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Capadura Cigars Contest

by Bryan Glynn, July 28, 2013
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EDIT: Congratulations to ‘quackaddict94’!

churchill-898First congratulations to user ‘mufdvr6976’ winner of the last contest 🙂

This time we have a beautiful box of Capadura 898’s ready to go out to the lucky winner!

To enter, you need to tell me what YOU would do with a 10×10 booth if you were setting up at the IPCPR show. Then as usual share this post with the buttons below and note which you did! Entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • Jared

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    If *I* was setting up? I’d have everything we had laying out on tables, a couple of nice seats, and 2 guys cutting and toasting and offering to every face that walked by, saying, “It’s already lit, you might as well try it!” Maybe even just use the booth as a home base, and send those guys walking around, cutting, lighting, and handing out everywhere they went. Flashy deco can maybe get attention, but the more I can get to taste what we offer, the more likely they are to buy. I’d worry about deco if we made enough $$ to come back the next year!

  • Craig

    I would have the BEST cigars available and then I would invite people to sit down on our super comfortable leather captains chairs while enjoying this tasty treat. Oh and there would have to be booth babes. Lots and LOTS of BOOTH BABES !!!
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  • Galin.Swigart

    I would have free samples ready to go, staff smoking them to give off the irresistible aroma, and specialized bands with information on where and how to find more of them. Once they smell, and try one, they can’t resist. Bright colors also to attract some attention.Giveaways are the best way to attract a cigar fanatic. That booth would keep me coming.

  • Walshy

    Google+ I would have all my lines that I was introducing and my most popular to date. I would have them all displayed nicely on tables and in the booth have a few leather chairs and couches. Booth chicks would help with the lighting and cutting. Also would have a couple HD Tv’s playing videos of guy movies or whatever sport was on at the time. I’d call it the LIVING ROOM.

  • Leo Steelfire

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    I would have our most popular product for sale. There would also be the new lines being showcased by beautiful woman, these same woman would also be cutting and lighting cigars. There would be a big half circle table set up for smokers that faces a television that is playing current sports games. There would also be quite music in the back ground (smooth jazz or classical).

  • sparkmark

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    My booth’s banner would be a huge flatscreen TV that would be playing non-stop during show hours. It would feature the special aspects of the line and the motivation behind our company. Also I would have a celebrity endorsement as part of the media presentation and 2 professional rollers working away in the booth. I would give a free cigar to every adult who walked by the booth along with a brochure and ordering sheet.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I would set the booth up with a Military theme (some girls in camo would be a nice plus too :). Camo drop cloths/cover/netting. I would have 2 or 3 high tops with samples/matches/cutters on them for people to enjoy. The cigars would be set up in 2 tall glass displays to draw people in…and then a front/center table with all the blends on them so that the people can get up close and personal with the product.
    I “liked” this!

  • kevinhen16

    I would set up my new lines front and center. Out in the open for people to pick up, smell, and feel. In addition, I’d keep my already going lines on peripheral display so that people could associate cigars they already liked with the new lines. Of course, I’d have cigars lit to release the aroma and would certainly give out free samples.
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  • AngSolo

    I’m not entering the contest but I would try to hire Scott Weeks from Iconic Leaf / Recluse Cigars. That guy was a great salesman. Of all the videos his was the only one that actually got me to purchase his cigars right after I viewed it. Not naming names (there were several) but alot of these other guys weren’t very good salesmen saying ah, a, and umm every other word doesn’t exactly make me want to run out and spend money on ah a um their products.

  • Cigarman38

    I would slice the cigars up into tiny sample pieces and give them to comerbyers to try.


  • Joseph Szeremet

    I would make my booth a place where people could take a little break. I would have few seats and a table with bottled water. My wears would be front a center for all to see, sample and ask about. I tweeted.

  • mufdvr6976

    AWESOME!! Thanks Bryan!!

  • Jellybean

    i would have a couple ladys (classy not trashy) standig just out side the booth 1 on each side passing out cigars and i would have the cigars displayed on the tables with the entire lineup and maybe 2 or 3 nice chairs for any 1 that might want to sit and enjoy there smoke oh and i would offer free drinks.
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  • bwehmann1

    My booth would consist of some free samples of course, of the new lines and the more popular lines that are already out. It would contain a lot of demonstrations and history about the company too. Perhaps have someone rolling a few while I described the process, or maybe make it a fun hands on thing where you could try your hand at rolling your own also. Liked on Facebook.

  • Shovel

    G+. I’d have a comfortable & welcoming setting. With plush leather seating, my finest blends of cigars & the finest blends of coffee.

    • Jared

      Mmmm… coffee… I wonder if other booths had coffee this year? If not, you might have hit it here – have something you know everyone wants, but no one else has. You know, “Cigars… cigars… cigars… ooooh, coffee!” I know I’d stop.

  • Whickster77

    I would first make sure my entire lines were available for tasting by the participants and then sell,sell,sell.isnt that the point. My booth would be clean, factual, and all about the product. Thanks for all the great coverage Brian, it was like I was there.

  • StefanR

    I would have all my lines laid up out front on some tables, nicely arranged and laid out…Then as many tables and chairs as I could fit comfortably for people to sit around and relax along with some refreshments… Of course I would have both men and women handing out samples and info around my both… And a sign with my buisness name… To not big but not to small either… Dont want to be all in there faces, but not fade into the background or be passed by… Liked on Facebook

  • Leon

    Obviously, I’d have my most popular line, as well as my newest introduction, laid out on the tables ready to go. My main focus would be free samples. Lots and lots and lots of free samples. It would be expensive up front, but the more people could try them, the more customer’s I’d get. Plus, extremely comfortable chairs. Kind of a cigar lounge in the booth. Just kickin’ back, enjoying some cigars, talking up the company. A great time to be had by all.


    Google+, Liked on FB, and ReTweeted.

  • Christoph

    i would have a L shaped leather couch with a big screen tv playing the godfather, scarface, the goodfellas, serprico, heat, the board walk and the sepranos playing on loop for the whole convention. also since its fictional we are going to have any recent playboy girl giving out free cigars (pedron 1964, my father le bijou, macanudo 1997,hopz, perdomo habano) for example. also lets add in mick tyson, hugh hefner and snoop dogg being there so you know your going to hear a great story while there haha. also lets add in an open bar serving whiskey. these 10×10 space is getting cramped but you got to admit its badass.

    Brian love your reviews, watch them to see if a cigar appeals to me before going to JR and buying it

  • Camshaft83

    Liked on FB. I would have all my products old and new in glass cases out front on the 2 corners but leaving enough room for easy access to the interior of the booth. I would have large backdrops displaying the new product pics and my brand on the remaining 3 sides. On 2 of the sides I would have small tables with comfortable office chairs to do business at and use the final wall for a large humidor that my reps would open and give the retailers some hands on time with and a free sample. 10 x 10 isn’t very big so I think I would have my hotel room stacked floor to ceiling with coolidors so that I could always restock. Its really hard to sell something you don’t have at least a sample of.

  • PsycotikMind

    In the center, I’d have a nice sized coffee table, on which my newest cigars would be displayed in their open boxes. Around the table, I’d put four comfy chairs so I can sit down go through the details of our latest products. On the side of the booth, I’d display my entire product line. I’d also have a person with a tray full of all our cigars handing put samples to those who stop by the booth.

    i tweeted.

  • cassanpj

    It would be a mini bar/ smoking lounge. Never seen a cigar booth, but I assume this is the norm or at least should be. tweeted

  • EzyE77

    I would make sure that regardless of my set up that I would stress flavor profile and price point. To me those are the two biggest things to retailers and consumers. I know as a consumer I care about flavor profile and price over wrapper and size. I tweeted.

  • samgiroux42

    FacebookeI would and Tweeted.

    I would have a new meets old theme. It would be a very tech advanced booth with touch screens describing my entire and for HD pictures of each one (taken by BG of course!). Yet, I would still have my entire line at the event as well if someone needs to see it in real life, touch it, smell it, feel it, etc.

  • USFPhil

    I would have all my lines displayed out on tables that were easy to see. I would set up a few nice leather chairs. Then I would hire Bryan to photograph my cigars and display that artwork in the background. Twitter

  • CameronM

    I would have an open front with a bunch of floor cases showing off my latest blends. The left and right walls would be showing off samples and special edition sets. The back wall would be filled with sample sticks for the customers to try. The back area would be a lounge with two couches and a tv for everyone to relax. Also, a exotic car would be right outside of my booth… maybe a Koenigsegg or a McLaren.
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  • CigarStrawn

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    I would have a giant banner with the cigar brand name behind me with boxes of the new cigar lines out on a display on a table. I would not put anything behind glass. I would want consumers to be able to pick up and feel the cigars and I would have as many cigar samples as possible. Half of the area would be dedicated to showing off the new line and half would be a smoking area with leather chairs and ashtrays with the cigar brand name on them where people could sit and light up and try out the cigar line.

  • puffrey

    I would have old worn leather lounge chairs grouped in near the back of the booth for socializing and enjoying.

    I would have my display case right up front and on the display case I would have review done by Bryan at Cigar Obsession so people know how was my sticks are.

    I would also act like a genuine person who isn’t trying to make a quick buck by making my stuff look fancy, talking about how rare the tobacco is, and then marking up the price.

  • quackaddict94

    If I were setting up a booth, I would place couches in a circle surrounding a massive humidor, full of samples to anyone who wants to sit down for a smoke. You wouldn’t need a quick talking salesman with a thick latin accent, just a nice, relaxing environment where your product speaks for itself. Rep’s would sit in to answer any questions that came up, but would mainly share the joined smoking experience. After all, we don’t smoke cigars for a good selling experience, we smoke for the relaxation and social bonding of the smoking experience. But to make things a little more interesting, for each smoke completed in my booth, the person will be entered to win the huge humidor, stocked with the product. The longer the person is in my booth, the more they will remember the product and their experience.

  • thelupo

    I would be better prepared for the CO interview. I would not waste time showing things in a jewel case. I would more carefully explain the body & taste that would be experienced and, as you have taught us to understand, I would be more clear about the described cigar’s strength. It is about the cigar. Price point is important too. Everyone thinks theirs is beautiful, great, well made, sells well, etc. So more detail about the cigar will sell it. And if I were holding a lit cigar, I would smoke it a bit, make someone want it!

  • jamescrich

    Liked on facebook, google+. I would have a booth with a jukebox for people to select their style of chill out music as they wait to be seated by a host/hostess to a comfortable chair. Waitresses would bring the premium samples of my cigars for the people to select like the old Vegas smoke girls. Each sample would come with the info of the cigar detailing the filler, binder and wrapper so that the smoker would be fully informed, and if allowed a drink pairing would be offered to each person!

  • lazyboy

    I know nothing about sales or marketing so I think I would rely heavily on hot women and free cigars to get the job done. I mean come on,, free smokes and hot women. You’d stop by and check it out. Google +

  • micktorres

    I would serve the best express and the best rums to sample. My cigars would be in the front table with a old leather chair in front old Cuban art pictures.

  • Caden Hogue

    +1 on Google.
    If I was lucky enough to have a booth at IPCPR I would have my finest selection of blends ranging from mild to medium bodies cigars and my full bodied cigars. I’d have glasses of con yak available and fine leather armchairs with some nice background music. I’d have some tiki torches going on surrounding the booth inspired by Mr. Bryan Glenn. I love that look and feel. It would be the warmest and coziest booth there. I’d always have a cigar burning to keep the aroma alive and sharp. I’d have set up right in the middle my best cigars in a spinning display case including limited edition box sets featuring our highest quality cigars ever produced. Some reserves and some new showcasing that’s we were excited to get to the market. Also anyone who stopped by would receive a free 3 pack cigar sampler of our favorite blends. Its worth it to spend the money on the customers for a profitable return and good impression of your products.

  • lostonmonday

    Tweeted. I’d set up a booth with the same rustic feel as the Foundry booth, but with some deep, comfy leather chairs so people could relax and enjoy their cigars. There’s already so many great cigars on the market, so I’d cut my own niche in a different direction. In the back there’d be an area for me to put my airbrushes to work. Hopefully the main focus would be on custom humidors, but I’d also do jackets, hats, booth babes, you know, whatever. I think body painting booth babes would probably draw quite a bit of attention though.

  • stogiemalt

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    The biggest thing i noticed in your booth tours was the difference between the booths that had just a couple measley boxes spread out and the booths that had stacks and stacks of they’re product. My booth would be loaded with as much of my product as I could bring. One box of each would be neatly displayed and easy to see and the rest stacked up decoratively. I think it makes your brand look much more prolific that way. I would have a couple high top tables with stools set up so people could set their things down and get comfortable. Then a desk or two with office chairs to conduct buisness. By far the most important thing would be to have several warm and friendly staff members to represent my company.

  • napaboss

    Tweet I Would keep it pretty simple with a banner some shelves out front with my new lines nothing to high or low free samples and
    some biz cards. be really friendly and have a very bright and friendly sales person to answer all questions about blending and sizes.

  • jstella

    My display would look like a backyard. I would have a grassy area with a couple grills going and lawn chairs for people to sit and relax. I would have some beer on tap and a backyard game going like corn hole. I would make the the back of the “house” my cigar brand display. Liked on Facebook.

  • Griff

    I would have an area closed off from the noise and chaos of the show where patrons could sit down and relax with a drink and one of my cigars the way they were meant to be enjoyed.Tweeted

  • phaedron

    Liked on FB. Okay, so I know nothing about promoting and selling cigar lines, so if I had a 10 x 10 space at IPCPR, I’d just contribute to the overarching sense of fun and excitement by erecting and inflating a big bouncy house in the shape of a giant ashtray. You’d take off your shoes and crawl in via one of the rim notches, and then you’d just have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of bouncing around in there with all your favorite cigar stars. Imagine the likes of Willy Hererra, Pete Nelson, Rocky Patel and, yes, even Bryan Glynn all cannonballing around in there, whooping and shouting. It’d be the first stop for everyone coming to the show. Unfortunately, no lit cigars will be allowed in my bouncy house, for obvious reasons…

  • socks

    I would bring my own personal cigar roller. I would have different wrappers, binders, and fillers. I then would offer personnel their selection of the 3….. There own personal combination. It would get a little crazy, but fun nonetheless……..

    Ps. I would also add HOT chicks…….guys love HOT chicks

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  • RamzaFreak20

    My display would be simple. A clean, sophisticated display. Colors depending on my cigar line…but if it’s my line, black and white. Sleek and simple. A must is lots of product. If I’m spending that much bank on a booth, a couple hundred of samples would be a drop in the bucket. Tables and chairs set up, but no employee is allowed to sit in the booth, customers and business only. Again, black leather, not oversized. Simple. And in the back would be a rather large banner of who we are, what we have to offer, and what our contact information would be.


  • chief791

    I would set up all my lines in their boxes on tables covered with red velvet. I would make sure they were out in the open and not behind glass so that people would be able to see and feel them. I would also have 2 cigar girls handing out samples of all the new product.
    Shared on facebook.

  • I would have free pizza for all the fat guys roaming around and a couple seats so they can take a load off. Product would be displayed in a glass case, where photographers could take easy pictures.
    Surrounding me would be Pete Johnson and Skip Martin listening to all my hilarious stories and agreeing with everything I say. I would keep plenty of sticks on hand to give out so bloggers could try them. And there would be a pin the tail on Brian Hewitt section.


  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    Liked on FB

    I would have ladies wearing as little as possible with thongs or tops branded with my company logo. I would also have 2 clear acrylic stripper poles on each end and the inside of the stripper poles will be filled showcasing the sticks in my line so that they would be visible. I would also have prominent showcasing of my sticks front and center. And with all the live entertainment, obviously I would need comfortable seating in the back.

  • Chaz

    Facebooked. Blind tastings… pepsi challenge style… see how keen everyone’s palettes really are…

  • sal

    I would have a style of booth where every kind of smoker is comfortable such as women, novices, and well seasoned smokers. I would have many different boutique brands available and some of the highest rated and most popular cigars on the market today. I would have good music playing that everyone likes. Many contests and giveaways. I would also have some nice couches and chairs for everyone to sit down and converse with one another. Snacks would be provided along with different beverage tastings and pairings. I would also hire a cigar roller who would roll cigars for people.

  • Zironexium

    I would set out all the different tobacco leaves that I use in my cigars so that people can see, feel, and smell the quality of my cigars by touching the very leaves that they are made from. I would make sure that my cigar line stands out from all the other brands by having a professional cigar roller rolling out cigars and handing them out to people. Yeah I know this is probably never going to happen, but a man can dream! (Facebook)

  • jungjae510

    Liked on FB

    I would have a roller there rolling cigars and showing the blend. There wouldnt be any couches but chairs with foot massagers. Along with cigars, I would be giving out bottles of water with the name of the cigars. And under the bands of the cigars, I would have a number and raffle off prizes….this would force them to smoke the cigar that day instead of taking them home.

  • sdh3237

    I would start with some classy banners with pictures of my cigars on them. I would have all my cigars displayed so people can touch an look at them. I would have a fe chairs so that people can rest their feet and sample my wares. I would have a fridge stocked with water, soda ect. Finally I would have some simple brochures that people could use to write tasting notes on the cigars they sampled. Tweeted

  • Shared on Twitter.

    If I was setting up a booth. I would have it be somewhat horror movie themed or kind of a dark gothic or H.P. Lovecraft vibe with black velvet shelving and red or purple and white lighting to showcase the cigars. I wouldn’t want to go over the top with trinkets and other display junk. I’m not too concerned about the themes or anything like that.

    I want it simple but eery at the same time. Horror movies and monster flicks have been a big part of my life so it’s only natural that I would gravitate to that part of me for the products I’d be selling.

  • ojohnson63

    My booth would have lots of comfortable chairs facing a large screen TV. I would hand out cigars related to presentation that would be presented next on the TV. The TV would be on a loop displaying information about where the tobacco was grown and rolled for that particular cigar, in addition the philosophy for that particular blend would be presented. Afterwards, with your permission, I would run your unbiased review for the cigar just presented. I’d try to ensure that you had ample time to review each product on display.

    Once the video was complete I’d offer refreshments off to the side where people can finish there cigars while the next group of people could watch the next video. In the refreshment area would be company representatives available to answer questions.

    Shared on FB

  • new2sticks

    I would have a pairing booth with Scotches, Bourbons, Beers, Coffee, etc. I’d market it along with the other smaller boutique brands and have placards indicating which flavors would go with which cigars from those companies. I’m all about promoting the smaller guys, especially with some major companies having 10 or more everyday lines. Shared via twitter.

  • johnga

    My booth would be all about the cigars. No models, no flashy lights, no laid back reps. First I’d have all cigars shown off at the very front of the booth in glass cases. I’d have knowledgable reps there to talk about the cigar history and manufacturing and answer questions. You want a cigar? No problem. You pick the one you want and we’ll talk more about the brand. We’re even gonna raffle off a box each day of the show. My booth will also have someone rolling cigars so you can see in person the care we put into each stick. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Drew

    I would setup a poker table and serve drinks if you could. Have a little lounge area as well. I would put up flat screens to advertise my product. I would host small 10 man tournaments with the winner winning maybe a box of cigars. Tournaments would last no more than an hour and hold one every hour, winner from each tournament gets to come back too play in a championship tournament. The prize for that tournament would win a box of exclusive cigars. I like the tent concept of a booth makes it feel more exclusive. At least you get to broadcast your product to them for an hour or less.

  • rgorman

    Well for starters, every line I made would be available to sample. I would have all of my cigars front and center as well as the company logo because the smokes are the stars of the show. If the booth was busy, it would be a good idea to maybe have video displays explaining the lines and blends until one of the booth staff could get there and speak with potential clients face to face. I would also offer different wines, coffees and spirits to the passers by attending the show as well. Inviting, laid back, comfortable lounge/seating area, free samples, knowledgeable staff and multi-media presentations should make it a successful booth!

    Facebook, Twitter and Google

  • grayrw

    I would have all of my lines available to see, touch, smell, and smoke. Everything eye level so you have to bend or be over 6ft to access. I would have my brand name on accessories cutters, lighters, matches etc. I would also have one or two of my rollers flown in from the DR to roll right in front of you so you can see the process.

  • ljarvis524

    I would try and make my booth appealing to every smoker, new and old. Making sure each line is presented in a way that makes you want to smoke the stick in front of you. Tweeted

  • I’m thinking I’d do something with cocktail and cigar pairing.
    Shared on G+!

  • douglas77

    I would try to keep the main thing the main thing. Great product, aggressive pricing, friendly and informed communication. However, given that the vast majority of attendees are retailers of some sort, I would focus on making some enticing opportunities to weave my company’s product & branding into the customer’s unique branding. Im thinking… apparel, ashtrays, accessories, custom cigar bands, wall art, window signage, etc etc. which would feature opportunities for the logos and color schemes of my company (manufacturer/distributor) to align with and their company’s (retailer) branding. One hand washes the other. 🙂 FB

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