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Cult Profile Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 6, 2013
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Cult Profile Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a dark brown oily satin finished wrapper with minimal veins, small imperfections here and there, tight seams, a firm even pack, double cap and very pungent barnyard aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with rich thick medium-full bodied smoke output showing notes of a creamy leather followed by a long oily finish. The first third comes down to a solid medium body keeping the smooth leather on the draw while the finish moves to a creamy tobacco with a bit of pepper and oily spice left on the lips. 1/2 way through at 35 minutes, the draw remains a sweet creamy deep leather, now carrying over through the finish which has dropped the pepper zing and heat. Ending at 1:20 the last third burns very well with the draw flavors dropping the leather, shifting to a deep creamy textured nuttiness followed by a thick mouth watering finish that goes well until the next draw. Thank you very much to Cult Cigars for sending this sample in!

  • smokethis

    This sounds good thanks for the review.

  • rgorman

    Is that a barber pole or is it just the shading of the wrapper?

  • sparkmark

    I really like the original box pressed Cult cigar and will certainly try this one. Nice review, thank you.

  • Texvet

    Barnyard and hay is a good thing. I too like the Cult box pressed original bend. Not for every day – but, as a nice change of pace.

  • gtclark

    Sounds fantastic – nice, long burn time, too. Great review!

  • yosef5

    Sounds like a cigar that I would like to smoke
    Thanks for this review

  • Jason Isbaner

    I’ve wanted to try this cigar, thanks for the review!

  • lazyboy

    Id really like to try this one but I’ve never seen these at the shops around me. The owner of the closest b&m near me says he will only carry what he likes to smoke. This is frustrating for me as ill have to drive outa my way to the next closest which isn’t close at all. That’s what I get for livin in the boonies I guess.

    • gtclark

      Wow! Is he running a cigar store, or his own giant personal humidor?

      • lazyboy

        Strange right? I can’t imagine the business he loses from this. Very frustrating because some of the premiums I love that I only buy singles of every now and again he won’t carry. Doesn’t even carry rocky patel. That’s nuts. Kinda funny when I ask for certain sticks I get the same answer. “Nope, don’t like em”.

  • I haven’t been disappointed by any of the Cult Cigars yet, looking forward to this one!

  • DanThorpe

    I have to say, I have been watching some of the newer videos on my ps3. Amazing looking videos in HD on my big screen. Good looking cigar, like Cult cigars.

  • Glad this one got a good review. I’m a pretty big fan of Cult. So far I haven’t been disappointed with anything they’ve done. However I haven’t had this one or the Ometepe yet.

  • Rex Stoops

    Ive been buying a 5 pac of the Cult Blood Red Moons every month since they hit the market, love em. A box of these Profile’s have to be on my list now.

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