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Random Act Of Kindness Contest

by Bryan Glynn, August 29, 2013
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EDIT: Congratulations Tactical Stogie!

ipw0105First, congratulations user: ‘socks’, winner of the last contest! Email me your contact info and I’ll get your sampler right out!

Now on to the new one ๐Ÿ™‚ This time I want everyone to help share of beloved hobby. How? By giving someone a cigar. I want it to be someone you wouldn’t normally give one to, or wouldn’t have thought about before. I want you to spread the love and maybe turn on a new smoker! I don’t care who (as long as they are of legal age lol) or for what reason you pick them. For example last week I gave my Terminix guy a sampler to take home. In fact just about every time I have someone over such as a client I ask if they are a cigar lover as they are leaving – if so, they get to take some home!

It’s on the honor system of course so if you cheat and say you did, well, karma’s a bitch. Just post below with who you surprised and share it using the buttons for an entry. I’ll pick a random winner sometime next week and you get a sampler ๐Ÿ™‚ Entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • yosef5

    Many times I have met someone getting married & then surptised them by giving them a cigar

    • Guys – this is a contest to give a cigar, not tell a story of one you already gave! If I see entries right now I know they are all fake ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Philly5800


    I can’t believe you posted this contest because last night I was debating whether I should give someone a cigar–this made me do it! A friend of mine who lives down in FLA always comments on my Instagram pics of cigars and I keep telling him to try 2 particular cigars I love. He never gets around to it, so today I’m going to surprise him and send him 2 of each along with 2 sticks I know he already likes. Can’t wait to hear his reaction. I’m gonna save to share this on FB until after he receives it.

  • chief791

    Just sent out a cigar bomb of 5 sticks to a complete stranger on a cigar message board i belong to. He should get them on Tuesday. Shared on FB.

  • TacticalStogie

    Small world!! I have had the same UPS driver for years (12 to be exact) and we are always talking about the new craft beer to drink or whatever DIY project I have going on or who is going to win this weekends football game. We get along pretty well even though we are pretty much nothing alike. Kinda cool I think. Anyway today I was patiently waiting at the dock door to see what I got in from Cigar Int.. He could tell I was looking for something personal and thought it was funny to hold it on the truck to the very last box (27 boxes later). So he had to ask what I got (guess since we are so chummy that he thinks it his business to know) anyway I went on to tell him that that I got in some cigars. He was shocked that I even smoked cigars and I was even more shocked that we hadnโ€™t already talked about this before. Anyway he proceed to tell me that he may smoke a cigar every once in a while, but that he never really got in to it; that he didnt care much for it.. Well I couldnโ€™t have that. I whipped out my knife, opened up my CI box and handed over (2) cigars. One Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Robusto and one Rocky Patel Decade Toro!! If the Dude doesnโ€™t like these cigars than he should never smoke another cigar the rest of his life!

    PS.. I may have made a monster.. I guess I will know if my next shipment of stogies comes up light!

    PSS.. Thanks for letting me join page.. Love your quick reviews on Youtube

  • Leo Steelfire

    In 4 days one of my good friends is turning 19th, I plan on getting him and a few others each there own Foundry Lovelace, I really enjoy this cigar and think that it will be a good evening. Hopefully they will enjoy it as well.

    Liked on Facebook.

  • rgorman

    Just gave my dad a “My Father”! We drank several beers tonight and kind of hit on some hard things that I have seen at work (cop) so I thought the time was right!

    Twitter and Google

  • Toolride

    I bought some cigars into my guys who work with me. One guy was leaving our agency to work at on the Outer Banks of NC. But we were able to handle call volume while being short staffed. I now have 2 co-workers who love GOOD cigars since they had only had crap ones in the past.

  • kevinhen16

    Gave my best friend a cigar last night. Up until then, he had only tried “gas station” cigars. We smoked together over a couple beers and now plan to make it a somewhat regular thing.

    Shared on Facebook

  • puffrey

    Had a sales meeting with one of my customers this morning and we have had chats of cigars before. Today, and because of your contest, I took him a cigar (Alec Bradley Tempus)and he thought so much of the gesture that he referred me some more business!

  • vwarnerjr

    I do this all the time, I always carry a selection of cigars with me for my personal use and I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, his house got broken into and he lost a lot of items. Before I left I gave him one of my traveling humidors with about 15 cigars. I told him to relax, enjoy a cigar and a good glass of something and forget about his troubles for awhile. I love giving away cigars to create new fans, there have been a few who have not carried on the tradition but others who have.

  • douglas77

    Just ordered an assortment of some j fuego origin packs to share with guys on an upcoming hike. I figured i should have a variety with me to let em experience a couple different sticks throughout the hiking and fishing escapades. Cant wait to see the reaction from guys used to settling for swisher sweets.

  • lostonmonday

    My boss’s dad has a prosthetic leg, and he needed a new footshell (covers the carbon fiber foot, filling up a shoe, and makes it look kinda’ like a real foot). So just before she left last night, I tossed a couple of cigars in his footshell. My boss told me today he almost squished them putting the footshell on! LOL, I’ve done this to him before, so I thought he would’ve checked first by now.

  • mattdevilsfan

    i was walking around smoking and i saw another man walking towards me and he was smoking a cigarette and he finshed and went into his pocket to get another and was out. i took one that i had in my pocket and went up to him and asked him if he wanted it and he said yes and i went on my way.

  • Davomak

    On my way to work this morning I picked up a box of Rocky Patel 1992’s. At work today, our new Regional Vice President of Sales paid us a surprise visit. After a round of Q & A, I remembered this posting from yesterday so I ran out to my car and grabbed a couple stogies for my new boss. When I handed them over and welcomed him to the team, he instantly smiled and told me that this a very thoughtful gesture made all the better because his wife was due to give birth in about a week. He said he would save them to celebrate. Just goes to show you that something as simple as a cigar and a handshake can really make someone’s day.

  • samgiroux42

    New neighbors moved in to the area today and I brought him two cigars to welcome him (Blanco Cigars). He seems to be a great guy and has always wanted to get more into cigars…this could be a beautiful relationship.

  • jungjae510


    Gave a cigar to my brother in law who is a smoker and is trying to quit

  • Jaylang

    Gave my brother a Rocky Patel Edge tonight. hes not a cigar smoker but he loved the Sumatra edge i gave him! Shared on FB.

  • Tracco

    This is great because I give my supervisor and brother in-law cigars. I was reluctant about my supervisor, so one day I brought a few cigars and I ask him ” do you smoke cigars” he said on occasion. He was not on the up and up, so I gave him a few. Illision 88, Padron 2000 and Tatuaje Havana VI. He liked them a lot!
    I have gotten a few in return as well. The best part is that they view CO! My brother in law, we always get each other different ones to try and it’s great because it is sharing!
    Thanks Brian!

  • RamzaFreak20

    A fellow office worker (and kind of the office dbag) successfully defended his dissertation and received his PhD. Usually, we all go out drinking to celebrate, but he didn’t have anyone to go with. So it was just us, I brought some AB Tempus and we smoked them while shooting pool. Yesterday, he came to pack up his stuff because he got a job, and he pulled me aside. He said in a teary conversation, that nobody had ever asked him out the entire PhD program, and that was the first time to the bar with someone.

    As always,

  • macko

    This past spring my wife and I were in the local casino and a young lady came and sat down next to me. She asked me what I was smoking and it was a CAO MX2, she said reminds me of my grandfather. We talked for a few more minutes she told me that she hadn’t had one since he had past away. So I offered her one and she gladly accepted it. She lit it up on the spot and while she was enjoying it, well grandma showed up! Now between the two of them there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen! Come to find out her the grandpa had not been gone for a long time. I see the them both from time to time at the casino and they find there way over and sit by me. I always make sure to have an extra with me and offer it up when they are there. They both kindly decline give me a hug and tell me thank you!
    This is one of coolest things that have happened to me during my cigar smoking!
    My wife still teases me about the two of them getting me teared up over someone I never even knew!

  • barrelagedfilms

    Despite not being a cigar smoker, my coworker likes to indulge in the rare occasional stick. He and I have only shared a cigar one other time and its been a while now. I’ve been telling him about this box of Fuente Hemingways I got and how great they are. We talk all the time about after work one of these days we’re going to get back out there and, wouldn’t you know it, life gets in the way. This guy came into work the other day and promptly left after about a minute after getting a phone call. His grandmother has been ill and apparently she was on the inevitable quick downturn. I checked in with him the next day and sadly, his grandmother had passed during the night. Well, if there’s ever a better time to chat, remember, smile, get sad, and cry with a friend, then I don’t know it. This’ll be the week that I bring in a couple sticks and we finally make time to leave work, find a bench, light up our sticks, and solve the problems of the world.

  • s5592c

    My friend Steve came by to visit and I had 3 AKA Hybrid, shared one with him and sent one to his brother. They are both are occasional cigar smokers, but really enjoyed this blend! THANKS FOR THE CONTEST!

  • lazyboy

    So my neighbor is kind of a white trashy asshole. He’s always smoking on a black & mild or a backwoods or some gas station stick of some sort. He’s always in the backyard screaming at his kids or dogs. He was out this morning playing with one of his cars that dont run so i figured I dump some 1876 reserves on him…. Cuz he’s an asshole

  • pdaug0511

    My random act of kindness was giving a few cigars to one of my newly made good friends. He came over to the apartment to help me out with a few things. So, I showed him my 50 count desktop humidor, asked him if he had ever smoked a cigar. When he responded “yes!” I told him to go ahead and chose a few that he would like to try. We then went outside and enjoyed a cigar. It has become a new thing for us to enjoy cigars when we just want to hang out and talk.

    shared on FB

  • macko

    Ah damn my spring story is true but won’t work! Should have read it all… But last night we have a fellow co-worker that just loves back woods! I had an extra acid with me and offered it to him after he was done smoking the random acts he spoke of made me never want to give another man a cigar again!
    Thats the best I have or will have working nights. He did enjoy the cigar as a matter a fact he ordered a box of them tonight.


  • Bullet20

    Ok, I done it. I think that was a pretty good challenge, because it pulls you out of your comfort zone, especially since not everyone thinks their Pastor should enjoy a fine cigar…lol.

    Yesterday my daughter had one of your friends over for a while. While I was talking to the young lady’s dad I asked him if he had ever tried cigars. He said a long time ago when He was younger he had tied some of the “Dutch Master” but never enjoyed them ( wonder why??). I had just got a few beauties in from Bryan Bulter over at CZ cigars, so I shared a couple with him, well we sat out on the porch fired them up and enjoyed over an hour of conversation and he enjoyed the “Indie” that I shared with him.

    It was nice to just sit and talk and share my joy of cigars with him.

    Awesome Labor day!

  • gdnukem

    saw the contest this morning and while I was on lunch getting gas at the local stop and rob the guy in front of me bought a swisher sweet, he was pumping gas next to me and i offered him a CAO Maduro L’aniversaire i had in the car. he was pretty shocked but thanked me. I think he probably tossed it but what the heck.

  • james ritter

    hmm well liekothers have stated its funny that this is the contest i dont hve a great story to tell but i just started smoking four months ago and at 26 years old ive tried the occasional dutchmaster or backwoods with my girlfriends father. i thoght well there a cigar and its cheaper then a premium, lol but wow i wasted alot of time haha i found a old monticrisco box im my g/f fathers room and decieded to give him a romeo and julietta,rockypatel decade,gurkaviper and a gurka44thave now he wont stop asking me for some haha i made a monster but its nice to see i broke him out of the backwoods habbit and now im gonna suprise him this christmas witha brandnew humidor with extras instead of his monticrisco box hes been using! also the new meatwrapper at work told me he enjoys a nice philly once in a while gave him a cohiba redot and is asking me where to get these!:) ive met a guy who lives a mile down the road who owns a tobacco and coin shop, a little shop in the middle of nowhere literaly nowhere! he gave me a free drewestate redeye tabac and a couple lil mini cigars so i said what the hell have you ever tried an genesis from ramon to his reply he had’nt and hes tried so many he cant remember i gave him two and now hes getting them in on order! ive been giving cigars out for a bit now and as much as id ike to keep them its perfect for your title and giveaway! i want people to see theres a wonderful world out there and try to get people to enjoy this hobby with me!

  • james ritter

    Well on that case which u are right Brian it’s not about the past just today I came to my girlfriend sister house and gave her boyfriend a myfather for having his first child

  • Magoo

    My neighbor is a huge cigar smoker. He is the one that got me smoking again. Just recently he lost his 20 yr old son in a car/train accident. I saw home out in the yard Monday and I gave him a MUWAT. His name is Jim Cole. If I win. We will be sharing the sampler


  • For Labor Day weekend I went to my parents house to visit for a day. I was carrying a large humidor with me for the nest day at a fellow BOTL’s house. My stepdad smoke cigarettes, but I had no idea he liked cigars, until he made mention of it. So, I loaded him up with a decent selection, and made a makeshift humidor with a ziplock and a Bodega packet. I’ve been getting ash pics and thanks all week. I will be bombing him more soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I Facebook’d and Tweeted this.

  • brianetz1

    I did this on Labor day. I was over at my friends house and we were smoking and drinking all day. His brother who i haven’t seen in a while was there. This guy is a straight laced dude who never does anything wrong. I offered him a cigar and he accepted. He only smoked about 1/4 of the San Lotano Oval I gave him, but still was happy to see him try.

  • stogiemalt

    We had a little gathering last night at my house, I have out two cigars, one to my sister in laws boyfriend and one to my wife’s friend. We smoked them together, it was cool because I kinda showed them the right way to smoke and enjoy a cigar. They both seemed to really enjoy their smokes, variou PDRs from a sampler.

    Liked on FB

  • LV2HNT

    A guy I work with was getting ready for his yearly fishing trip. He and I talked several ttimes about me starting to smoke cigars. I ask him how many guys are going on his fishing trip. He said it was him and his 3 sons, a friend and his brother in law. so I did some quick math went to my humidor and grabbed 6 stick (RP connecticut ) and gave tem to him the day he left for his trip. When he got back we talked about the cigars and after he called me a few choice words he asked where he could find them.. Enjoy my friend.

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