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Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot 2

by Bryan Glynn, September 12, 2013
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I figured I’ve give you guys another little BTS action for a cigar photoshoot, I’ve done it before here and there and some of you showed interest. I’m doing a huge shoot for a large Tampa area store (I’ll announce it when it’s complete and they have the new site running). I have hundreds of boxes to run through, doing 5 shots each. It’ll take me a good week of work, last night I started my blocking out and we’re going over proofs to nail down the final production look they require. Today I’m going through the tedious part, opening everything, removing cello, making them look pretty. You can see more of that in today’s HLO video when it goes live sometime tonight if you’re further interested.

You can see some more in todays HLO Video here.

  • rockjock

    Maybe you will get lucky and the guys who steal your work will go do their own now…ok, probably not.

  • stogiemalt

    Wow, very cool….thanks for sharing!

  • Dave

    okay so i know you get to keep some cigars but really are you going to get to keep 20K is amazing cigars!?!?!

    • It’s pretty uncouth to ask such a question…but to answer, no, these all go back.

      • tainted

        Hopefully they are local to you. Packing and reshipping all that would be a nightmare.

  • yosef5

    thans for sharing your work

  • tainted

    Very interesting. It’s is all nice to know that your peers and companies, trust you and your work enough to create a huge project for them like this.

    • Yes, they are in Tampa as I think mentioned in the vid 😉

  • Philly5800

    Not smart showing off $20k in merchandise on a website that also lists your home address. Just looking out for you because I enjoy your videos and you seem like a nice dude.

    • LOL paranoid much 😉 I have way more than that in photography equipment…and that’s what my Sig security system is for hehe

      • cigarraider

        Crap. There goes my idea to burglarize your home for those premium sticks. Guess I’ll have to stick to my day job 🙁

      • Philly5800

        LOL Actually, yes, I am paranoid. Then again, I live in a pretty dangerous urban area up north, so I have reason to be more cynical than folks in sunny Florida.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Very interesting, thanks for the video

  • AngSolo

    Wow I bet its cool to get to handle all those cigars. Looks like hard work taking the pictures though. Are all those brands owned by one parent company? Or are they for different clients.
    Great choice in SIGcurity

  • Chaz

    Wow. Crazy how much work and attention to detail goes into something like that. Really makes me respect the profession even more than I already did! Just out of curiosity, which is more lucrative, big product shoots or wedding shoots?

    • They are about the same averaged over the work required. This is about a 40 hour project as is a large wedding from start to finish.

  • AL

    Mise en place. Je l’adore.

  • pipeking

    Hey Brian, in the vid u said “it’s like 3 in the morning”, when do u sleep? u do your cigar reviews at dawn, and at dusk, and your cooking videos during the afternoon. I’ve heard u mention your married too, how many hours r in the day in HOLIDAY,FL?

  • nhahguod

    Thanks for providing a behind-the-scenes look at your ‘other’ job, Bryan. You would have been a great teacher.

  • Robert

    Thanks for sharing your tricks of the trade. When reading the title, I envisioned expensive dark wood & leather furniture, as a backdrop. I guess that would be a different kind of shoot? Are these catalog shots?

    • Yes a product shoot is for websites, catalog, brochure, booth, banner, email, etc. marketing. I’ve done the lifestyle shots too but companies have been getting away form that old stale type look in recent years.

  • smokethis

    Cool stuff B. Seems like a lot of work making sure attention to detail is so important..
    I still remember taking pictures on a Polaroid lol

  • Daniels

    Hi Bryan, this is exactly why I am an avid and loyal viewer of your site. You bring so much more to the the cigar experience. Thanks Bro.


    I’m guessing these are going back to the store, right? Do they let you keep anything from the shoot? Also how does the time out of the humi and being under the light impact the cigars?

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