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by Bryan Glynn, August 23, 2013
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Photo1Look what just arrived in the CO Studio 🙂 I’ll be giving them a nice loooong acclimation time. These are all-new version 2, so hopefully they are much better! Stay tuned… http://thefootballcigar.com/

  • Timboots

    Look great, where can I get one for opening Sunday

    • Marc

      football-cigar dot com

    • Link added above 🙂

  • Jason Isbaner


  • MorganGeo

    I’m glad. I’m hoping you have a better experience. It is such a great concept that I hope it’s better. I will look forward to this review.

  • lazyboy

    I don’t care if this thing smokes like a pardon, can’t see myself ever smoking this. Although I am looking foward to the review.

  • hut hut! Hopefully they are better than last time. It would be pretty funny if they were really leathery.

  • Dale

    Looks like some sort of pastry or cake.

  • Timboots

    Over priced from what I have heard let us know if it any good.

  • Awesome!!! I enjoy thinking they altered their process because of your response to their original football. I’m really looking forward to the updated review!!

  • rockjock

    Cute, but I don’t smoke so many cigars that I have time to waste on something that isn’t a great smoke.

  • rgmenke

    Looks cool. Hope they smoke better!

  • BCamara


  • PAG
    • jpculp57

      You try and roll one of these and let us know what you think a fair price would be. I’m guessing you’ll think your time is worth that or more.

  • Jared

    I think the best part about these is the team color packaging! Maybe it’s a good smoke, maybe it’s like the last one, but you can still get it as a fun gift in favorite team colors (some of them, anyway). That’s fun.

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