell people that i smoke cigars to unwind at the end of the day or to enjoy a special occasion. I tell them i enjoy the different aromas each cigar brings as well as the unique flavors that are in each cigar.

  • smoke dogg

    When asked why do I smoke cigars, I reply with to relax. I have found it is a great way to take a step out of a sometime fast- pace hectic day or week and unwind, re-group and focus on what is really imortant to ones self. I am by no means an advid cigar smoker, but I do enjoy the flavors and aromas of the sticks I do smoke and for that reason I will continue enjoying my new found hobby!!!!!

  • Jason Isbaner

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter
    I tell people that cigar smoking is something they have to experience to full understand. It can be relaxing, it can be rewarding, it can be kind of what ever you need it to be. Like hitting the perfect shot in golf or having that perfect meal that you looked forward to all day. Cigars are a complement to everyday life. Like a great beer, fine wine or a bite of a perfectly cooked steak, cigars need to be experienced to fully appreciate what they will mean for you. Then I tell them that for me a well blended cigar has so many parts to love. The smell both lit and un lit, the flavors the transitions, the mouth feel, the enjoyment. Buy this time they are sick of me rambling and will try anything to shut me up. Lol

  • rockjock

    I thought about this for a long time. Why I like to smoke cigars is really answered in two parts. First is the cigar itself. I like the flavor and aroma. Is it as good as fresh baked chocolate chip cookies? That’s open for discussion. With tons of different types of cigars I can choose something I know well or can always find something I have never tried before.

    The second aspect is the social side. I mostly smoke with friends and colleges. This gives us a great time to converse. The relaxing nature of smoking a premium cigar and the time to hang out with people are hard to beat.

  • SLCigarClassy101

    Liked on FB.

    For me, when I talk to people about cigar smoking, I tell them how it’s a hobby for me that I got into after a interest in cigars since a young age, mainly due to the fact my grandfather was a cigar smoker. Of course, seeing as they already have the preconceived negative perspective on cigars, I would tell them them firstly how cigar smoking is on a whole different level than cigarette smoking. I would then elaborate how unlike cigarette smoking, you do not inhale whilst smoking a cigar and that many cigars have very different flavors, depending on how they are made, where they are made, and when they are made. Hoping that would gain their more interest, I would elaborate on the basics of actually prepping a cigar, toasting a cigar, smoking it, and preferences on when to stop. If they would like trying it, I would gladly offer them a mild to medium stick to try. And hey, if they liked it, I would be glad I introduced another person into the lifestyle of cigar smoking.

  • BenFig33

    I have learned to enjoy cigars as much a wine. For non-smokers, what they don’t understand is that the more you smoke cigars, the more you are able to detect and appreciate the complex flavors they generate. Non-smokers believe all cigars are essentially the same – stinky and disgusting. When, in fact, they are as varied in flavor and complexity as the many bottles of wine you see on the shelf of a good wine store.

  • Rob

    I simply explain that life is so fast and busy every day, cigars give me a way to force myself to slow down. Take some time to think about the day, the future and the past. I also enjoy finding different flavor combos amongst the many cigars in the world. I think everyone needs a hobby; something to come home and think about other than work, bills and the current events. This is my hobby.

    shared on google+

  • CollinCoffield

    The cigar itself is an art for me, the way it was delicately crafted and designed with the unique combination of tobaccos is extremely inviting. When asked by a non-smoker why i smoke cigars, the answer is complicated, i enjoy the flavors just like everyone else, but the conversations that can be had over a cigar is unlike any other, something about a cigar and a buddy stimulates conversation and creates an atmosphere that cannot be forged otherwise.

  • Koach77

    Actually, I AM the new cigar smoker as of 11/16/2013 having smoked the first cigar of my 54-years and although I am looking forward to the next in the “sample” pack I purchased, I am hopeful that better cigars will be found therein.

    I have been toying with the idea of trying cigars for about ten-years or so. Understand, my Dad was a heavy smoker since he was twelve and had emphysema, colon and lung cancer when we lost him February 2007. I was about as anti-smoker as one gets.

    That said, I decided to break out and give it a try. I have had the opportunity, although briefly to talk with a tobacconist (never knew that existed) and he, I think will be a wealth of knowledge keeping in mind affordable cigars that are not going to knock me off my feet. My first cigar was a Macanudo (something or another,)very unsatisfying that left me tasting the smoke with ever so slight peppery taste, mostly smoke.

    Next up: Garo Double Habano


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