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Guy Stuff – Smoked Turkey Sausage And Cajun Shrimp Gumbo Over Rice

by Bryan Glynn, September 5, 2013
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Guy Stuff – Smoked Turkey Sausage And Cajun Shrimp Gumbo Over Rice

20130826gumbo0002-EditMixing a little cajun creole and gumbo together, this is a very spicy but not fire-breathing way to get some awesome flavors goin! Smoking the sausage gives you absolutely delicious layers of flavor and texture, and the best part is none of the heat goes away in the fridge after reheating unlike using dry spices. Feel free to use fillings of your choice, crawfish would be excellent or even adding some sweet corn to the pot. But this is a sure fire hit for anyone that loves bold flavor, spices and filing but surprisingly light good eats!

To make this you’ll need:
Raw shrimp
Turkey Sausage
Smoke wood
Green pepper
Fat-free low sodium chicken broth
Onion powder
Ground pepper
Shrimp & Crab Boil extract
Diced Tomatoes & Green Chillies

  • Chris

    This looks fantastic, will definitely be giving it a try.

  • Robert

    Nice, and no requirement to make a roux. Bryan are you the head chef at Chez Glynn?

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