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Sindicato Cigars Booth Tour 2013 IPCPR

by Bryan Glynn, July 27, 2013
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Sindicato is a syndicate of major players in the industry creating a new brand – hear all about it and their new lines! SindicatoCigars.com

  • JJO

    I look forward to giving these a shot. Too bad Abe wasn’t there to give the presentation, but I guess as a retailer, he had his own agenda.

  • lazyboy

    What is the difference with the sandwich style of rolling?? Some cigars are described as Cuban sandwich rolled. Is this an easier or faster way to do roll?

    • JJO

      It’s mixed filler. Short filler “sandwiched” between long filler leaves. It’s a way to use up scraps and off-cuts, resulting in an inexpensive cigar (unless it’s Papas Fritas).

  • Fabbio

    Has anyone tried these?

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