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S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Cigar Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 22, 2013
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S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Cigar Lighter Review

This stunning automotive grade black laquered single torch lighter features a rock solid all metal construction with a single button for actuation. Upon pressing the side lever action button, a two door top plate reveals the flame opening, butane is turned on and at full depression ignited. The flame is a small precision torch giving limited surface area but easy control to whatever you need to hit. While excellent for small ring gauges and touch ups, larger cigars will leave you wanting but such is the trade-off with any single small flame. The finish is ceramic like with a perfect thick mirror black coating and optional embossed colored engraving on both sides is available for just a few dollars. A fill port and single adjustment screw is located on the bottom, a capacity window on the side opposite the ignition button. With almost no moving parts the entire unit is solid and weighty in the hand, even my big paws. I’m going on record as saying this is the most wind-proof lighter I have ever used, I am unable to blow it out at full breath just inches way. It certainly stands up to any weather you would be able to smoke in. Thank you very much to LightersDirect.com for sending this in for review!

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