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La Herencia Cubana CORE Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 4, 2013
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La Herencia Cubana CORE Belicoso Cigar Review

This 6.2×52 box pressed stick features a dark chocolate velvet textured wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams, firm pack and milk chocolate aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful thick rich oily smoke with a bit of gritty texture to it. It shows medium-full body with smooth creamy chocolate and earth on the draw followed by a long finish of dark chocolate and pepper zing. The first third continues the same performance and flavors. The 1/2 way point comes at 30 minutes continuing the perfect performance, dropping ash after 1.5″. Draw flavors are the same with the end of the finish taking on a bit of a rougher deep lingering earth note. Finishing up at 55 minutes the last third just added a touch of sweetness to the draw as the smoke grew warmer. Thank you very much to viewer Marcos Heyliger for sending this in!

  • Marc

    That had got to have been your best dawn/dusk review yet.

  • TimB

    Been looking to try this one.

  • Jason Isbaner

    Sounds like a good smoke and I think I got one in a sampler ill have to check.

    • Tommz81

      Yea they use them as filler, a lot.

      • lazyboy

        In no way is this stick filler.

        • Flowers4Algernon

          True. NO WAY.

  • yosef5

    I liked this Cigar also.
    Thanks for this review

  • lazyboy

    If you haven’t had this cigar yet, try it now. There great.

  • Christopher

    What’s the average price point on this cigar, anyone? I’m finding wildly varying prices on-line.

  • rgmenke

    I’ve had a few of these and they are nice. Bring a drink though, because in my experience, they will leave you with a very dry mouth.

  • puffrey

    great stick and great review, flavor profile has me drooling?

    At this point I am pretty sure AJ could roll up my lawn mower clippings and still end up with great burning stick. LOL

    Question Bryan, if you had to choose…would you prefer a cigar that burned excellent with a great draw but lackluster flavor or a flavorful, transitioning stick if it required some effort and attention?

  • smokethis

    Great smoke. Great review.

  • This one is sounding pretty good. I dig the chocolate hints, I’ll have to put this one on the ever-growing list.

  • Justin

    Bryan…I’ll resurrect this review for my comments. Smoking my first of these as I write. Really enjoying the fry dark chocolate with pepper zing though flavors are a bit on the mild side. What struck me was the significant difference you experienced between this belicoso and the toro you reviewed. I do not typically get such a strength/flavor gap between similarly sized sticks in the same line….any sage wisdom you can offer to explain this? Thanks as always, I don’t post often, but I am here multiple times per week!

    • There is no correlation between size flavors – they can be the same, similar or completely different, it’s whatever the blender/company wants. Some lines try to keep similar flavors, some go crazy 🙂

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