Capadura Cigars Contest

by Bryan Glynn, July 28, 2013

EDIT: Congratulations to ‘quackaddict94’!

churchill-898First congratulations to user ‘mufdvr6976′ winner of the last contest :)

This time we have a beautiful box of Capadura 898’s ready to go out to the lucky winner!

To enter, you need to tell me what YOU would do with a 10×10 booth if you were setting up at the IPCPR show. Then as usual share this post with the buttons below and note which you did! Entrants must be 18+ years of age and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

  • ghostshadow

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    If I was setting up a booth. I would have it be somewhat horror movie themed or kind of a dark gothic or H.P. Lovecraft vibe with black velvet shelving and red or purple and white lighting to showcase the cigars. I wouldn’t want to go over the top with trinkets and other display junk. I’m not too concerned about the themes or anything like that.

    I want it simple but eery at the same time. Horror movies and monster flicks have been a big part of my life so it’s only natural that I would gravitate to that part of me for the products I’d be selling.

  • ojohnson63

    My booth would have lots of comfortable chairs facing a large screen TV. I would hand out cigars related to presentation that would be presented next on the TV. The TV would be on a loop displaying information about where the tobacco was grown and rolled for that particular cigar, in addition the philosophy for that particular blend would be presented. Afterwards, with your permission, I would run your unbiased review for the cigar just presented. I’d try to ensure that you had ample time to review each product on display.

    Once the video was complete I’d offer refreshments off to the side where people can finish there cigars while the next group of people could watch the next video. In the refreshment area would be company representatives available to answer questions.

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  • new2sticks

    I would have a pairing booth with Scotches, Bourbons, Beers, Coffee, etc. I’d market it along with the other smaller boutique brands and have placards indicating which flavors would go with which cigars from those companies. I’m all about promoting the smaller guys, especially with some major companies having 10 or more everyday lines. Shared via twitter.

  • johnga

    My booth would be all about the cigars. No models, no flashy lights, no laid back reps. First I’d have all cigars shown off at the very front of the booth in glass cases. I’d have knowledgable reps there to talk about the cigar history and manufacturing and answer questions. You want a cigar? No problem. You pick the one you want and we’ll talk more about the brand. We’re even gonna raffle off a box each day of the show. My booth will also have someone rolling cigars so you can see in person the care we put into each stick. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Drew

    I would setup a poker table and serve drinks if you could. Have a little lounge area as well. I would put up flat screens to advertise my product. I would host small 10 man tournaments with the winner winning maybe a box of cigars. Tournaments would last no more than an hour and hold one every hour, winner from each tournament gets to come back too play in a championship tournament. The prize for that tournament would win a box of exclusive cigars. I like the tent concept of a booth makes it feel more exclusive. At least you get to broadcast your product to them for an hour or less.

  • rgorman

    Well for starters, every line I made would be available to sample. I would have all of my cigars front and center as well as the company logo because the smokes are the stars of the show. If the booth was busy, it would be a good idea to maybe have video displays explaining the lines and blends until one of the booth staff could get there and speak with potential clients face to face. I would also offer different wines, coffees and spirits to the passers by attending the show as well. Inviting, laid back, comfortable lounge/seating area, free samples, knowledgeable staff and multi-media presentations should make it a successful booth!

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  • grayrw

    I would have all of my lines available to see, touch, smell, and smoke. Everything eye level so you have to bend or be over 6ft to access. I would have my brand name on accessories cutters, lighters, matches etc. I would also have one or two of my rollers flown in from the DR to roll right in front of you so you can see the process.

  • ljarvis524

    I would try and make my booth appealing to every smoker, new and old. Making sure each line is presented in a way that makes you want to smoke the stick in front of you. Tweeted

  • simplecocktails

    I’m thinking I’d do something with cocktail and cigar pairing.
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  • douglas77

    I would try to keep the main thing the main thing. Great product, aggressive pricing, friendly and informed communication. However, given that the vast majority of attendees are retailers of some sort, I would focus on making some enticing opportunities to weave my company’s product & branding into the customer’s unique branding. Im thinking… apparel, ashtrays, accessories, custom cigar bands, wall art, window signage, etc etc. which would feature opportunities for the logos and color schemes of my company (manufacturer/distributor) to align with and their company’s (retailer) branding. One hand washes the other. :) FB