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CigarObsession PSA: Check Your Cigar Humidor Hardware!

by Bryan Glynn, September 17, 2013
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While in the middle of this shoot I had the hunch to just double check the gauge I was using out in the room, to make sure things were good while I had all these boxes out. Even though my conditions were ok either way, I did discover a faulty unit that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise! I also show you another option, the new Caliber 4R from CigarFresh.com

  • Whickster77

    I had a similar issue with the Little Havana units. I purchased 2 units at the same time, one for a desk top and the other for a herfador. When I got them home I salt tested both units and they were both off in different directions by about 4 percent on one unit and 5 on the other. Because these units can not be calibrated I promptly returned them to my retailer and purchased a couple of Xikar units that were a little bit more expensive but can be calibrated and of course come with there lifetime warranty. So there was a little more up front cost but over the long run, with there reliability and warranty I should come out way ahead, and my cigars are perfect and that’s the most important thing. Buyers beware of these units.

  • Keith.VanMetre

    Mmmm VSG. I wouldn’t be mad with you if you sent a box my way. Great video though.

  • montyz

    Hey Wickster77, I had the exact same issue and also purchased a Xikar unit. I’ve had no issues since.

  • Robert

    You can pick up the round one from amazon for about $20. It’s good but does have one flaw that I’ve found. It’s too big to fit in the outside hole, at least on my humidor.

    You are absolutely right on the hygrometer readingings. I spent time calibrating each one I purchased. In the end though I use multiple units in each humidor because I don’t trust them to stay accurate.

    Thanks for the PSA.

  • These Little Havana units are the worst. I bought two at the same time and both are off. The temperature is usually in the ball park (still off) but I find the humidity is always off by a long shot. I like to store my smokes at 65 give or take a couple degrees humidity and I use the boveda packs and zip lock bags. The humidity readouts I get are off by anywhere from 10-25%. It also takes a long time to get them moving one way or another. I would avoid these, I think they are a junk product and consumers should absolutely look elsewhere. You are better off not using a hygrometer and utilizing known proper storage techniques than trusting the Little Havana hygrometer. Buyer beware.

    • Yep, luckily I use beads everywhere so even without gauges I would have been fine. Reason #7 I love beads 🙂

  • Don

    I have a standard brass one that came with the humidor and love it because it “fits” in the humidor, but It reads bad. I have a digital in there too, but I need to look for one that I can keep in the humidor slot for it. I’m kind of anal that way.

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