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Aug 29

Random Act Of Kindness Contest

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2013 in World of CO

EDIT: Congratulations Tactical Stogie!

ipw0105First, congratulations user: ‘socks’, winner of the last contest! Email me your contact info and I’ll get your sampler right out!

Now on to the new one :) This time I want everyone to help share of beloved hobby. How? By giving someone a cigar. I want it to be someone you wouldn’t normally give one to, or wouldn’t have thought about before. I want you to spread the love and maybe turn on a new smoker! I don’t care who (as long as they are of legal age lol) or for what reason you pick them. For example last week I gave my Terminix guy a sampler to take home. In fact just about every time I have someone over such as a client I ask if they are a cigar lover as they are leaving – if so, they get to take some home!

It’s on the honor system of course so if you cheat and say you did, well, karma’s a bitch. Just post below with who you surprised and share it using the buttons for an entry. I’ll pick a random winner sometime next week and you get a sampler :) Entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • Bullet20

    Ok, I done it. I think that was a pretty good challenge, because it pulls you out of your comfort zone, especially since not everyone thinks their Pastor should enjoy a fine cigar…lol.

    Yesterday my daughter had one of your friends over for a while. While I was talking to the young lady’s dad I asked him if he had ever tried cigars. He said a long time ago when He was younger he had tied some of the “Dutch Master” but never enjoyed them ( wonder why??). I had just got a few beauties in from Bryan Bulter over at CZ cigars, so I shared a couple with him, well we sat out on the porch fired them up and enjoyed over an hour of conversation and he enjoyed the “Indie” that I shared with him.

    It was nice to just sit and talk and share my joy of cigars with him.

    Awesome Labor day!

  • gdnukem

    saw the contest this morning and while I was on lunch getting gas at the local stop and rob the guy in front of me bought a swisher sweet, he was pumping gas next to me and i offered him a CAO Maduro L’aniversaire i had in the car. he was pretty shocked but thanked me. I think he probably tossed it but what the heck.

  • james ritter

    hmm well liekothers have stated its funny that this is the contest i dont hve a great story to tell but i just started smoking four months ago and at 26 years old ive tried the occasional dutchmaster or backwoods with my girlfriends father. i thoght well there a cigar and its cheaper then a premium, lol but wow i wasted alot of time haha i found a old monticrisco box im my g/f fathers room and decieded to give him a romeo and julietta,rockypatel decade,gurkaviper and a gurka44thave now he wont stop asking me for some haha i made a monster but its nice to see i broke him out of the backwoods habbit and now im gonna suprise him this christmas witha brandnew humidor with extras instead of his monticrisco box hes been using! also the new meatwrapper at work told me he enjoys a nice philly once in a while gave him a cohiba redot and is asking me where to get these!:) ive met a guy who lives a mile down the road who owns a tobacco and coin shop, a little shop in the middle of nowhere literaly nowhere! he gave me a free drewestate redeye tabac and a couple lil mini cigars so i said what the hell have you ever tried an genesis from ramon to his reply he had’nt and hes tried so many he cant remember i gave him two and now hes getting them in on order! ive been giving cigars out for a bit now and as much as id ike to keep them its perfect for your title and giveaway! i want people to see theres a wonderful world out there and try to get people to enjoy this hobby with me!

  • james ritter

    Well on that case which u are right Brian it’s not about the past just today I came to my girlfriend sister house and gave her boyfriend a myfather for having his first child

  • Magoo

    My neighbor is a huge cigar smoker. He is the one that got me smoking again. Just recently he lost his 20 yr old son in a car/train accident. I saw home out in the yard Monday and I gave him a MUWAT. His name is Jim Cole. If I win. We will be sharing the sampler


  • 007MI6

    For Labor Day weekend I went to my parents house to visit for a day. I was carrying a large humidor with me for the nest day at a fellow BOTL’s house. My stepdad smoke cigarettes, but I had no idea he liked cigars, until he made mention of it. So, I loaded him up with a decent selection, and made a makeshift humidor with a ziplock and a Bodega packet. I’ve been getting ash pics and thanks all week. I will be bombing him more soon. :)

    I Facebook’d and Tweeted this.

  • brianetz1

    I did this on Labor day. I was over at my friends house and we were smoking and drinking all day. His brother who i haven’t seen in a while was there. This guy is a straight laced dude who never does anything wrong. I offered him a cigar and he accepted. He only smoked about 1/4 of the San Lotano Oval I gave him, but still was happy to see him try.

  • stogiemalt

    We had a little gathering last night at my house, I have out two cigars, one to my sister in laws boyfriend and one to my wife’s friend. We smoked them together, it was cool because I kinda showed them the right way to smoke and enjoy a cigar. They both seemed to really enjoy their smokes, variou PDRs from a sampler.

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  • LV2HNT

    A guy I work with was getting ready for his yearly fishing trip. He and I talked several ttimes about me starting to smoke cigars. I ask him how many guys are going on his fishing trip. He said it was him and his 3 sons, a friend and his brother in law. so I did some quick math went to my humidor and grabbed 6 stick (RP connecticut ) and gave tem to him the day he left for his trip. When he got back we talked about the cigars and after he called me a few choice words he asked where he could find them.. Enjoy my friend.