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More Shame! Apology Accepted. And Retracted!

by Bryan Glynn, September 23, 2013
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Untitled-1There is obviously no shortage of assholes that steal my work, copy my style, plagiarize my words, etc. but this guy takes the cake (so far) for sleeze. He is quite obviously trying to use my own name to solicit cigars! One of the retailers he is now actively emailing, sent me what he is sending out and it’s reprehensible that he would be trying to link me to this! I’m reporting him to YouTube right now. Yet another college aged assclown thinking the world owes him everything on a silver platter it seems. Oh and he’s the latest that is trying to steal my lottery idea. How original.

Customer Name: Joshua Smerke
Customer Email: joshuasmerke@aol.com

My name is Joshua Smerke I have a new youtube channel called Cigar obsession/ lover and have gotten over 300 views on my first video in only 4 days, but it is frozen right now at 301 views for technical difficulties I am currently working out. I am contacting your wonderful company and website to just say my viewers love your website, but sadly some don’t know about you. I would love it if you were generous enough to sponsor a giveaway I am doing in my next video. You would get a shout out in that video and a direct link to your website in the description. What I would need from you is whatever you are willing to give to this great opportunity for both of us. I look forward to hearing back from you about our future business endeavors. My email is joshuasmerek@aol.com and of course you can reach me at my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCezIi9wMpGTI2ToMyC2vT6A?feature=watch Thank you again for your time.

EDIT: He apologized, removed my name, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word. Apology Accepted.

EDIT: It appears he really didn’t learn his lesson at all, registering with a 2nd fake account pretending to be a 3rd person to defend himself. Goodbye, again, ‘cigarsmokernewbie’.

  • Flowers4Algernon

    I’m a little surprised you didn’t anticipate this. Or maybe you did.

    In any event, you are going to need some help with this. I’m not sure what help that would be, but a phone call to the office of the Florida Attorney General’s office may be a good place to start.

  • Toolride

    What a lil’ douche. No mater what you do in life there are always people who want to tag on your coattails. I can speak on this personally. I have a halloween character that has been around for 10+ years. I get paid to do special events and appearances. Then two little asshole high school kids started actually booking and advertising that I was at events nearly ruining my reputation. I had to send them a cease and desist order to get them to stop. Even after all that, I got an email from one of them asking me to appear at events with them and beg me to let them tag along to events I’m booked at already… my resposne… F you and F off. Good luck man!

    • Toolride

      The little shit is even doing a cigar lottery. What a dick!

  • Marc

    I’m not surprised at all. He doesn’t seam to be old enough to smoke. Okay, I’m gonna say it. Maybe it’s nerves but, It seams like substance abuse ?

  • Jared

    I don’t get it. He could have just changed his screen name to something else, and then he’d be just another dude on youtube doing reviews. He should have just stopped there, whether he was purposefully being underhanded, or just kinda dumb thinking it was ok. If he “loves Cigar Obsession”, he should have known how pissed Bryan gets at being ripped off.

    • Flowers4Algernon

      I think the guy is either very young, or has some sort of diminished capacity, or was never “gifted” with any social skills whatsoever.

      The last one seems most likely to me. Not a sociopath, because those are usually quite good at faking social skills.

      • I’ll vouch for all three

        • Toolride

          I watched his videos and I’ll say he is a newb smoker who in my opinion is trying to gain followers by latching onto Bryan’s coattails to get some form of fame. Even more so, now he is trying to get free cigars and products be mooching off the cigarobession name.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Wow, some people

  • What an schmuck.

  • cigarraider

    Yo Brian,

    I know a couple of fellas from the ol neighborhood who “handle” situations like this for an envelope of Padrons under the table. Ya know what I’m say’n? Maybe I’ll make a phone call for ya. Meanwhile, have a smoke and fuhgeddaboudit.

  • ParadiseCove

    Bryan..time to break this one out yet again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i6OrOZwtmA

  • otrdriver6767

    I reported him as sh^%

  • nhahguod

    What a low life. Such a shame you have to waste your time ratting out A-holes like this.

  • Hey, at least the kid gave ya a shout out Bryan! LOL

    At any rate, he’s gotta be on something. He’s way to fidgety!

    I hate unoriginal people but what is reporting him to YouTube going to do? Besides using your name, do you have the rights to a cigar lottery or the like to restrict someone else from doing it? I’m just curious if you have enough to get this kid shut down. He looks too young to smoke anyway!

    • The name is all I need, Trademark usage rights. I’m deciding if I want to spend the $500 to actually register it now just to make it easier to make claims in the future. It sucks that I have to waste the money on such nonsense.

      • smokethis

        You’ve become such a large influence(go to site) in the community. I think at this point you need to register.

        • Yeah just not a good time, the house project just tipped the $4000 mark with a lot more to go in the next couple weeks. But I agree.

  • Chaz

    Twitchy little bugger. Gives me major douche chills. Sic ’em Bryan!

  • smokethis

    I think the kid is just stupid , he seems like he has no clue what planet he is on.

  • Marc

    That was a trip.

  • Toolride

    Oh, now he has posted a “my apology to Bryan Gleen and the fans on his channel” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQq2EpWcjmE

  • Don

    I guess could have a “Cigar Obsession”. 🙂 Keep on finding those DBs who steal your content. It’s funny how many try to steal from people who have the most content and can easily be rooted out.

    • Don

      *Most could have a “Cigar Obsession”

  • Robert

    His sincerity got lost in the apology.

    • Flowers4Algernon

      His apology got host in fear. A little twerp like that is easily cowed.

  • lazyboy

    It’s crazy to me how many young kids are trying to review cigars. Like I’m suppose to believe at their age their palate is that experienced. It’s so obvious most are just reading off other reviews. It’s so dumb to here these kids reviewing a padron. I even saw a kid going over the construction of an al Capone sweet. It was hilarious.

  • JackFerguson


    I’ve been involved with non-for-profit organizations for 40 years as a volunteer grunt AND all the way up to president. The higher you go, the better you get, the more copycats & detractors you accumulate.

    I’m glad this episode ended with an apology, but do look at these cretins as proof positive of what many of us already know… you’re the best of the best!

    Please keep up the good work man!

  • cigarsmokernewbie

    EDIT: THIS IS JOSHUA under a 2nd fake account

    Wow you guys are really hard on this kid. I mean whats the big deal he gave him credit and apologized and Bryan as nice as he is accepted it and you guys just keep hounding him and criticizing IT’S DISGUSTING and IMMATURE!

    • Flowers4Algernon

      It appears you’re not just a “newbie” about cigars. The boy committed FRAUD and broke the law.

      • cigarsmokernewbie

        He didnt commit fraud show me proof that he said HE WAS BRYAN GLENN

        • cigarsmokernewbie

          Opps meant glynn

        • Flowers4Algernon

          ROFL. Grow up, kid.

          • cigarsmokernewbie

            His video was called cigar obsession/ lover. HE NEVER ONCE said ohh I’m Bryan glynn the owner of the channel cigar obsession

          • Flowers4Algernon

            I’m trying to convince myself you couldn’t be as stupid as you appear to be.

    • Goodbye, again, Joshua.

      • Flowers4Algernon

        This is that Smerka jerka using another screen name, isn’t it, Bryan?

        I thought that first off last night, when he first appeared.

  • Flowers4Algernon

    P.S. I failed.

    • cigarsmokernewbie

      Did you just call a lady stupid?

      • rgorman

        Kid, shut the hell up! Get a life and find a new hobby until you are mature enough to try something without hacking on another’s ideas. Then, to make matters worse, you create a second account to try and defend yourself like the pathetic, brainless moron you are. Get a clue kid, no one cares about your reviews or you apologies for goodness sake.

  • Nolen

    Did he even lite the conuco?

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