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by Bryan Glynn, August 21, 2013
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EDIT: Congratulations user: ‘socks’! Email me your contact info and I’ll get your sampler right out!

ipw0006Yep I goofed and forgot to draw the winner on Sunday of the last contest but I’m on it now! Congratulations to Jay D.! Email me your contact info and I’ll get your sampler out!

This time I have another custom sampler for the winner! To enter I’ll make it easy on you this time and just ask for your opinions on what draws your eye to or away from cigars when you see them? Either in a shop or online – what really works well and horribly wrong, for you? Then just share with the buttons below for an entry and I’ll draw the winner in another week or so!

I do have some sponsors lined up for contests in the near future, so I’ll have some exciting stuff to offer, stay tuned πŸ˜‰ Entrants must be 18+ years old and have a US mailing address.

  • wm2slc

    For me it’s the wrapper. Dark and oily will always get my attention. Not saying I buy off looks, but I do look and check them out.

    • Bruno

      Price, Size, Rapper, Brand.


    • Bruno

      Looks, Price, Brand, Wrapper.


  • carmomarc

    Something that really draws my attention is if the cigar has plume on it. That shows good aging. Another thing that just gets me excited is the band. I don’t buy only off the band but it is an added touch

  • pittjitsu

    For me seeing bundled cigars are a turn off. It’s like nobody took the time to present them in an attractive manner. Nice smooth oily wrappers, intricate bands, box pressing, beautiful boxes and especially coffins, always get my attention. The more the store or company puts intoba cigars presentation, the higher the quality the cigar appears to have. Everyone wants the item locked in the cases under the lights over the items thrown in a bin to pick and choose over. Be it a cigar or a sweater at the mall. Presentation is everything. Shared on twitter

  • s5592c

    Attractive artwork on boxes and bands are nice, but it is really the brand and makers that are important. FB and Twitter.

  • voiceoversteve

    First of all the wrapper has to be dark, and then the band will get my attention. I’m also a Churchill lover, so those usually grab my eye first also.

  • 2Shot

    The first thing I notice is the wrapper. I’m drawn to a dark oily wrapper. If I’m looking to try something new I always start with darker wrapped sticks.

  • edwardsdigital

    I look for a nice toothy oily wrapper first and the size second. If the wrapper looks great and its not a jawbreaker (I like to try to stay closer to 50 that 60 RG) I will look at the band and brand. The fancy packaging is nice, but I think the cigar should stand out on its own first.

  • pato1001

    For me it has to be the wrapper. Dark oily with minimal veins and perfect construction. These traits always grab my attention. As for turnoffs I am just not into light colored cigars, I know this doesn’t always represent flavor and body, but for the most part I find them to be way too light and air’y. I also hate poor construction.

    Liked and Tweeted.

  • MorganGeo

    For me it’s definitly the band. It’s the first thing that catches my eye. Then i proceed to look more at the actual cigar itself.


  • yosef5

    Online the first thing that I notice ix the price &the brand name.

  • I like seeing classy/old school looking boxes and labels.

    Shared on G+

  • Bullet20

    I look for size, color and I am always looking for a description of the cigar, what is said about it flavor profile. That helps me a lot, and of course I am searching through the CO reviews to help me make my determinations.

  • Shovel

    G+. I look at the hue of the wrapper, then the size & shape of the stick, then the wrapper. Just a few small things to give an initial narrowing down of a large selection to choose from

  • I am drawn by the wrapper itself. I like to see a dark, oily wrapper for my smoking pleasure. I am just not a huge fan of some of the lighter, Connecticut wrappers.

  • lostonmonday

    I’m a sucker for cool marketing *cough foundry cigars cough*, so a band and neato box will catch my eye first. One of the local B&M’s used to have nice little cards on each box that gave a rating and short description of the cigar, and that seemed to surpass even the flashiest of bands/boxes. Stuff that makes me pass by the first time is cartooney bands (Nick’s Sticks, Cuban Bullets) and bands that cover most of the cigar. Tweeted

  • Shared on G+.

    Some of the things that drive me away are flavored cigars or a flowery looking label. I mean that literally. If the label looks like a garden I hesitate to try it out.

  • Shared on FB.


    In a shop, I think it’s great if the place has the cigars organized where you can walk around in a square and view everything without bumping into boxes. It gives you more freedom to look around and possible pick out more than one cigar. My local shop has it set up beautifully.

  • Garry Cawthorn

    When im looking for that special cigar. I will go after the ones that are in a nice looking box with a really neat band.. I know it really dont have nothing to do with the taste, but i feel like if they took time to put their cigars in a nice box with a Sweet band its gotta be good.. I tend to stay away from bundles cause its like they dont care about the cigar.. So looks is a big thing to me.. Shared on Twitter

  • dennist

    A big negative for me is a shop that looks like it carries mostlyΒ  infused cigars
    Shared on fb

  • gcraig526

    There are two things that make or break a cigar for me. First is the wrapper. Dark and oily rule. The second is the gauge. Anything less than a 47-48 ring I pass right by.

  • Camshaft83

    Shared on FB

    I look for dark wrappers that have an oily shine to them. Even in my humidor my eyes zero in on the darker wrappers first then that of the lighter shades. I guess that’s why I have pretty much stopped buying cigars with light colored wrappers lol.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Shared on Facebook even though I usually have cigars in mind when I go to my local B&m I guess a big negative is a shop that has a weak selection. I like a big variety of smokes make it hard for me to walk out with less than I intended to buy!

  • lazyboy

    First thing to catch my eye is the box. It’s impossible to look past all the artwork and construction of these boxes. Of course we can’t judge a book by its cover but to be honest I prob do in some cases. If the box the cigar is layed out In looks cheap with zero thought put into it I prob look right past it. Now I know I’ve prob looked over some great sticks due to this but whatever. Now all this is while in one of the local spots I go to. As far as online. It’s all about those numbers under the little picture. That’s right, the price. If its to high I pay it no mind. If its low I check it out. I’m all about the cheap sticks online. I only purchase the high $$ sticks one at a time round my way. (Google+)

  • kevinhen16

    If the cigars are in a box, that is probably what first catches my eye (color, shape, format, etc.). Afterwhich is the wrapper, and finally the band.

    Online, it is all about the description and whether I have familiarity with the brand.

    Not too much can turn me really off to a cigar except for a crappy looking wrapper and/or a strange, unfamiliar smell. Of course, I can be turned off to a whole store’s worth of product if they do not look properly humidified.

    Shared on Facebook

  • rgorman

    For me, it’s price and quality. Both are important to me as I, like many BOTL, smoke on a budget. When i am ready to splurge on some nice smokes, I prefer smokes with maduro or oscuro wrappers as well as killer bands. I am a sucker for the artwork and collect every band from every stick I smoke. I must say I hate the tacky marketing offered up by almost every online retailer also.

    Twitter, Facebook and Google.

  • 987

    Beautiful Oily Dark Brown wrappers always get my attention. But anytime I visit a B&M that doesn’t post its prices, it turns me away. Facebook.

  • Tempoguy55

    My eyes are initially drawn to the wrapper. I like a dark wrapper with an oiley well constructed look: firm, even, tight seams, minimal veins, clean good looking cap. Next would be the RG, shape and band. I primarily prefer a Robusto and a nice looking band is good, but if it’s too ornate I become suspicious that it might be to compensate for an inferior cigar. Lastly, I must admit I’m drawn by the numerical rating if one is listed. If nothing else it causes me to pause and consider the purchase.

  • ratpack007

    The first thing that draws me in is the name,mainly because there are cigars that are just made better than others and as we all know this is not a cheap hobby! I hate wasting money!”Not sucking up!” But that is one of the main reasons why i like this site, Bryan does all the work(thank you by the way)and we all benefit from the info and we do not waste money on bad cigars.

  • Jared

    I, too, usually start by name, maybe something I’ve watched here, or read about elsewhere, and want to try, then things I may have seem in a catalog that had good reviews. After that, or aside from it, definitely is the wrapper. I know there are some good tasting rough sticks, but good construction starts with a good looking wrapper. After that, it’s all about aroma.

    Liked on FB and tweeted.

  • Fenderman33

    I cant help being sucked in by fancy boxes and packaging, but ideally im looking for robustos with dark, smooth slightly oily wrappers. What i try to avoid are smaller gauged cigars with light wrappers. Shared on facebook

  • chief791

    Brand name, packaging, and a nice firm feel will always get my attention. Word of mouth and reviews like yours will also peak my interest. Shared on FB.

  • Pjhosler

    It’s all about the plume, at the Bm. If I’m buying there its to burn soon. Online it’s blend first. I want to know what’s in it before I look further. Shared g+

  • samgiroux42

    Facebooked and tweeted.

    Biggest turnoff in terms of cigars is slutty looking women in ads. WHY? Do I want the clap or craps while I am smoking? Not so much.

    What I like to see is nice close-ups of the cigar and people enjoying the simple life.

  • Havoc

    I will say the thing that attracts me to a cigar the most is 1)brand/maker 2)size/gauge 3)box art 3)wrapper style 4)band art. Before I choose though, I usually look up a handful of reviews – CO is usually me first stop πŸ˜‰

    What turns me off is 1)flavored cigars 2)a poor kept humidor that makes everything looked dried out.

  • Dale

    Turn off for me are flavored cigars. What draws my eye is the wrapper. Dark or light when they look nice it catches my eye.

    Just take a look at Bryan’s pics of the Don Cirilo Maduro and Iconic Leaf Recluse. Those are a couple of wrappers really that really stand out to me.

    And of course a creative band. Like has already been said of the Foundry and even just nice art work.


  • Grove52

    As it means little to any cigar, the band always draws my eye first. As a freelance graphic design, my artistic mind & eye always gets drawn to those awesome colorful, well-made, stylish bands.

    After I get past the “eye candy” lol I move on to the wrapper. smooth, satin-y, oily wrappers always get my mouth watering.

    The 3rd thing that I go to is the smell of the cigar. A nice cedar-y humidor is nice or a nice cocoa smell is nice deal sealer for me too, lol.

  • sparkmark

    I like an oily wrapper with substantial tooth. Also plume and yellowed cellophane excites me to buy.

  • jason

    The wrapper is number one..I prefer a darker oily wrapper but that’s preference. Construction is key followed by shape an then presentation. I think bands are important to attract newer smokers but will become less influential with experience. A deal breaker is shotty construction. Believe it or not, I’ve had some nice dark and oily cigars that are made by a premier company that just can NOT properly cap a cigar!

  • douglas77

    I look for a fair price point. I dont mind paying a fair markup at a b&m, but 400% of online pricing seems a bit much. I like to see which boxes are almost empty. Usually thats my best hint for good stick at a good price. I like oily wrappers with some good heft to it, but i try not to completely rule anything out without giving it a whirl or hearing what a certain trusted reviewer thought of it. πŸ˜‰

  • Joseph Szeremet

    There isn’t much that is a definitive “turn off” in the cigar world. However I do tend to stay away from cheap sticks. Not that I am diametrically opposed to them, I just prefer to spent a little more money to get the most out of my time investment with a cigar. Although I have a very open mind with cigars, liking cigars for there character rather that strength, wrapper,or body. I just really enjoy the journey of the blend. However one small bias I have that draws me toward a cigar is it’s willingness to embrace the English language. I do love it when cigars really embrace the American market. A few examples would be Nub, Cain, and Asylum. I Tweeted!

  • Leo Steelfire

    Shared on Facebook.

    Well for me I prefer a wrapper with lighter color and a rougher look. The Band also mean a lot; when a cigar has a more intricate band I assume the company has put more time and effort into that cigar. (even if that is not always the case.) I also prefer a torpedo.

    Thanks for you time.

  • stogiemalt

    Shared on Facebook

    First price, then size…nothing above 58 for me. Also overall appearance, whether I want something dark and oily or natural and soft varies

  • sdh3237

    I would say I am first attracted to the wrapper. I love to look at a well made cigar and if it is box pressed it really catches my eye. Tweeted

  • houleski

    I have been in a B&M and they had discounted price cigars because there wrappers were absolutely destroyed. In turn that turned me off to every cigar in there humidor. so I guess if everything is neet and not “trashy” I’m much more open to spending money on quality.

  • Dgross1230

    I would have to say that when Im in the local shop, the color, oil, or shine of a fantastic looking wrapper is really what my eyes are drawn to easiest. Next would be the size that I’m looking to smoke. A vibrant band might catch ones attention but does not necessarily determine a good cigar by any means. For example, Illusione and Tatuajes have very simple bands and are amazing cigars.

    *Facebook Shared*

  • joshr1042

    Tweeted. At my local B&M, the first thing that catches my eye is the color of the wrapper. After that, it is a combination of the brand name and the rating system that they have set up (which shows country of origin, strength and overall rating), to give me an idea on the quality of the stick. Finally, I must admit that I do appreciate an attractive band – I like the old fashioned designs. If I’m shopping online, I’m usually looking for something specific, typically something I’ve seen Bryan review here on the site.

  • Chaz

    Liked. I think I am attracted to overall craftsmanship- the way the roll looks, the quality of the wrapper… I think good cigar rolling is an art. Obviously, I pay attention to reviews, so that has an effect also. I appreciate a nice band, but they are not overly important- unless they are gimmicky and then I can’t stand them. There has to be some nod to the rich history of cigars- I can’t bring myself to smoke a MUWAT, or some of those new romeos, because the bands just look like silly kid stuff to me.

  • kurngar

    The look of the band and the cigar itself. I also focus on price. Liked on Facebook

  • Matthew

    I’m pretty new at this. So I tend to look at reviews and then price before I make my decision. Since I’m so new and their is so much I have not try price can sway me, because you can always fine good and bad reviews for the same stick.


  • puffrey

    Shared on Fbook

    I would say I follow the industry somewhat to know what is new, what is coming out and what sounds good.

    When I go into a shop I usually have a handful of sticks in mind that I am looking to pick up.

    The brand itself draws me to the stick first. There a few brands out there that I feel put out nothing but high quality sticks with a decent price point, I tend to steer towards them.

  • ampete1

    Typically the look and feel of the wrapper and the look of the band draws my eye.

  • socks

    Dark wrappers catch my eye. Black wrapper don’t, just dark. Cool bands add excitement…. Also when reading that the cigars are limited edition or have special blends of tobacco

    Shared on Facebook

  • RamzaFreak20

    Ill buy anything that takes great. But if it is solely aesthetics, give me a pretty band. I know Ave Maria has got to attribute a large chunk of sales to the band alone. They’re gorgeous. Boxes are awesome, too. I have too many mazos… Gurkha has some nice thick, heavy boxes. Tweeted.

  • IBey

    Assuming that we’re talking about sticks that we’re not familiar with, my selection is driven by

    1. The wrapper. I prefer a maduro with a nice sheen with as few imperfections (cracks, visible seams, inconsistent coloring, etc) as possible.

    2. The shape and size. This is very open and depends on my mood as well as the time a place that I’ll be burning one.

    3. The band. Again assuming if I don’t know too much about the brand, a nice band always stirs my curiosity since I’m a fan of the arts as well. The premise of this is that if the band is of a descent quality, then the maker should have put the same concern in producing a cigar that matches or exceeds the packaging that contains it… Although, I have been duped on more than one occasion by this faux pas.

    4. Other buyers. I pay attention to what other consumers are purchasing and ask them about their experience with their selection. Honest consumer feedback never hurts.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    The cigar band really draws me to or turns me away. I know the band has no effect on the quality of the cigar, but it is was draws my eye first and leaves an initial impression in my mind about that particular cigar. FB

  • Emtfire62

    I’d have to say a mix between the band, and placement in the humidor. All the new ones end up in front if my local shops walk in(which is quite large). Also the local shop does put up rating signs for high rated sticks on its rack.

    Fb and twitter

  • asdnow

    The wrapper, size, and reviews are generally what makes me pick a cigar.
    I love Connecticut wrappers, smaller ring gauges and a pleasant review make the perfect choice imo. liked on facebook

  • Galin.Swigart

    Definitely the packaging (box, bands, etc.) I love a cigar with an elegant band and a foot band is always a nice touch. A rich wrapper always helps too. Can’t stand cigar bands that look like they were printed cheaply

    • Galin.Swigart

      Liked on facebook..

  • kprichardson7

    Definitely what pulls me in to a cigar is a rich oily wrapper. The band is important but I’ve had some great cigars with some crappy bands so I don’t focus on those. The shape is crucial as I prefer a box pressed and/or torpedo. I don’t know if people will get what I’m saying here, but when looking online, I absolutely hate when cigars look “over-commercialized.” To me, cigars are about the raw/natural/handmade appeal.

  • Taylor C

    For me its actually the box/layout that draws my eye. Nothing looks better on a shelf than a nice long row of 10 or more cigars tucked into a well designed box with nice labeling on the underside of the lid. My attention is just not grabbed by those cigars that come in 5×4 cigar boxes (5 sticks showing on top) with detachable lids. Don’t get me wrong, I never judge/purchase a cigar based on packaging alone, but I’m always intrigued by cigars that present themselves well.

  • Craig

    For me its the wrapper first, followed by the size and band. I like for it to smell good, but in most B&M’s humidor’s today they ALL smell good !!! lol….. Hopefully the price is in my ballpark so I can take it home with me !!!

    Liked on Facebook

  • For me it’s the overall package. Meaning; how well the cigar is contrsucted, if it looks like it’s just sloppy and wasn’t well cared for, I stay away. If it looks like it was twerked on a machine, I do my best to stay away. – The band art is also appealing, sometimes you have some neat bands, but those don’t always weigh on my decision, but it does help.

    The size of the cigar is also a factor I consider.

    I greatly dislike some of the over hyped advertisement some cigar manufacturers try to place on their cigars. If the sign says “the absolute best cigar ever assembled, your mouth with turn inside out it’s so good!” – I take that as a sign and kind of move away. I would rather find out on my own and not have the marketing jargon decide what’s good for me.

    Shared on twitter.

  • gumby_130

    Price, word of mouth from friend and then rating off the Internet .twitter

  • bholston

    The size and wrapper. I love robustos and toros. I am then drawn to nice oily, darker wrappers. FB

  • SLCigarClassy101

    Shared on Facebook.

    For me, the thing that always catches my eyes when looking at cigars in B&M’s are the way they are displayed in the cigar box and the overall style the inside of the box has when I go to B&M’s. Online, I tend to get a good picture of a cigar but what tends to get me to buy ’em are more so what’s said of their profile rather than how they look. Though obviously, you can never know if they have cracks by just a picture though it allows you a good idea what the wrapper looks like. What I don’t like about online shops though is the hassle of having the boxes mishandled and poorly packaged so the cigars can be damaged or not separating infused from normal cigars. The cigar’s that never did it for me in B&M’s where the ones wrapped in bundles and sealed, just look like sucker bait nasty sticks rather than a good deal.

  • new2sticks

    I tend to completely ignore merchandise if it’s below knee level. I prefer to have the shelves tall enough for the store to display the whole box. When they have to remove the lid, causing me to guess about the brand, I move on. B&M’s also shouldn’t need to carry cheap bundle brands. I expect a reputable shop to carry only premium to super premium sticks.

  • 805guy

    New to cigars but when I go to buy in a store, I base if I’m going to buy anything by cleanliness of the humidor. The last one was very dusty inside and there was dust on almost all the cello wrappers in the entire humidor. Complete turnoff.

  • nyccigarlover

    I would have to say the oily sheen of the wrapper, as well as the size. My face always lights up when I see a lancero πŸ™‚
    Sharing on Twitter/Facebook.

  • scott4818

    #1 the size of cigar is important. I am sucker for a cool looking cigar band. Cigars $10 or under is my budget so price would be 3rd.

  • johnga

    What draws me to cigars? Seeing them on this site first! These reviews are really helpful in determining which new cigars to sample. I also like reading the descriptions if they are available for the cigar.

    What doesn’t work for me? The marketing. When I see a cigar that looks like more flash than substance I will stay away from it.

  • I like a good oily cigar, doesn’t really matter to me if it’s dyed. I think minimal veins in smooth looks good. Which is weird because I love romacraft, and they have some veiny sticks.


  • PsycotikMind

    At first glance, the thing that always catches my eye is the band. A nice looking band will get some extra attention from me. Beyond that, it’s the general look of the stick i.e. the shade, the seams, and the cap. Shoddy construction can be seen almost instantly. Lastly, is price.

    I tweeted.

  • mfox93

    Liked on Facebook. What draw me to a cigar is deffinelty the band if the band looks amazing I’m going to pick it up and also the wrapper that it has on it I love dark maduro wrappers but what drives me away is the price point if its too high I just put it down and sob alittle inside lol


    Dark, oily wrappers grab my attention pretty quick. And if I’m in a B&M and they have a cigar with plume on it. Shared on Facebook

  • For me the band is what first draws me to a cigar. If the band catches my eye, then I am likely to try it. And if not, there’s a good chance I’ll pass. Right or wrong, and yes, sometimes it’s wrong, that is how I usually operate. πŸ˜‰

  • lawfultots

    Bands with simple, subtle designs typically draw my in. Anything showy or overly bright turns me off, the cigar should speak for itself and not have to try to attraction attention through vibrant bands.

  • ssrobbi

    shared on Google+

    I would say the band definitely catches my eye. Something that pops out but isn’t very complicated. I feel many cigar companies really drop the ball on their bands. Along with that is probably the label on the box. It’s so annoying to have to search for the name of a cigar because it’s on a weird place on the box while looking at the B&M

  • DTucker1000

    Hello out there !

  • DTucker1000

    As far as looks: I like a 50 gadge or better and a rich oily look. For tatste : Naturally sweet flavor with a woodsy/ cedar to it, nd medium draw.

  • lance bivins

    I just love good cigars. mostly my father Drew Estate Arturo Fuente Ashburn Virginia some grown Jaime Garcia reserve a special Don Pepin Garcia blue 6:01 box Press. and I like being in cigar groups talking to the cigar smokers. have a nice day enjoy a good cigar I know I am!

  • Joseph Schmidt

    What I look for in a cigar first is the wrapper and the construction. Is it loose, cracked, folded, etc.. Second is the overall feel….too tight or too loose. I look at the filler at the foot to check for looseness or all around poor quality. The wrapper has to be “not dry”. I always try to track down the humidity and temperature of the humidor to make sure that the store actually knows what they’re doing.

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